Oy vey there she is, ranting again…

Sunday RantI have two recordable calls every Sunday. Recordable means: I can or could sell it for at least a hundred bucks... because in the right hands they are worth ten times more than that.

In the right hands.

There are few who have the right hands.

I like to work with people who can get, who will get, at least as much value as much money I charge, but I'd love to work with people who could and would get the full value... ten times more.

Keep on dreaming, Sophie, and I do.

I totally overextend myself every Friday/Saturday and Sunday, so on Mondays I am literally spent. This Monday wasn't an exception... Continue reading "Oy vey there she is, ranting again…"

You need to have it! or what keeps flat you on your arse

Darn, these power outages... I lost a whole article I didn't even name, let alone save. It was a stream of consciousness.... then oops, the power went out... and with it the article.

All right, the inspiration is gone... let me see if I can re-generate it.

OK here you go: I noticed that occasionally, when I play Freecell, I have a phenomenon that deserves talking about, analyzing, and see what it's all about.

I play Freecell when I need to puzzle something out, when I need to pay attention to a movie, a video, an audio, your partner calls... so I play a lot of Freecell. It keeps me sitting, lol, and it keeps my attention on you. Continue reading "You need to have it! or what keeps flat you on your arse"

You don’t love yourself. You don’t respect yourself. How could you?

you don't love yourselfA little understood aspect of integrity that screws up your integrity...

Integrity is between you and you. There are things you do with other people, but integrity is an inside job... if you don't like what you did, if you don't think you did a good job, it doesn't matter what other people think... you are not happy with yourself.

And so far so good, most anyone can get that... but the story doesn't end here.

Sometimes you do everything you said you would do, you do it on time, you did it complete and thorough, and yet you are not happy with yourself.

What is the reason? Continue reading "You don’t love yourself. You don’t respect yourself. How could you?"

Somewhere else is better than here… Something else is better than this… Someone else has it better than me

Yesterday, still recovering from my strenuous weekend, lol, I watched TED talks for a few hours, all on Emotional Intelligence.

They were all profound, and nice, and useful... and yet.

Emotional intelligence, measurable in percentages, is the ability to be appropriate to life, to dance, to get stuff done, to rest when it is time to rest, and work when it is time to work, and to love, and appreciate, and say what you need to say, when it is appropriate.

To look at things from more than just one fixed point of view, to be able to empathize, have compassion, express instead of stuff it...

You see why emotionally intelligent people get ahead in life... they are easy to be around because they are OK with themselves.

What people, psychologists, writers, etc. teach is surface.

Much like telling you to cover up chicken shit and enjoy the praline... Praline is an expensive candy... for those of you who don't know. Continue reading "Somewhere else is better than here… Something else is better than this… Someone else has it better than me"

Why you can’t see, don’t see value…

you can't abort what you can't catchYou can't catch what you don't see

Gratitude is a capacity. You can't fake it, like you can't fake riding a bicycle.
Appreciation is another capacity.

Appreciation means: seeing value. Gratitude means: acknowledging value.

There are three levels of values:

  1. Cultural or systemic values. 80% of people see those. They are different culture by culture. But most of them are universal... meaning they are in all cultures... These values are binary, like an on/off switch.These are the "two drawers" the book The Art of Hunting Humans talks about, loser/winner, sad/happy, good/bad, useful/useless, smart/stupid, right/wrong, etc.
  2. The second tear is the value, extrinsic value, the use value humans place on things: they are personal values, mostly... They are closer to what people pay for, with money or reciprocation: tasty (food), a nice conversation (companionship), useful, interesting, beneficial, etc.A bowl of soup, a wedding ring, a Thanksgiving dinner, a nice conversation...Anything will have, albeit not acknowledged, not noticed value on all three levels.
  3. The third level is the godlike level, the intrinsic level, and most people don't notice it, don't value it, don't provide it... Even if they know the words... but they are like appreciation: you can say the word as much as you want, the word does not create appreciation, the capacity creates the being.The capacity of appreciation is, like everything in reality, can be expressed in percentages... capacity not on is zero, fully open is 100.

It is one thing to appreciate the obvious, and quite another thing to appreciate what is not obvious... because in the moment it is not visible yet where the value is, or it doesn't FEEL GOOD...

Too much, too strong focusing on systemic value robs a person of their ability to have spiritual, third level, godlike capacities: generosity, love, enthusiasm, creativity, intuitive, etc. Continue reading "Why you can’t see, don’t see value…"

“Either everybody counts or nobody counts”

20 years ago I had my first entrepreneur value profile done.

It was some 30 pages long... too much English. But somewhere it said something like: You don't work well THROUGH others...


A year or two worth of training later I got my certification to become a value profile consultant. Then I learned to see all that the 30 page said in English (meaning lots of words) at a glance on a grid.

My starting point measurements report is a lot like that grid. It is more meant for the coach/consultant to know how to guide you, than for you to enjoy reading to indulge your delusional self. Your delusional self loves the many words... I have watched people get all excited about the book "The Life You Were Meant to Live"... because they picked out the words they liked... No growth.

The more someone is determined to remain the same, the more they like that book...


So today, 20 years later, I looked at coaching, both as a client and as a provider. Continue reading "“Either everybody counts or nobody counts”"

Witnessing is noticing. Noticing is giving value. Giving value is appreciation…

Without witnessing nothing happens.

Witnessing is noticing. Noticing is giving value. Giving value is appreciation... The word comes from precious: valuable.

So witnessing is giving value.

Why does something needs to be given value?

Because just like nothing is wrong in reality, nothing has value either. Value is always in the eyes of the beholder, value is given. Individually. You give value to something you got: you got something valuable.

Most people don't know this, and therefore never acknowledge the value they got... if they got any value.

Now what happens when you do that? When you don't acknowledge the value you get? Continue reading "Witnessing is noticing. Noticing is giving value. Giving value is appreciation…"

Did you feel what you felt?

before you can discern...When you think you are an insomniac... or when you are always tired and you suspect your sleep has issues, what "scientists" do is hook you up to "feelers" to see to what degree reality matches your experience.

I have heard of people who have sleep apnea and wake up hundreds of times a night, just enough to start breathing again. Their consciousness records it... but their conscious awareness doesn't

Consciousness and conscious awareness are not the same. Not even close.

In fact consciousness is not related to conscious awareness... it would be more appropriate to call it The observer, or The Witness.

How would you know?

Now that enough of you are using the consciousness wakeup audio, the Big Bundle (stupid name, isn't it?) and consciousness instruct your unconscious awareness, whatever that is, to do repairs... do you actually know about any of it?

If you do, then you are different from me. I don't. Continue reading "Did you feel what you felt?"

You expect to f… it up… You expect to succeed…

f__d it up again... or not f... it up... Same thing. both result in no peace, no joy, no good results.

Why would you have that expectation?

Given the reaction you have to that expectation, given the reaction you have to that sentence, devastation when you actually do f... something up, suggests, that you expect yourself to go through life never making a mistake... i.e. Perfection.

You are not alone. Some people give their whole life to that "not"... to that unreality... and suffer, become total underachievers, and altogether unpleasant people no one really wants around. Continue reading "You expect to f… it up… You expect to succeed…"

Why can’t you learn, and how could you? The single most important factor…

Going from smart to intelligent...

In this article I am biting off more than I can chew... So it will probably make more sense to people who are in my programs, and will make sense once I learn how to speak/write it coherently. 1I was just checking what the dictionary (Tree of Knowledge says about intelligent vs. smart. Turns out that probably intentionally, just to make you less intelligent, lol, not funny, they use the two terms opposite of what they actually measure.

here is just one of the definitions on the internet:

  • The difference between smartness and intelligence is mainly behavioral. (truth value of this statement: 20%.)
  • While an intelligent person can be smart, a smart person may not be intelligent. (truth value of this statement: 80%.)
  • Intelligence means the ability to acquire information rather rapidly. (truth value of this statement: 30%.)
  • Intelligence is a trait a person has since birth. (truth value of this statement: 10%.)

Continue reading "Why can’t you learn, and how could you? The single most important factor…"