Oy vey there she is, ranting again…

Sunday RantI have two recordable calls every Sunday. Recordable means: I can or could sell it for at least a hundred bucks… because in the right hands they are worth ten times more than that.

In the right hands.

There are few who have the right hands.

I like to work with people who can get, who will get, at least as much value as much money I charge, but I’d love to work with people who could and would get the full value… ten times more.

Keep on dreaming, Sophie, and I do.

I totally overextend myself every Friday/Saturday and Sunday, so on Mondays I am literally spent. This Monday wasn’t an exception… Continue reading “Oy vey there she is, ranting again…”

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while… but a fat girl can only smell the sweets

even a blind squirrel but a fat girl onlyI am observing, I am witnessing the conversation in my discussion group. Great market research! lol. I find out what people don’t know. What people don’t understand.

One of the differences between animals and humans is humans’ arrogance.

When you watch animals, the parents, the elders, teach the young ones all that is teachable. Otherwise their species would die out: there is a lot to know to be safe, to live long enough to create offspring themselves and contribute to the survival of their species.

Humans are attempting to do the same, but never tell their offspring, never told you, that the purpose of education is to know what the generations before yours discovered for themselves, so you can stand on their shoulders and not have to discover all that, again, the hard way. Continue reading “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while… but a fat girl can only smell the sweets”

Does everybody really count, or is that a seductive slogan?

change is the result of true learningEither everybody counts or nobody counts… this is the principle that makes Michael Connelly’s books so dear to me. Obviously, to me, that labels me as a commie, a Democrat, a lefty… but I really don’t care… It’s your issue, not mine. My job is to be true to my principles.

I like crime novels. Most of them are clean and most of them go into the details that allow me to be forced to ride on the surface, to turn the page too eagerly, but stay on the page I am on: savoring it. Rare to find books like that.

No FOMO, I am where I am supposed to be. No desire to be anywhere else, doing anything other than what I am doing.

Priceless. Continue reading “Does everybody really count, or is that a seductive slogan?”

Why doesn’t the “Law of Attraction” work for you? Why are you getting sh*t rained on you instead of abundance?

the law of cause and effectThis article isn’t about the law of attraction… it is about the Law of Cause and Effect… about time and about how nature cannot be tricked… it will give you what you paid for… eventually…

You can look at your activities and predict what your life is like, and whether you are building a life, i.e. investing, or harvesting and harvesting and harvesting without ever sawing.

I spend 60% of my time listening to audios, partner calls, the book of The Art of Hunting Humans, 20% of my time reading and the remaining 20% is for talking, writing, or cooking.

This means: I have a headset on me every waking hour, even while I am reading… Not music, it is hearing myself breathe on the Big Bundle energy audio.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I am working TOWARDS something… and I am investing my time. 99% of my activities are investing type. I am investing in two things:

  • a life that is longer than I had earned until now, and
  • knowledge and insights that can turn into real teaching for altering the future of the planet… Yeah, big things… big things worth investing in.

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Do you know what you are doing? Debunking the myth of knowing…

climbing togetherI don’t know what I am doing… but my life seems to be going in the right direction

Most successful people, if and when you ask them, they don’t have a theory, they don’t have a grand scheme of things, they are just doing what they are doing and it works. In one area of life…

Wherever they are successful.

Work, or health, ot relationships, or money… etc. Continue reading “Do you know what you are doing? Debunking the myth of knowing…”

Life is an experiment. Unless you only have good and bad, successful or failure in your vocabulary

An experiment is always successful. It is successful at showing what it shows. Whether you interpret accurately what it shows or not… is up to you. And then what you do with what it suggests is up to you…

“Do not be timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Considering my life, life is an experiment has been probably the best thing I’ve ever invented for myself. Why? Because it killed 90% of the voices inside that said that I was stupid, that I was a loser, that nobody will ever love me.

I hate learning new things… Why?

Yeah, why would anyone hate learning new things?

What does learning new things means? REALLY REALLY MEAN? About you…. Continue reading “Life is an experiment. Unless you only have good and bad, successful or failure in your vocabulary”

The invisible tail that wags the dog… The human condition

The invisible tail that wags the dog… 1 Or what is invisible to you is behind and underneath your emotions, your actions, your desires…

It’s invisible for the dog and it is invisible or mis-identified for the observer…

And, of course I am talking about humans… but found no quote that talks about humans in this context. Though the treasure trove of information about dogs, and foxes and their tails is very entertaining, I can say with some certainty, that humans know dogs and foxes better than themselves.

That includes you and me. Continue reading “The invisible tail that wags the dog… The human condition”

The escape route from the dungeons of the human condition

Escape route differs from jailbreak… Unless you plan how you’ll be, where you’ll go, what you’ll do after you break out of jail, you’ll be taken back on short notice…

Why and how the “human condition” have come to signify wretchedness, evil, and ugly?

I wrote the first part of this article about 18 months ago…

This article has been researched for more than two years. but it was just getting puzzling and more puzzling.

Finally, today, as I was pondering the issue, the expression “human condition” opened it up for me.

So, here is the result of more than two years of research into the biggest puzzle I have ever dealt with.

Why are humans so bad? Continue reading “The escape route from the dungeons of the human condition”

How to beat the “human condition” successfully?

I spent a few hours this week reading really old emails from two of my clients. I was especially interested in their early emails… maybe so I can see what changed?

When you talk to someone nearly every day, it is hard to notice the changes…

So periodically going back and seeing some of the things they said six years ago is really useful in this regard.

I have my customer/client emails saved, all of them, grouped by client, so I didn’t even have to search… Just pick a client, and read…

One of these guys went on and on and on how much he doesn’t want to be human. How much he doesn’t want to be part of the human condition. The Valley of the Shadow of Death. Continue reading “How to beat the “human condition” successfully?”

Butterfly vs caterpillar, human being, vs human aka homo sapiens

In the history of the Earth there have been five other attempts for Life to create intelligent life. Millions of years separating them… Atlantis may not be a myth, just didn’t happen in our time. Civilizations don’t overlap. 1

Three of those civilizations were destroyed by natural causes, and two of those by the civilization itself… parallel with the current humanity and its civilization a civilization of caterpillars. 2

Our civilization is heading toward the same self-annihilation, unless… Unless human being happens.

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