I am an insomniac in danger of getting dementia as a result

I am an insomniac. I was born this way.

My father was also an insomniac.

Occasionally I find ways to get more restful sleep and the longest streak of a sleep solution lasts for a few months, and then I have a new longer streak where I don’t sleep well, don’t sleep enough, even though I spend the night in bed, with the light turned off.

This morning, while I was researching something else, my attention was guided to a TED talk… on sleep. This was the second hint this morning to go and watch some videos… on sleep. But I have gotten, this past month, some hints every day… so it is time. Not my favorite topic. Continue reading “I am an insomniac in danger of getting dementia as a result”

Sleep Mechanics… solve long standing sleep issues

Sleep Mechanics… or ideas to solve long standing sleep issues, and for occasional difficulties as well

I will write this article in my usual style, that may be difficult for some… but easy for me.

I will write about my own experiences only… too many books and articles that talk about things that may or may not be true, useful, with one thing in common: what they write about is Tree of Knowledge… myth, truisms, but not the writer’s personal experience.

With that said: I will not write about anything I haven’t tested both on myself and on at least one client. Continue reading “Sleep Mechanics… solve long standing sleep issues”

Want to become competent in life? Competence is rare… even professionals are not very competent

I watched, mostly listened to the “masterclass” selling Eric Edmeades’ Wildfit course.

The truth value of what Eric Edmeades said was 30%. There was nothing in it that was untrue… it just cannot go higher when you have a product for mass consumption, a one size fit all product.

Eric Edmeades’ vibration is 200.

As in every masterclass, he was having a conversation with Vishen Lakhiani, who looks fabulous, but is insufferable, for the most part. His vibration is 150. Continue reading “Want to become competent in life? Competence is rare… even professionals are not very competent”

Become an investor: James Gandolfini’s death, his heart attack, could have it been prevented, and are you next?

James-Gandolfini-dead-of-heart-attackJames Gandolfini’s death, his heart attack, could have it been prevented, and are you next?

I normally don’t care who dies, who lives… with James Moriarty’s immortal words: “People die… that’s what they do!”

But because I lived a block from where the Soprano’s house was in North Jersey, and I consider myself still a Jersey girl, after 13 years in New York, I looked up on google what happened to James Gandolfini, how he died in Italy of a heart attack at age 51.

“Modern” medicine doesn’t know much about the body, approximately as much or less than a good taylor… and I don’t mean to be nasty, but most heart attacks have warning signs and can be prevented years before they are “scheduled” if the person continues to do what they are doing.

Of course not with the same methods that doctors use: those are largely worthless and are designed only for doctors to be needed so they can make an above average living.

At your expense…
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Do generic health programs, like the Bulletproof Diet or Wildfit work?

Normally either someone uses these expensive and generic programs or opt to use my individual muscle tested diet for themselves. But it seems I got lucky, and one client first started to do the Bulletproof Diet… and then came to me for his individual food list and eating type.

The client got their Starting Point Measurements, that include their hydration and their health number.

His health was rated at 10%. He ate a vegan diet, which means no animal foods, not even eggs, or milk.

When he shifted to the Bulletproof Diet his health number jumped to 20%.

Encouraged, he asked for a full health consult… That was a few days ago… and now his health number is 30%. The new rise is partially still due to the Bulletproof Diet, and partially the new food list/eating style.

What is the difference between his standard Bulletproof Diet and his individual diet?

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My secret weapon

The Big Bundle of energies other people sell piecemeal… I am going to sell you as a bundle.

We all hear and read about energy healing, but most of that healing doesn’t work or it’s disappointing.

But here is an energy tool that works… Really.

July 29, 2018. As you may know I accidentally poisoned myself. The toxin came from food, and according to muscle test there was a 90% chance it was going to kill me. And it felt exactly like that.

After a few days I looked what I could use… nothing chemical, Source said. Nothing physical, Source said. Energy? Maybe, Source said.

When I say Source said, I mean: I muscletested while connected to Source.

Finally I settled on the “Big Bundle” and I could hear as the dried out, dead parts of my colon started to break up, and break off… I felt almost immediate relief. I have done the treatment two more times, and today I actually had appetite to eat a little bit, and I now know I’ll live.

This Big Bundle is my secret weapon. It is big because the energies are big. Continue reading “My secret weapon”

Biting Microscopic Mites Spreading Across the World – The Pandora Bug

This post is a reprint of an article from 2005. I didn’t write it, I found it on the internet. It was the article that woke me up that the misery I was experiencing in my own sleepless nights was not unique to me: it was shared by billions of people who are not as aware as myself, yet they suffer.

Since then I made great strides in distinguishing and managing these bugs. I also share my experiences with a small community of like-minded sufferers on my membership site at www.biting-mites.com. The goal: eliminate and beat these bugs at their own game. Possible? I don’t know. Mandatory? I say so.

Update: it seems that I have found the way to manage these things and keep their population down to the number you pick up in the street, in public transportation, at work… Because don’t be mistaken, one third of humanity are carriers. It’s taken me thousand of days and thousands of dollars…

I will form a testing group to see what form people need to get what is needed so they will do what they need to do… It won’t be free. You want free and untrue and unhelpful advice? go and join the number of online forums. This solution is tried and true, but in the hands of freebie seekers it will lose its value, so I am not giving it away.

Humanity will go out of existence if we don’t stop this epidemic, if we don’t take back control. 1

CDC is not interested, doctors don’t believe you, so this has to be a grass roots movement. OK, here is the article that woke me up. The author of this article is Dutch, and a world traveler. A big thank you to him… from all of us.
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The energies, energy remedies are like a cane… the cane helps you go where you are going.

brad-pitt-madonna-cane-gallery__oPtThe energies, energy remedies are like a cane… the cane helps you go where you are going.

  • If you are going to a good place… wonderful.
  • If you are going to a bad place… the cane helped you to get there.

Energy remedies, energy healing, spiritual capacities are support. Supporting you to go where you want to go.

If, in spite of all the energetic support you have received from me, you are still in a bad place, you should look at where you are going.

You cannot blame the cane. You cannot blame it for not taking you where you’d like to be.
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Abilities that are not available until your health number is above 30%

When you are not well, you are in survival mode. You live in scarcity. Everything seems to be about you. And not much can change about your life… given the focus (me-me-me) and therefore the questions you ask.

In scarcity everything is an is, and the questions you ask are from that “is”. Everything needs to be fixed, and you can’t very well leave things alone: they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Ugh…

You ask why question. Why is this happening to me? Why are you treating me like this? Why can’t I blah blah blah… get rich, understand, be loved, get well… you know those whiny questions that don’t make a difference, they just make you feel even worse.

“They” teach you that you can change your mindset, that you can easily get out of the scarcity mindset, but they are lying. They ignore that your existence is based on your physical well-being (and vice versa!) and unless you get better, nothing will change.

Your whole being comes from your physiology, mostly from your digestive tract, and thus your eating. Bummer, eh?

When you are well, you can start to ask different questions

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Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?

Is brain fog the same as depression, or is depression associated with brain fog?

My assertion is that if you treat the brain fog, you also treat the depression.

Their overlap is 90%. And because brain fog is not emotional but all physical, the approach to treat it is all physical.

The human body is complicated. Not complex… Complex is still penetrable with the human mind, or with artificial brains. No. It’s complicated… not penetrable.

What different foods, different chemicals, different gut flora do and how they interact is complicated.

Trying to understand it is impossible. Not near impossible: it is impossible. Explaining, finding cures or fixes to symptoms is impractical and ineffective, and yet, this is the level of medicine and science… explaining, finding cures for symptoms, finding fixes to symptoms. Ugh.

So what can you do? Continue reading “Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?”