Alex Hormozi: 14 lessons I wish I had learned earlier

don’t forget that Alex is a money/business guy. so he will almost always focus on the money. But happiness, health, satisfaction, love can be substituted wherever he talks about money

1. You make better decisions and you learn more by assuming that you’re dumber than everyone else.

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That man is reading a book, a real book, on subway. Funny

Excerpts from the Book That Man Is Reading on the Subway

By Eva Victor

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What makes Keanu Reeves someone you’d want to learn from?

One of the biggest difficulties in raising your vibration, raising your consciousness, is your vocabulary. Connecting it to your life.

Unless you know what being, how, who words really really really mean, your vibration cannot rise. Your vocabulary makes you not just live in the world, but be OF THE WORLD… i.e. have the consciousness, awareness, attitude and vibration of the world… which is, at this point, has hit an all time low.

So I continue writing about your one thing…

…the one thing that can 10x your results and make everything else easier or not necessary.

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What books do I read for fun, and to keep my brain fit?

  1. John Ellsworth
  2. Sheldon Siegel
  3. Paul Levine
  4. Blake Banner
  5. Brett Battles
  6. Michael Leese
  7. Michael C Grumley
  8. Douglas E Richards
  9. Lee Goldberg
  10. Barry Eisler
  11. Eric Berne
  12. Tim Tigner
  13. Robert Bailey
  14. David Archer
  15. Matthew Iden

In addition to these people, I read every book from JK Rowling aka Robert Galbraith, from Neal Stephenson, and from Michael Connelly. These authors’ books are not free.

I have the kindle version (pirated) for many of these books. Just ask.

If there is a need, I can also list the non-fiction books that I enjoyed… Enjoyment is my main criteria in choosing books.

Enlightenment? Is there an outlined path towards it?

incremental-changes-trimtabbingGreat stuff I want you to read. I found this on Quora

When you read all the comments (there are tons of them) you can see how much tree of knowledge there is out there, wishful thinking, hoping that there is no work in becoming enlightened.

I think that if you are hoping to lighten your load, and start soaring, you have come to the right place.
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Authenticity: what does being authentic get you?

authenticityI am a foreigner. I learned the English words, one by one. Since the age of 10… English was my third language. I have become fluent in 6 languages thus far.

I only started to learn the beingness words when I came to the United States at age 38 and started working on my transformation.

First, let me say what I mean by transformation: I don’t mean change, I don’t mean losing weight, I don’t mean that I or something outside of me changes. What does change is what I see… by looking at things differently.

And because your actions will be ALWAYS consistent with what you see, as a result my actions, my attitude, my mood will change, automatically.

I had had a glimpse of what’s possible for me… but it’s taken me a few decades to be able to see the world from a place from where life feels OK, I feel OK, and from where I can feel joy, freedom, and peace of mind, almost 24/7.

Back to beingness words

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You can live your life randomly, or consciously, by design

living by-designCharles M. Schwab was one of the ‘robber barons’ of the early 20th century. He was, at the time, one of the richest men in the world. He was president of Bethlehem Steel, but his ambition to become more and more was insatiable.

He hired famed productivity consultant of his time, Ivy Lee… Ivy charged nothing for his service.He requested 15 minutes with each executive of Bethlehem Steel, and said: at the end 90 days (13 weeks) write me a check for what it was worth to you. Continue reading “You can live your life randomly, or consciously, by design”

Celebrate Misery! Celebrate sadness! Celebration is the ultimate embrace

celebrateOne of the people I learned a lot from is Osho… I learned to celebrate, I learn to embrace from him. I read twenty of his books: each book is a collection of his live talks… he had hundreds of talks during the about 30 years of being a guru.

Osho’s vibration was about 300… which is much higher than most people, much lower than people believe he was. Yet, I learned a lot from him while my vibration was higher than his.

Your vibrational number has nothing to do with actual vibration, or frequency: it is more like a measure of how close you are to the Original Design of a Human Being AND how close what you believe and what you see as truth is to reality.
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Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?

In today’s article I am switching gears. We’ll be funny today…

Maybe even ha-ha funny.

Why this change of heart?

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Trump post truth world pdf

trump post truth worldWe do live in a post-truth, post integrity world. Trump post truth world.

One sign of that is the number of authors who lend their name to writers who have no name of their own, sometimes deservedly so, other times the borrower could just work his way up: they can actually write, but prefer to piggyback on bestselling authors.

But most borrowers are talentless and poor writers. Boring, colorless, style-less… bad writers.

I first encountered this phenomenon with Neal Stephenson… His ‘Mongols’ had segments written by stub-par ‘writers’, but his The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O was ‘co-authored’ by a woman, who, I guess, paid Neal Stephenson for his name and popularity. Wretched lady-writer crap…

Very few women write well… OK… very few men write well either.

Most people can’t tell good writing from bad writing… they can’t see the difference. A bad woman writer can appeal to women… I must not be really a woman… lol. Continue reading “Trump post truth world pdf”