Do you have, do you create drama in your life? Excitement?… or how to become a producer instead


This article may bring some pointers how you can have a life of producing results instead of drama.

Why isn't everyone breaking a path to my door to participate in the Playground, my groundbreaking program?

When I look at my new buyer list, and the products they buy, I get a clearer sense of who I am reaching. I make no effort to reach anyone specific, anyone particular... by the way. I don't know how to reach the person who would be able and willing to even consider taking the long road to where they want to get to. People want instant of near-instant results. Titillating results.

Just like art house movies are deemed boring, because the cuts are longer than a few seconds long... paths are deemed boring, tedious, and undesirable, if they take longer than 2-3 days, or alternatively a short exciting class with magical stuff in it. Continue reading "Do you have, do you create drama in your life? Excitement?… or how to become a producer instead"

There is a vast difference between smart and intelligent…


There is a vast difference between smart and intelligent... 1

Smart is a born-with potential, mainly inherited, depends on the size of your brain. Intelligence is what you make with what you got... through learning. What is in your brain...  what it can do.

You may be smart, but chances are 99.99% that you are not intelligent. Because intelligence shows up in your choices... oho... not good, right?

Your smart score stays the same for your entire life. Your intelligence changes with what you eat, what you just ate, how you feel, how you slept, and, of course, what you have taught your smart brain to do.

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Invisible Dynamic: Undeclared commitments: what is under the hood


My horoscope often tells me what I should be dealing with, either for myself, or for you and me.

This is the horoscope I received in my email box today, from Rob Brezsny:

If you were a snake, it would be a fine time to molt your skin. If you were a river, it would be a perfect moment to overflow your banks in a spring flood. If you were an office worker, it would be an excellent phase to trade in your claustrophobic cubicle for a spacious new niche. In other words, you are primed to outgrow at least one of your containers. The boundaries you knew you would have to transgress (step over the boundary, infringe or go beyond the bounds of) some day are finally ready to be transgressed. Even now, your attention span is expanding and your imagination is stretching.

Obviously he uses the word "transgress" to express that you are in some self imposed prison, he calls it container. Rob Brezsny is a typical California positive language dude... not a straight talk dude, like myself.

Now, whether it is addressed to me, or whether it is addressed to us, I am going to attend to both aspect.

The first thing to examine where it is where "we", you and me, consider certainty, security, knowing more comfortable than stretching.
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Does life behave like a kayak or an automobile?


As I was answering a coaching student's post on my Reclaim your life program, I had an insight.

The model you use to change your life, to make decision, to live your life is the model of the automobile.

Narrow streets, you make right angle turns, the motive power in the engine obeys your steering.

Life doesn't work like an automobile. Life is a lot more like kayaking.

The way you adjust your direction is with tiny shifts of your paddle... no big moves are effective. Continue reading "Does life behave like a kayak or an automobile?"

The Kaizen way of changing… aka Trimtabbing yourself to a full change


In this article I am using an example in which we are starting a new business with the Kaizen 1 way... a business that is going to succeed and more importantly, where growing it causes the owner of the business to grow into the kind of person who can... can make a lot of money, can sustain growth, can have it all... can build a life worth living.

So, this article will be about change, or better said the art of change.

Change is scary, mainly because it is a disruption. And it also requires one to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Working with me is designed to cause lasting changes... but it is really always up to you. Continue reading "The Kaizen way of changing… aka Trimtabbing yourself to a full change"