What’s missing for an Avatar to be able to cause Peace on Earth?

After watching all the Avatar series quite a few times, I saw that an Avatar is just one person. Without the Team Avatar and the country rallying for the cause, the Avatar is defeated before he starts.

There have been Avatars in the history of humanity. As Avatars all failed.

The job of the Avatar is to fight and usher in a long period of peace. But it cannot be just a good idea of the Avatar: it needs to be an idea whose time has come.

The Judeo/Christian idea of an avenging Messiah is way out of sync with how it works. Without the majority rising up with the leadership of the Avatar or Team Avatar, the result can only be slaying the Avatar, and that’s that.

I’ll put in here, instead of my own words, two people’s words: Osho and Art Williams. Osho, a failed Avatar, Art Williams, a successful business man whose crusade was successful, in terms of business. Osho talks about why it could not succeed, can’t succeed, Art Williams talks about how to succeed as an Avatar.

Very long, but worth reading. Will it wake you up? Not likely… but maybe one or two of you. If you have been feeling that life is senseless and have been seeking some purpose to life, Art Williams words will give you a glimpse of what’s missing.

Question to Osho: Why is humanity so willing to walk the path towards global suicide?

Osho – The reason is clear. People have become clear that their life has no meaning, that except misery, nothing happens; except anxiety, anguish, life has nothing to offer.
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Intelligence: the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations

aikido intelligence flowingHuman being is moronic. In fact, the more educated, the more worldly, the more knowledgeable, the more moronic.

Let me explain:

There are two ways to behave in any situation: you either react or your respond.

Although on the surface they look very similar, the two behaviors are drastically different in what gives, what animates the behavior.

The action either comes from the mind, or it comes from the here-and-now, intelligence. Action from the mind is moronic, because the mind only stores the memories of the past, and nothing ever happens exactly the same way, so the action coming from the mind is always wrong, always inappropriate to the situation.

reaction modeMost people behave as if they had a button: they “recognize” the stimulus from the past, and they act accordingly.

This is what we will call reactive behavior, or reaction.

When one is in reaction mode, we can safely say: “nobody is at home.” There is no looking, there is no consideration, there is no second look, there is no re-spect: just like a machine acts when you push the button, the human machine acts when it seems to recognize the stimulant as something it had already encountered.

Imagine that someone tells you that you are doing something wrong. When you react, from your memory, the button that got pushed is how dare this person insult you. You yell, or do whatever you do when someone insults you.
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Why and how the hit-bottom method works? And how you can alter the future with it…

hitting-bottomWhy and how the hit-bottom method works?

It is easy to see in reality how the hit-bottom method works: when you hit bottom, you stop and look. You look long enough to make an intelligent decision about the next step to take. You take yourself out of reaction mode and put all your attention on the now moment, completely get the situation, and then act, also from intelligence.

If you recall, I learned this from experiencing it some 50 years ago when a lightening hit the water next to my kayak and pulled both my kayak and myself deep into its vortex.

The kayak promptly broke because it resisted. I, on the other hand, allowed the water to take me down without resistance. When I hit bottom, some 8 meters later, I allowed my knees to collapse, I soberly and consciously looked, I identified the center of the vortex, I deliberately kicked myself away from it, and survived to tell the story.

The same method, hitting bottom, is applicable in business, and every other place in life, also in relationships, choosing life direction, etc.

Hitting bottom is a mindset. I could have died in that incident hadn’t I had the hitting bottom mindset. The air in my lungs would not have been enough for “trying” to get away, “trying” to get afloat… I would have surely drowned.

I have been teaching this, but people don’t get to experience the power of this method. First they don’t get the mindset, second their ego doesn’t allow them to practice the mindset, third they are not able to pull all their awareness into the present moment.

This has been one of the most puzzling things for me all these years, until yesterday.

You see, until yesterday I didn’t realize that there are three components that all need to be present for someone to be able to pull this off.
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The Path to Enlightenment: Enlightenment is an internal affair

I love movies where human beings seem to be endowed with supernatural capabilities. They are fun, and they give hope to people. For me they show the possibility of being a human being, shows me what’s possible, what kind of being is possible for human beings.

Hope in those supernatural beings, like in all saviors, allows humanity to be wretched, to buy time, to live below its potential, to live in hate, to live in pretense, to live in unreality, to never have to take responsibility for who we are and how we are.

Supernatural means: beyond what is natural. Mostly being able to control the physical reality… turning crap to gold, and such.

To confuse humanity, the System, science, religion, education, has declared a lot of natural capabilities of humans supernatural.

Being an empath is natural: no physical aspect to it: it is all inside. Being a clairvoyant, etc. is natural. Being an energy healer, having hunches, is natural.

Raising the dead, being a fire-bender, a water-bender, etc. isn’t. Not really, or not the way it is depicted in movies.

Although I love these fantasy movies as much (or more) as the next person, I don’t take them literally. I consider that the capacities these super-duper natural human beings (did you notice that I didn’t write supernatural!) demonstrate innate in all humans, and these capacities can be activated above a certain level of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness shows how close your life is to what is natural, the Original Design: being in the here and now, without ego.

Your level of consciousness is a result, on one level, of you taking full responsibility for where you are, what you are, what you know, and how you know it. And on another level, your willingness to practice living in harmony and in sync with the Universe, with existence, with how it is.

Most people that think they live in sync, are pretenders. Or totally unconscious. Or they don’t know what they are talking about.

Living in harmony is also an inside job, an inner affair.
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Want Physical Miracles? Here You Go: Magician Satya Sai Baba delivers

Miscellaneous footage of Satya Sai Baba

BBC documentary

What is an Avatar? What is the Job of an Avatar? How do you recognize an Avatar?


What is an Avatar?

There is a huge confusion about avatars on the Internet. The recent blockbuster is partially to blame, Avatar.

I watched the movie. I enjoyed it. A certain point I had to go and do something for like 20 minutes: the conflict in the movie was impossible for me to bear.

In that movie, an avatar is an artificially grown body that is animated, remotely, by a human being. The purpose of that avatar is to infiltrate a different culture for the purpose of exploitation.

Nice… grrr…

Another common use of the word, Avatar, is a symbol, picture, that represents you. It is your public representation, but you, the human, animates it, and it has no choice of its own.

According to Hinduism, an Avatar is the physical manifestation of a Deity… like Vishnu, etc. I don’t know much about Hinduism: I don’t believe in Deities, in my world view all deities are 4th Plane creations: the creations of human imagination.

I do have quite a clear picture of my own, but let us see, if we can get to it through the cultural mambo jumbo, religious, science fiction stuff, and computer animation.

So let us see if there are any elements of that definition we can work with, if any element of that definition will stand further examination from close.

Let’s first examine what is the purpose of having an Avatar in the first place?

What is the job of the Avatar?

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Path To Enlightenment: If You Wanted To Make One Resolution: I Recommend Eliminating Drama

Drama is a human phenomenon. Animals, trees, don’t know drama. Nature doesn’t know drama. Existence doesn’t know drama.

Drama is the result of ego-mind.

If you closed your eyes, and managed, for a moment, pulling your attention back from the future, and pulling your attention back from the past, you would get to a space, I call existence. Existence is not part of the time/space continuum, existence is part of the beyond.

You’ll notice that you didn’t have to go to it, you only had to leave the unreality of the past and the unreality of the future.

There is a movie trick where suddenly the darkness, the drama, the danger, the night is replaced with flowering trees, birds singing, and yet, there is a silence.

One of the best examples, and maybe the shortest, is the video on meditation below. Observe how the drama, high drama, turns into the most beautiful scene of serenity… It is possible for you.


All thoughts come from the unreality. The past and the future.

Thoughts come from the ego-mind.

Mind is a storage device, much like the hard drive of a computer. Most of the stuff there is garbage. Stored away, unexamined. Everything and their opposite is there. It is slow, clunky, by the time it reacts you missed the now moment.
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Path To Enlightenment: What Is Enlightenment?

enlightened Buddhas face enlightenment Enlightenment is not a place to get to: it is a state, it is a relationship to existence, that exists outside of duality, outside of right and wrong, outside of time, outside of comparison and outside of competition.

In spite of what everyone says, enlightenment is not something that you arrive to and then you are set for life.

I have entered the Buddha yesterday to feel him, and experienced an 80% on 20% off state: to stay in the ego-less state where even the observer, the witness disappears takes work. It takes returning to the present moment again and again and again.

In one of my favorite tales about the Buddha, a man, angry at the Buddha, screamed at him, spit on him. The Buddha’s disciples wanted to teach the intruder a lesson, but the Buddha stopped them.

The attacker left and the disciples expressed amazement at the Buddha’s ability to not get upset, to be totally egoless.

He said, that being egoless is like a light-bulb (obviously he used another way to explain, but I don’t remember what he used exactly… there was no electricity at that time, 3500 years ago, lol). The light bulb seems to be lit all the time. But if you looked at it in a time-lapse movie, you would see that the light is interrupted with brief moments of no light: continuous light is an optical illusion. And so is ego-lessness.
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