Pattern recognition… or how widely and how deeply do you see?


From time to time I watch an animated feature movie on Netflix.

Those movies have the most clues for inner world patterns of all the movies... even though they are clearly designed to distribute memes... to train the next generation to become sheep.

But the artists that make the movies unwittingly, or defiantly, place some fundamental guidance and truth in those movies.

So it is with this little movie: Leap. (In other languages it is called the Ballerina)

It's about a little orphan girl who lives in an orphanage, but dreams about becoming a dancer... a ballet dancer. She escapes the orphanage and goes to Paris to enroll in the famed ballet institute... to fulfill on her dream.

Through unpredictable events, she does... and though she can't dance... a cleaning lady she finds turns out to be an ex famous dancer, until an accident made her an cripple. And she will become her mentor.

OK, here are the principles in the movie that stirred my inside up and explained a lot of things to me about me: Continue reading "Pattern recognition… or how widely and how deeply do you see?"

Overwhelm, survival mode, resignation, what is the connection? And un-managed, how they lead to becoming dead man walking?


I had an important and eye-opening insight today. A looking back...

Let me tell you the story so you get the fact that the likelihood of me ever discovering this was between none and zero.

It began some 30 years ago when I was a magazine publisher. Every time a magazine was already in the street, I went to my computer and cleaned up the space, I archived everything that was said and done, made room for the new issue. I did the same thing in the office.

I called this time and energy consuming step "cleaning from the root", or alternatively "preparing for a new harvest"...

My life was organized, orderly, I was thin, vibrant, beautiful, and OK.

Then something happened. There is always something that happens before this process begins to really ramp up... but truth be told, it really begins around age 3... hidden for quite a while. Continue reading "Overwhelm, survival mode, resignation, what is the connection? And un-managed, how they lead to becoming dead man walking?"

Do you know what you are doing? Debunking the myth of knowing…


I don't know what I am doing... but my life seems to be going in the right direction

Most successful people, if and when you ask them, they don't have a theory, they don't have a grand scheme of things, they are just doing what they are doing and it works. In one area of life...

Wherever they are successful.

Work, or health, ot relationships, or money... etc. Continue reading "Do you know what you are doing? Debunking the myth of knowing…"

Debunking the myth of fast


Everything that is valuable is invisible...

...when things are fast

In my flagship course, 1 some people are in a hurry to get through...

How you do anything is how you do everything... they are in a hurry to get through life to get to the good stuff.

They are missing life, they are missing the partner call and benefits it can give them: getting present to the invisible.

What is invisible for you now becomes visible when you slow down.

Unfortunately to all of us, today's lifestyle with the movies that have quick cuts, with social media, with fast cars, slowing down feels counter intuitive, so we take pride in being fast... and faster.

But being fast makes you miss everything. Continue reading "Debunking the myth of fast"

Will reversing aging make your life better if nothing else changes?


Balding, graying hair, thinning hair, brittle hair, lifeless hair... ugh, limp hair, limp d*ck...

All signs, supposedly, of aging, but what if aging is really a loss of something that is there in abundance, and then life, living, the way you eat, the way you spend your time, the way you think, feel, enjoy or not...

I remember, back in Hungary, a whole different world, at least when I was young, there was a lot of talk about psychosomatic illnesses...

That is to say: it is all in your head... The way you use your brain, the way your brain uses you.

I already know a whole lot about how we are making ourselves miserable, a loser, a never do well, a dumb sh*t... but it seems that I knew a lot less than there is to know. Continue reading "Will reversing aging make your life better if nothing else changes?"

Your biological age… are you younger or older than your calendar age?


I have been looking at biological age as an overall indicator of how a person is doing health-wise.

Including myself.

At this point, please forgive me, I am more interested in myself, my own health than in yours. Selfish? Yeah. Selfless? yeah.

How can it be both selfish and selfless?

I am interested in getting a second lease on life, so I can do more of what I've been doing: pump Source for solutions for you, for your health, for your peace of mind, for your fulfillment, for you becoming all you can become.

So if I didn't have you as a "client"... I would not be interested in extending my life either. So thank you... very much.

I would not be interested in most of the things i am interested in... I can thank my life to you. Continue reading "Your biological age… are you younger or older than your calendar age?"

How old is your body? Your biological age…


I had my usual Sunday call today... and the issue of how old is your body came up. My friend's body is 90 years old... and though I am only four or five yours younger, my body checks as a 50 year old...

As I have shared before, some time in the beginning of August I realized that I was dying.

It had been a process that started a year earlier... with some dramatic happenings, including falling and breaking my left arm. It wasn't the cause: it was a symptom. And by this August the future was obvious: I had a short time to live, with very restricted movement...

I have no health insurance, I trust in no doctors, I have no savings, I have no family to bail me out.

I had a choice to make: to live or not to live.
Continue reading "How old is your body? Your biological age…"

Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!


I have found that bringing curiosity to life, especially things that normally would cause you strong emotions, can counteract the narrowing of your cone of vision, narrowing of your intelligence, narrowing of your emotional flexibility... while destroying life where you are, where I am... inside me.

Let me say it again: bringing curiosity to things can counteract with misery, upset, anxiety, frustration, anger, despair, resignation, sadness, depression... the whole never ending pool of negative emotions.

It takes training.

Our access, humans' access to reality, nowadays, is our emotions... instead of our feelings (sensory perceptions and observation) and our reasoning capacity.

Instead of getting a first hand view of reality, we, humans, inside the cave of our minds, we interact with the shadows reality casts... and we are jerked through upheavals by things that aren't even real. Continue reading "Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!"

Yesterday’s enlightenment is today’s pretense


You may not be able to see it on gurus... but I can. Gurus are liars... because they share an incident in their past that doesn't go beyond that moment...

But repeating that incident is hard... and most of the time we don't know how it happened... like a past life memory, or any other insight. The mechanism is hidden from our view.

And then this gurus go around doing what gurus do: extrapolate from that one experience, and teach the unsuspecting millions the only way... ugh... They teach how to live, how to think, how to this and that...

And because you want what they are talking about, you fall for it... Make a decision to do it, buy it, follow it, and then it doesn't work.


How one is to make decisions in life? Decisions that work... It's not a stupid question...

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When something changes… what made it change?


What makes the difference? When something starts to work: what made it suddenly work? Do you know? Chances are: you don't. And neither do so-called scientists. It is a guess... the guess that makes them seem right. We are wrong 99% of the time. Why?

We do the same thing when something doesn't work. We guess why... and we are wrong 99% of the time. Why? Continue reading "When something changes… what made it change?"