What you don’t know that you don’t know… and can’t “know” because we don’t have a word for

I am working to take some of you back to the place where we abandoned the evolutionary path that would have taken up higher, to the promised land, and made a wrong turn.

From being guided by our feelings to being guided by word.

By feelings I am talking about the sensations our bodies give us, not about the emotions that are exclusively marker feelings, created by words.

The article I have found for you is very closely related to what I am talking about, even though it talks about words... but words are not necessary if you have allowed yourself to feel what you feel.

Working with clients, and working on myself, I can see that for much of the time what I am asking of you doesn't make sense... meaning: the words, the mind, has no idea what I am talking about.

But some of you will trust me, and you'll manage to retrace your path to a time where inner guidance was reliable.

Why isn't it reliable now? Because your current "inner guidance" is all words, and words are the main tools to enslave you and separate you from yourself.

Here is the article...

I am expecting some of you raising your hands saying you want to work with me on this.

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Are feelings and emotions the same? Telling them apart will make you a happier, more accomplished person!

Why all techniques of increasing Emotional Intelligence are b.s. and not effecting the level of happiness, the level of well-being of people who practice it.

Same is true about the Emotional Guidance System of Abraham/ Hicks... b.s. and ineffective. Why? Because they are trying to change the fruits instead of the roots... Putting makeup on syphilitic lesions. 1 Or pimples, if you are squeamish...

Feelings are clean. They do four simple things. Make you go for it, make you stop, direct you towards pleasure and away from pain... They are the seed level. The foundation. 2Feelings are what guides you as an organism to feed yourself, to procreate, to stay safe, or to fight. To have a community to belong to, and to have enough information so you know what to do[/note.]

Emotions are a construct on the top of them, created by words, created by marker feelings, and are a veritable mess.
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Reframing… Label of ethnicity or cultural origin

One of the things that came up in the Muscle Testing Course is ethnicity. 1

This article is not political. It won't even address your fear of different people... different from you. It only talks about this frame or the lack of it, that cost you your own personhood... you'll see what I mean later in this article.

I teach you how to free yourself up to become all you can become, and raise your vibration. Your political beliefs are of no concern to me. Whether I step on toes in the process... not skin of my back. Being politically incorrect is my job. Because politically correct has reduced us to labels, sheep, barely people at all. Continue reading "Reframing… Label of ethnicity or cultural origin"

Resistance, ego, and meaning… the dynamics of your suffering, and misery explained

laugh with them at yourselfFeedback is a 13th floor (Tree of Life) phenomenon...

If someone mocks you, laugh with them. It is obvious that humans, on the current level of evolution, live in comparison. I am better, smarter, richer, etc. than you/others.

So they mock you, judge you, try to change you. Normal.

You allow your ego to resist: you suffer. You allow your ego to fight back: you suffer.

The best way to deal with it is to laugh with them, agree with them. It takes the wind out of their sail.

All pain, all suffering comes from from your resistance, is the feeling of your own resistance. Continue reading "Resistance, ego, and meaning… the dynamics of your suffering, and misery explained"

When the empath is stumped… or what is love? Can seals love?

Seal Finds Toy Version Of Itself, Can’t Stop Hugging It

I have been looking at the pictures of this seal treating the plush version of itself with obvious feelings and every time I shake my head and say... "no, animals can't love".

But what if what we see on these pictures is what love is, and not what we have been calling love on the Tree of Knowledge? What if?

I have a stuffed toy, a tiny bean bag tiger, I have been acting the same way as this seal. And the feelings I feel myself, and the feelings I feel from the seal are exactly the same.

So what is love? What is the seal feeling, what am I feeling?
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How could you become someone who is learning, growing, and living a life worth living?

I have had people, ex-students, who tried the 67 steps and decided that it is not the way to learn... no matter what Sophie says... They knew better.

I could not put my finger on the attitude. I could see that it didn't work, I could see that it didn't serve them, but I didn't have a word for it.

Until today, through listening to Step 4 of the 67 Steps.

This step, step 4 is about learning through mentors. Mentors are teachers, but not classroom teachers. One-on-one instruction where the teaching is tailored to you. Where you learn through osmosis. You emulate their whole being, how they approach issues... it is largely nonverbal. 1

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Feelings are running you. Do you have a handle on your feelings?

marker feelings

I am republishing this article, because of the new insights... that everything that is not need based is the not-you, the society created "IT", the not self, and because it is very difficult to explain... I need these articles to be together... Eventually I'll find the right words that communicate to more people.

Needs are feelings. They run you, from the inside. Need is a feeling... and it can be on many levels.

Animals have needs. Human have the same needs, and more.

Depending on how many needs you have, you are on different evolutionary levels of humanity.

In this article we'll need with the two needs where most get stuck: the needs of the self. These are non-physical needs, resulting in non-physical pain if not met, and pleasure if they are met.

So let's begin.

I have always wondered why it is that only people who commit to something and then work on it are ever happy.

I could not explain it with the limited knowledge I've had... but this is changing.
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The curse of understanding… Understanding is the booby prize

If I know you well, your relationship to life is mainly through understanding. Which you either have or not.

When you do, you are happy, even though you are just as unsuccessful living well, being fulfilled as you were before.

When you hear something, when you see something, you try to understand it. When people do something, stupid, smart, hurtful, you want to understand why they did it. Don't you?

When you read, you try to understand it.


People who are successful, high achievers, they don't try to understand, they may not understand at all.

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Violence: is it innate, or is it imposed on humanity?

the path to self-actualization... the tree of lifeOne of my students wrote to me:

Self-care. I perform the poorest and I'm not consistent. Not sure what one category it fits under, in a way I can see it being a part of all big four areas of life.

To me it's like I need to steal it in order to get it, it doesn't come naturally or where I don't feel guilty. Even reading by myself I feel guilty of being selfish. It's etched in me and so when I do want to take care of myself it feels like I have to fight for the right, when I really don't.

Now, it should be obvious for anyone who has read the Feelings book that what she is talking about is the basic needs of a human. That the phenomenon she talks about is not personal, that most women, especially in different male-centered cultures will mistakenly behave like this: violently deny their own needs. Rights vs. needs.

It is not very different from self-mutilation. It is just done with different tools.

It is a violence against life, against nature. Denying Life, being on the side of Death.

On the Tree of Knowledge all kinds of violence is ok... including self-violence. You suppress, you deny... but eventually it comes out. Continue reading "Violence: is it innate, or is it imposed on humanity?"

How The Tree of Knowledge goes against nature… on the level of individual. Case studies

sensations-the-need-for-a-new-scienceThe insights of this article came from participants. The insights could not have come without participants looking at their behavior and attitude from the sensations perspective, which is the Tree of Life, working with what nature intended.

On a sidenote: I don't think nature intended 99% of humans to be obsolete and be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. I think nature intended evolution on a more human trajectory.

But back to what we have discovered, what we have observed, what we have gleaned.

First off: I will begin calling the feelings that come through the senses: Sensations. I think that the book should be re-christened as well... but it is really not up to me.

I'll organize the observations by the soul correction... but you may find your limiting behavior in any soul correction. Continue reading "How The Tree of Knowledge goes against nature… on the level of individual. Case studies"