Times are a-changing… are you prepared?

Are you secure enough in who you are to look at things that are of no personal relevance to you?

That sounds like a ‘so what?’ question, but it isn’t.

You see, one of the most important measures in predicting your happiness and success in life is your cone of vision plus your about-me score.

Ultimately the two measures, combined, give me how much of all-knowledge you are willing and able to see… so you can navigate life, the economy, relationships, health, successfully.

The smaller the combined measure is, the less you are willing to see. Your reaction to it: ‘it doesn’t apply to me‘ and you just block it out. You don’t even entertain it for a moment. (I can see it in your 67-step reports clearly. Or in what articles you open… or not) Continue reading “Times are a-changing… are you prepared?”

Humility: What Is It And Why Should You Have It?

Humility: What Is It And Why Should You Have It? Is Being Humble Meek? Powerless? Stupid? Get Ready To Be Surprised!

Sometimes guidance comes from a student or client request.

Today I heard from a long time client who never managed to go from a to be… despite of the many courses she came to.

She had a difficult time accessing an activator, part of the Second Phase Activators (I downloaded more than 100 activators in that course!). I checked and she was right, somehow the video got corrupted in the more than three years it was moved around…

I listened to it and it dawned on me that without activating humility, of course you’ll never learn anything. Anything new, I mean.

Here is the article I wrote at the time, and in the meantime I am trying to rescue that video: given that it is the cornerstone of all learning, all growth, all evolution, all raising your vibration, if necessary, I’ll dedicate another webinar to the topic…

In the meantime, here is the “oldie but goodie” article

On Humility

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