There are two kinds of complaints.

The first one you probably don't know very well: this is the complaint that intends to move all concerned towards resolution. There is a commitment in the background to resolve the complaint, and remove it from existence.

I'll talk more about it later, but for completion's sake...

...let's see the second kind of complaint. I call it idle complaint. Continue reading "There are two kinds of complaints."

Itch, pebble in your shoe… two more invisible dynamics

I woke up with a start. OMG... The switch... or the pebble... or whatever I called it!

The invisible dynamics is a system. It is like a machine. A complex machine... It takes in life as it could be, and it spits out your life as it is, having sucked all the juice out of it. Really.

That is the machine. Continue reading "Itch, pebble in your shoe… two more invisible dynamics"