The Hiding Hand Principle or do you see enough reason to change?

which is the right path?I just read a book review by Malcolm Gladwell. I like to read his prose… He is easy to read, his writing has an easy flair, and his topics are interesting.

He writes about a man I have never heard about, Albert O. Hirschman, an economist, who I recognize myself in.

He is everything most people aren’t.

He said that you don’t need creativity unless something gets screwed up, and things don’t go as planned.

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Biting Microscopic Mites Spreading Across the World – The Pandora Bug

This post is a reprint of an article from 2005. I didn’t write it, I found it on the internet. It was the article that woke me up that the misery I was experiencing in my own sleepless nights was not unique to me: it was shared by billions of people who are not as aware as myself, yet they suffer.

Since then I made great strides in distinguishing and managing these bugs. I also share my experiences with a small community of like-minded sufferers on my membership site at The goal: eliminate and beat these bugs at their own game. Possible? I don’t know. Mandatory? I say so.

Update: it seems that I have found the way to manage these things and keep their population down to the number you pick up in the street, in public transportation, at work… Because don’t be mistaken, one third of humanity are carriers. It’s taken me thousand of days and thousands of dollars…

I will form a testing group to see what form people need to get what is needed so they will do what they need to do… It won’t be free. You want free and untrue and unhelpful advice? go and join the number of online forums. This solution is tried and true, but in the hands of freebie seekers it will lose its value, so I am not giving it away.

Humanity will go out of existence if we don’t stop this epidemic, if we don’t take back control. 1

CDC is not interested, doctors don’t believe you, so this has to be a grass roots movement. OK, here is the article that woke me up. The author of this article is Dutch, and a world traveler. A big thank you to him… from all of us.
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You don’t care… then why should I?

Finally, after seven months on the war path, two weeks ago I found the solution to get rid of all three near microscopic biting mites… (including what causes the mysterious Morgellons) and to my surprise, suddenly, at the same time, my whole attitude changed with regards to working.

Suddenly, I went from working bee… to “I did not want to work any more.” I just wanted to read, play, watch Netflix. I didn’t even want to write any articles any more.

WTF, right?

So yesterday I sat down and had a heart to heart with Source, through questions, of course.
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You can’t get rid of pests… but you can manage them

What do I know about eliminating pests?

A few years ago, all of a sudden, there were tons of flies in my house. I am not sure how it happened, but it was a real pain.

Picking them off with a fly swatter, one by one, was “good fun” but not very effective.

I did a lot of reading, and found that

  1. you can’t eliminate flies
  2. you can manage flies

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What is all-of-it like? benevolent and disinterested? angry and frustrated?

angry antromorphic godI had the most peculiar experience today that forever changed my relationship to Source.

I have been muscle testing everything, and the results have been erratic, and even my name came out as no: Is my name Sophie? No.

That phenomenon is called “turned” when what means “no” become what normally means “yes”.

There is a way to turn oneself back… so no worries.

This “turning” has been becoming more and more frequent, so today I asked the question…
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Raise your vibration. What should be your first steps?

You want to raise your vibration? Don’t know how to do it?

I talk to at least ten of you, readers, every day, through email. The question is always: but what do I do to raise my vibration?

The answer, when I give it to most of you, goes right over your head. We are like two trains passing each other in the night… I am not getting through to most you and therefore I can’t make a difference for you. But why is that?

This is what this article is about… so read it, and read it a few times, until it’s crystal clear.
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Musings: muscle testing, mites, odds and ends


I woke up this morning with despair in my heart. My life looked hopeless, not a ray of light. I started to plan what I needed to do to get my affairs in order… because living with no hope is worse than dying.

Although I was doing it, I was feeling it, I was doing that from my Observer position, so I wasn’t involved… and yet, I could see that it was hopeless…

I got lax and got re-infested with mites… and once you tasted freedom, slavery is intolerable… it effected me badly.
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You want to be smarter because you want to succeed? you are on the wrong track!

you can't get smart from a pillIt is still very clear: whenever I talk about getting smarter, I get a huge influx of visitors from people who have taken the bad advice this article will dispel…

I am here re-publishing an article by one of my favorite people, Roy H. Williams.

I am republishing it, instead of trying to paraphrase it, because the way he says it, I can feel, is from his personal experience. I am listening to it also as a student… I am not ready to declare it quite my own knowledge… Maybe yes, but until I totally live like that… well, I will just quote the ones that have it as a real knowledge… not mind knowledge… There are not many like that, by the way. Most people spout tree of knowledge b.s. as if it were their knowledge… Beware.

So here you go: this article is worth its weight in gold… through and through. Don’t miss it! My notes will be in the footnotes…
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For the “other” you are the enemy

do you think this is a game?Do you think this is a game?!

In the past five months I have taken all my senses, all my capacities inward, and to sensing and feeling.

The brain plasticity allows you to re-organize what you use to get valid information about your world, and I moved all my available capacities to inner and outer sensation.

You, on the other hand, have moved all your available capacities to the mind, where it intermingles with untruth… but this article is not about that.

Anyway, this morning I was paying attention to the dynamic between the world and me… to the attitudes and feelings of critters around, small and big, and I saw something that shook me up a bit.
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Why my niece died and other things worth your attention

People think that a mite infestation, especially the spider mite infestation is more a nuisance than anything.

After all what harm can these critters cause… no bacteria, no virus… no big deal.

But the truth is much more complicated, and much more dramatic than that.

The spider mites that live their whole life-cycle hidden from observation, have the visible stage: the nymph getting nutrients from the host.

A simple bite would harmful, would be painful, maybe it even would itch, but it probably wouldn’t kill you.

What kills you, and it does, that the nymph is attached to your skin, inner or outer, and its chemicals irritate the skin for days.

My niece died of cervical cancer.
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