Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?

In today’s article I am switching gears. We’ll be funny today…

Maybe even ha-ha funny.

Why this change of heart?

In the Starting Point Measurements there is a question: how inspirable are you and how inspired are you now? Continue reading “Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?”

Why some people can be trained while others can’t

In my starting point measurements there are a few measures that predict whether you can be trained or not.

I have found that two measures are most telling: the size of one’s ambition and the size of one’s rigidity.

  • Ambition is an interesting phenomenon:

Ambition needs you to have some kind of vision of a future you are working towards. In my experience, this measure needs to be higher than 10%, and the higher it is, the more likely you’ll do what it takes to be trained. Continue reading “Why some people can be trained while others can’t”