How to prevent a new task or project from disrupting your life?

humility prevents new knowledge from disrupting your lifeHow to keep your focus in spite of adding new tasks, new projects, new activities to your schedule? How to prevent it from disrupting your life? How to be one of those people who can do more and therefore have more? This is the question many of you have asked me.

Most people are unproductive… period. So this article is mostly for people who are productive in their main occupation, until…

Until what? Until something else comes up, and then they lose it all. Again and again. Continue reading “How to prevent a new task or project from disrupting your life?”

If you were a body of water, what would you be? A river, A lake?

river? lake? swamp?If you were a body of water, what would you be? A river, A lake?A stream? A pond, a swamp? Let’s look what wold help you decide, shall we?

Life needs to be moved… so it moves like a river. Life can also be a lake, fed by a river or a stream. And, of course, it can be a swamp… and most lives are that.

Life could be a river… you grow, you gather strength.

But many of us, maybe most of us, at some point expect the river to grow, and flow, and it just stops. It becomes stagnant.

Most people who come to me have a life like that. Things may happen, mostly out of their control, but they make nothing happen.

Our life needs to be moved, but no one has taught us how to do it.

This thought is what I woke up with today. And the life experience is being heavy, not wanting to get up, not being alive. Continue reading “If you were a body of water, what would you be? A river, A lake?”

You cannot get the motivation to go from zero to one? From A to Z? Stuck?

Preamble: society, to confuse you, makes the words motivation, ambition, desire, greed mean different things… and that is how society controls your mind. By sawing confusion… get clear.

It takes energy to get anything done. Even to lose weight. Even to sleep… to sleep well. Getting that everything needs energy and that energy can get weakened, dampened, leaked is an important distinction.

When you get a distinction, when you really get it, it starts to show up everywhere. You start noticing. Ah, yeah… there it is again! Continue reading “You cannot get the motivation to go from zero to one? From A to Z? Stuck?”

Your motivation, the motive power that propels you forward

I don’t feel motivated! I can’t get motivated enough to get this done! Motivation is missing… can you help?

This, motivation, motive power is the topic of this article… but first: how it came about… OK?

Yesterday I had one of my ‘historic’ Sunday calls… A call I have been having for 14 years.

I use the calls to get insights into myself and into the invisible. Motivation, motive power is in the invisible… all we can see what we feel, and what we do… but motivation… that, we can’t see. Continue reading “Your motivation, the motive power that propels you forward”

What programs contributed to my success?

contributed to my successWhat programs contributed to my success? What will contribute to yours? This is what we are going to look at in this article.

I planned this article to be a Vibrational Review of T. Harv Eker and his programs. But something shifted as I was writing… so it is both more and less than that.

Recently T. Harv Eker came out of retirement. He is doing his work now online, on a site his son, Jesse manages. He also writes his emails, etc.

Jesse and Harv could not be more different people. Jesse has no fire, while Harv is fire galore. Continue reading “What programs contributed to my success?”

No love, no courage

no love no courageI have written about it, I have even quoted Lao Tsu: Because of great love one is courageous. Lao Tsu taught effortless action, which is in line with Life, he calls Tao.

But if the fundamental understanding of life is missing, if life is fundamentally misunderstood, then that quote is misunderstood.

We, humans, have that ‘love is something you feel for another person’. Or for ice cream, or a puppy… more often, lol.

But what if the love Lao Tsu is talking about is something entirely different?
Continue reading “No love, no courage”

Soul Correction: Take the peacock…

soul correctionSoul Correction: Take the peacock, for example…

In this article, I create a new context for 2021: one that makes this year the REAL beginning of the thousand years of peace. How the peacock is like your soul correction

I have a few coaches and teachers. One of them has a group call every Saturday, and I went on that call.

I wasn’t in tune with this call. I’d just come off a connection call: peaceful and in reverie. This call was noisy, people talked over each other. I felt like getting off the call. I am sure you have been in a similar situation… haven’t you? Continue reading “Soul Correction: Take the peacock…”