You don’t want what you say you want… It’s inauthenticity that’s speaking

Many people want to run their own business, they want to be entrepreneurs.

But when you observe their behavior, everything points to the fact that that is a pretense.

Why would anyone pretend that? Ultimately that is an expensive pretense… like the boy’s you cried ‘wolf’. Ultimately people stop believing you, and only people who are engaged in the same pretense will.

How do you know what you really want?

Simple: you observe yourself, jot down how much time and attention you give to each thing that occupies your day, and do it for a week.

What you want will stand out: that is what you give the most time to. Continue reading “You don’t want what you say you want… It’s inauthenticity that’s speaking”

Authenticity: Beware the barrenness of a busy life… ~Socrates

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. ~ Socrates

There is never a time when new distraction will not show up; we sow them, so several will grow from the same seed. ~ Seneca the elder

You better train yourself to manage your attention. Focus determines the quality of your life

These above are all quotes… We read them we nod, or not, and we continue not having a clue why our life sucks.

Your experience is what you agree to attend to. Not necessarily with words: you agree with your actions, what you pay attention to. Continue reading “Authenticity: Beware the barrenness of a busy life… ~Socrates”

How you fake your consciousness…

Your level of vibration closely correlates with your level of integrity. And the vibration of humans is dropping about 10 points a year…

I am working on the integrity workshop coming up in two days, and am starting to see why someone with less than 200 vibration is focusing on the actions, instead of the context.

The hallmark of low vibration is to see only what is visible… the obvious.

Not surprisingly the level of integrity closely matches the level of vibration… and trying to change the actions is an inefficient and ineffective way to integrity. Continue reading “How you fake your consciousness…”

Do you have enough energy to grow as a person?

The higher your integrity number the more ‘sensitive’ you are to your out-of-integrity… lack of integrity, your violation of your own integrity.

Several other areas of life you’ll find a similar, seemingly incongruent, reverse relationship between phenomena:

The more you know the more you know how little you know.
The smarter you are the more you know how not smart you are

Of course this is true in the reverse: the less you know the less you know how little you know.

I have just finished a three book series where there is time travel and three different timelines… historical timelines… Continue reading “Do you have enough energy to grow as a person?”

Does Your Life Lack Meaning? Purpose? An Organizing Principle?

According to some statistics, 30% of humanity lack meaning in their lives.

I think that this statistics is off by a lot.

  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives, but they don’t miss it, they live an animal existence and they don’t need, don’t want anything more.
  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives and therefore they don’t have any backbone, don’t have any organizing principle, and they don’t know what’s missing, they only know that they are miserable.
  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives, so they use some societal meaning, like money or a social cause to organize their lives, but while they are doing this their soul is starving, and they are finding out that neither money nor a social cause does it for them, however good or bad they are at money or about a social cause.
  • And then there are people who know their lives lack meaning, and they spend their time seeking meaning in religion, in science, in relationships, hoping that something will rub off on them.

Continue reading “Does Your Life Lack Meaning? Purpose? An Organizing Principle?”

Rebooting your life

I was on technical support for three hours this morning. Two delightful tech support people… and no results. The software that wasn’t working, kept on not working.

At some point after 3 hours, my virus protection software requested a machine startup. I restarted the PC, and guess what: the software started to work.

This used to be the case when I was still using Macintosh until some 14 years ago. Anything wrong repaired itself with a reboot.

Now, how is this connected to anything spiritual? Let me count the ways…

If you look at your life, or someone else’s life, life has been an almost uninterrupted story of… Continue reading “Rebooting your life”

How to fall in love with yourself… the narrow and strait path to happiness

Why? Why would you want to love yourself?

When you love yourself: you love your life. And that is the closest we know to be a happy person.

And you want to be happy, right? It feels like your birthright. Even though I can’t specifically point at anyone who is happy… it IS your birthright.

Birthright or not birthright, we all want to be happy… even though no one has been able to explain how to become happy… so it seems that it will remain a desire… never to be fulfilled. Hope and hopeless… or resigned is our dominant state.

The closest experience to happiness is contentment, with life, with yourself.

When you love yourself you love your life… but how could you?

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What you most want in life

A different way to approach your ITCH is this ‘poem’ I swiped from today’s Monday Morning Memo

It takes four people to make a world.

1. One person wants acceptance.
They hope to save the relationship.
Under pressure, they acquiesce. Continue reading “What you most want in life”

Context is decisive. And yet 99% of humans cannot wrap their minds around the context.

Everyone says that, everyone gains hope from it… But few actually know what the heck they are talking about.

Most people want to create stuff, or love, or a thin body, or riches, a prosperous business without doing the work it takes.

They make collages. They talk in the mirror. They create mind-movies, blah blah blah.

Many go to energy practitioners or healers… because their creation method doesn’t work… they believe they have abundance blockages, or maybe energetic strings, or whatever people can dream up and sell on the bazaar of the interweb…

But few if any address the real issue.

You create your own reality with the context. Good reality, bad reality, you create both. Boring reality? yep… you create it with the context. Continue reading “Context is decisive. And yet 99% of humans cannot wrap their minds around the context.”

What is “Natural Growth” and how to Accomplish it, Spiritually, Personally, and in Business

unnatural growthGrowth feels good… People who grow experience being fully in life, in a dance with life…

Growth feels good… and yet, most of the people I know are either stagnating because they don’t put themselves in a situation where they need to grow, or they put themselves in the courses and seminars and coaching programs to grow, but they don’t grow because …

Well, what comes after that “because” is what this article is about.

I participated in Landmark Education for 26 years, and went from seminar to seminar, from course to course, from training program to training program. Without any break, without any time given myself to even know what the heck I learned.

In any 3-year period I did 20 programs, including seminars, coaching programs, coaching in programs, courses… In another 3-year period I did only 3. What happened?

Good question. I grew. Continue reading “What is “Natural Growth” and how to Accomplish it, Spiritually, Personally, and in Business”