What is the negative energy you are trying to eliminate? The energy that blocks you?

Before i say anything else, all the illustrations about negative energy, negativity I use in this post are b.s. and harmful… The Hungarian Christmas pictures… I remember being a child…

Yesterday I was on a group coaching call where a so-called energy practitioner 1 got some marketing advice while others, including me, listened in.

She was discussing her marketing to sell her almost a thousand dollar course on clearing negative energy.

I have to admit that I have never sold a course for that much money. Never even thought I could. Never even thought it would be fair…

I spent the day after that call not wanting to do anything. Not even walk… lol. That is so rare, it is worth mentioning.

I slept well, I am taping my mouth shut again and I sleep a lot better.

I woke up somewhat revitalized and invigorated… = revigorated.

What do I mean revigorated?

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Still think memes are innocent?

I have been talking about the memes… and it seems that I haven’t spoken clearly the point.

So let me take a stab at it, and I’ll try until it’s so clear that most people will get it.

A meme is a though form. Words. Some rule, some principle, some saying that says something about how the world works, how you should be, and what is good and bad.

The Tree of Knowledge houses the memes. They live their incestuous life there and they come from there to infect you. Continue reading “Still think memes are innocent?”

Gurus who offer instant enlightenment, instant solution to your miserable life thrive… Ever asked yourself why?

people lining up for shaktipatEvery offer for something instant is a fraud. In every area of life… spirituality, health, weight, tinnitus, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, business, marketing, traffic, success, everything. But…

You flock to them. The main reason you come to my site is to find the “right guru” for you… The right instant solution.

17 years ago I met a guy and we started dating. He was weird, he did hands-on energies, spoke with a breathy voice, and had a guru. He told me that you don’t choose your guru, your guru chooses you. He talked about shaktipat… where the guru touches you with a peacock feather and your kundalini rises and you have an instant enlightenment. He drank, took drugs, meditated, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on energy attunements… I told you he was weird.

But he was influential to my evolution.

Through him I found out that I was an empath. He said clairsensar, but when I told that to people they didn’t understand… but empath, it seems most people know what it is… so be it, I’ll call myself an empath… Continue reading “Gurus who offer instant enlightenment, instant solution to your miserable life thrive… Ever asked yourself why?”

Growth is like chocolate working out the lumps by itself

How to grow…I dreamed it. Or rather I was kept up by it…I dreamed BEING chocolate… Working out all the bumps and unevenness… And I knew what it meant.

Then I got up… ran to my computer to write it down, because it is so important… By now it is almost like an unreal memory… But this is how much I could capture for you:

The way to grow and growing into excellent is to keep making parts of you better, until there is nothing to make better. Even and smooth like chocolate.
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A spiritual practice to restore your Intrinsic Self as the captain of your ship

learning-to-sailThe most important thing I never learned in Landmark… that allowed me to grow

In 1967 I applied to participate in a 6-day on site advanced program in Landmark… it was still called Werner Erhard and Associates at the time.

I was denied. The staff member for admittance told me: Until you learn the difference between thinking and doing, you can’t do the course.
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How I use ego to get over myself…

colorfilter-largeI expect you to hate me from time to time. It is part of the process.

Some people come around at some point. Some sooner than others.

The ones that come around tell me that after a while they actually could see what I pointed out. I respect them for that.

Ever since I embraced being stupid, integrated it into my personality, stupid became a phase rather than a conclusion.

What do I mean? Listen up, this is important! Continue reading “How I use ego to get over myself…”

What is the meaning of “Every moment is new”

hit-in-faceI discovered yesterday what was the cause of my not wanting to work, not feeling like working in the past few days.

It had a chemical base: after a long time not eating bread, I started to eat bread again. I ran out yesterday… and I expected today to be productive: to get back my old diligent self back.

But all there is there is a desire to watch Netflix…

I clearly saw choice by now: 9:40 in the morning, 10 times. So far I’ve chosen to do something other than Netflix… but what if I slipped?

If I were like you, it would be the end of it.

What is the difference between you and me? Am I smarter? No. Am I more committed? Not necessarily. Then what?
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Raise your vibration. What should be your first steps?

You want to raise your vibration? Don’t know how to do it?

I talk to at least ten of you, readers, every day, through email. The question is always: but what do I do to raise my vibration?

The answer, when I give it to most of you, goes right over your head. We are like two trains passing each other in the night… I am not getting through to most you and therefore I can’t make a difference for you. But why is that?

This is what this article is about… so read it, and read it a few times, until it’s crystal clear.
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You want to be smarter because you want to succeed? you are on the wrong track!

you can't get smart from a pillIt is still very clear: whenever I talk about getting smarter, I get a huge influx of visitors from people who have taken the bad advice this article will dispel…

I am here re-publishing an article by one of my favorite people, Roy H. Williams.

I am republishing it, instead of trying to paraphrase it, because the way he says it, I can feel, is from his personal experience. I am listening to it also as a student… I am not ready to declare it quite my own knowledge… Maybe yes, but until I totally live like that… well, I will just quote the ones that have it as a real knowledge… not mind knowledge… There are not many like that, by the way. Most people spout tree of knowledge b.s. as if it were their knowledge… Beware.

So here you go: this article is worth its weight in gold… through and through. Don’t miss it! My notes will be in the footnotes…
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For the “other” you are the enemy

do you think this is a game?Do you think this is a game?!

In the past five months I have taken all my senses, all my capacities inward, and to sensing and feeling.

The brain plasticity allows you to re-organize what you use to get valid information about your world, and I moved all my available capacities to inner and outer sensation.

You, on the other hand, have moved all your available capacities to the mind, where it intermingles with untruth… but this article is not about that.

Anyway, this morning I was paying attention to the dynamic between the world and me… to the attitudes and feelings of critters around, small and big, and I saw something that shook me up a bit.
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