The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off

As I am preparing to lead the Inner Authority Course, I see the need to dig deeper and deeper into the morass of human misery so that I can dig you out of there. I have tools, but I want more. And more. And more.

It is not about getting myself out of misery: I am already 70% “clear” of misery… and that is a blissful place, but it took me 34 years, so far, and I don’t know many people who are willing to work on themselves that long… I did it because I was soooo miserable. Continue reading “The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off”

I discovered sous vide. The French words mean: under vacuum.

In sous vide style cooking you put the raw food in a vacuum sealed bag, immerse it in water with temperature comfortable for your hands, and let it cook for a while. How long? There are recipes on the internet…

My Human Design eating type, eating style is “separator”. I am not allowed to mix foods in my meals. Why? I guess the original humans didn’t… Or maybe my stomach is weak and can’t figure out what to do with mixtures.

My be it is like a juggler who says: one thing is OK, two is a mess…

And because I am in the process of tricking death that was ready to take over back in August, and I am escaping in one inch at a time, being rigorous about my eating type seems very important.

How do I know when I made a dietary mistake? You don’t want to know! Oh, you do… the undigested mix tries to come back, causing me distress, sleepless nights, and bad taste in my mouth. Continue reading “I discovered sous vide. The French words mean: under vacuum.”

Are you a dabbler, a sampler, an “I’ll try that” person?

One characteristic of the 99% is that they don’t heed Alexander Pope’s warning:

“A little learning is a dang’rous thing; / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.” 1

This behavior even characterizes the 99% of the One Percent.

Why is being a taster, a dabbler, a person who samples, tries out, but never drinks deep from anything keeps you from joining the 1%? Continue reading “Are you a dabbler, a sampler, an “I’ll try that” person?”

As a man is, so he sees

as a man is, so he seesThe idea that you can get smarter needs to get clarified.

Why? Because people cannot see smart, cannot see how smart shows up, cannot see… anything other than themselves, how THEY are.

I talk to a few people every week. And I can tell that the way they see me is in comparison to themselves. Not as a person on my own right… no, they see me in the same picture as themselves… and they measure… hell, they measure, relentlessly, and guess what? I always come up short… or at best the same as them.

And we are talking about all kinds of aspects, levels of education, smarts, good/bad, etc… and yet in every aspect that is the case. This is how the homo sapiens machine works.

Einstein? maybe he was lucky, but surely he was not smarter than me!” They say in their heads. Continue reading “As a man is, so he sees”

What is consciousness? What does it have to do with vibration? With happiness? With fulfillment?

what is consciousness... fragmented viewWhat is consciousness?

Is it the mind?

Here is from the Wikipedia entry: Consciousness is the state or quality of sentience or awareness of internal or external existence.

Again from Wikipedia:

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.[1] Eighteenth-century philosophers used the concept to distinguish the ability to think (reason) from the ability to feel (sentience). In modern Western philosophy, sentience is the ability to experience sensations (known in philosophy of mind as “qualia”). In Eastern philosophy, sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that require respect and care. The concept is central to the philosophy of animal rights because sentience is necessary for the ability to suffer, and thus is held to confer certain rights.

If you are able to tell apples from oranges, you can see that WE HAVE NO IDEA what it is that we call consciousness! We say words, a kind of code, but they don’t mean what they are intended to mean: consciousness, or sentience, or pretty much anything…

Our language is sloppy, approximate, and a really poor tool to allow us to live an intelligent life… And yet, we think that there is intelligent life on this planet… lol. Continue reading “What is consciousness? What does it have to do with vibration? With happiness? With fulfillment?”

From the limited perspective of the human mind…

From the limited perspective of the human mind… 1

This has been one of the most valuable phrases I have ever used… (I learned it from Robert Scheinfeld 23 years ago… I have been at this for a long long time)

Currently, as I play the Big Bundle energy straight into my ear, I have been going foggy, dizzy, nauseous, blanked out… with some regularity. Continue reading “From the limited perspective of the human mind…”

Predatory Genes and Quantum reality: There is order in the universe, even if it is not readily observable to you

The visible order, what you can see, is just the top 1%. Below that there is 99% that is order, but you can’t see it.

The more you are of the persuasion that there is a way the world should be, you should be, society should be, to the same degree you are blind, and unsuccessful if you act, and stuck if you don’t.

Of course you expect the order to be obvious, with clear rules, so you don’t have to be responsible for thinking, observing, adjusting your actions to how it is… and ultimately for any of your actions, any of your results.

Predatory genes combined with human culture are deadly, deadly in its consequences. Continue reading “Predatory Genes and Quantum reality: There is order in the universe, even if it is not readily observable to you”

Why we you not as smart as we could be? Can it be reversed?

Your eating style is more important than you would think.

After all, in sounds innocuous (not harmful or offensive). Everyone knows that what you eat is important but how you eat? Hogwash, say most people, scientists included, but most people are always wrong.

I am fighting the fight of my life now… Attempting to get an extra year or two past my expiration date.

“They” say that your telomeres are responsible for your life expectancy, the length of your telomeres, but they are lying. Why they say that? Because it is a source of much money, that’s why. You, the payer, don’t have to be responsible for anything, they will do whatever magick they do, and you pay. And that is that.

And people pay through their noses… Because they don’t know any better. Continue reading “Why we you not as smart as we could be? Can it be reversed?”

What DNA capacity does a great detective have? it’s not his IQ…

good detectivesI love to read. My newest favorite writer is Blake Banner, a mystery writer. His books are perfect for one day reading… around 150 pages each.

What I like most about these books, apart from their language which is often delightful, is that the author pits against each other two kinds of detectives, the one who looks at the evidence, and immediately weaves a likely story and then defends it with all their might. And the other who doesn’t make a decision but researches more until he can actually prove it… which is often a lot later.

We see the two archetypes everywhere in the non-detective world: the jumping jack… instant meaning, instant conclusion, instant anger, instant like or dislike… 99% of all humans.

Result: arguments, devastation, wars, divorce, ineffectiveness…

The other has something, that has nothing to do with innate intelligence, or smarts: both detectives are equally smart. Continue reading “What DNA capacity does a great detective have? it’s not his IQ…”

What makes you a slacker?

The smarter you fancy yourself, the stupider your behavior. The big picture of your life…

This article is slightly philosophical, I cycle through many ideas to get to a conclusion that makes a difference. You can jump to the end, to the conclusion, and we’ll know what you are… This article is about you.

Life’s way is to handle one thing at a time… make it work and keep it working. Then, when it’s working reliably, Life will start on the next thing.

Most of Life is continuing… not starting. Or modifying and continuing. Or adding and removing. But continuing… Getting better and better. Growing. Continue reading “What makes you a slacker?”