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Are you a sucker? You most certainly are…

I just got an email from Bill Harris of Holosync fame... A man I despise. He is hawking a book and a woman called Dawn Clark, who wrote a book that is right up my alley: change your dna something or another to make money. 1

So I went to the Dawn Clark's site, watched her on a video, listened to her voice, and here is my "review": the woman's vibration is 100. The truth value of she says is 1%, so 99% is a lie.

She is talking about stuff she knows nothing about.

If and when you are a fraud, you make your success with teaching people stuff you cannot do. Don't want to do. Have never done.

You make your followers, buyers into suckers. Continue reading "Are you a sucker? You most certainly are…"

What is the vibrational frequency of money? And how do you match it so you can have lots of money? Republished

the vibration of moneySo you want more money. That is why you are asking about the vibrational frequency of money. Because you read somewhere that like attracts like, and if you could become like money, you could attract money. Right?

What you read is b.s. Someone was trying to sell you something.

Money is an exchange value. Unless you have some value to trade for it, value for the buyer, money isn't going to be exchanged.

Of course if you are employing the lottery approach to life, you want to win money, find money, then you are at the wrong place: I teach people here to have more value to trade, to be worth a damn so they can do more, be more contribute more. Earn more.

The vibration of money, the smell of money, the color of money have nothing to do with it. Their vibration, on the other hand, is a good predictor how much money they will make.

The higher vibrational frequency you have, and it's a number, the higher earning power you have.

I measure this number. And to help people to see where and what they need to focus on, i.e. what's missing so their vibration gets higher, I provide and measure a whole slew of number, called the Starting Point Measurements.

Because just knowing one number is quite useless... you have no idea how to raise it from just one number. Continue reading "What is the vibrational frequency of money? And how do you match it so you can have lots of money? Republished"

Success? Failure? The difference between success and failure: it’s how you look at it.

As I am working to strengthen the integrity of my site (slow going and a lot of mundane work) I re-read some of my earlier articles, and I am amazed how good they are.

I wish I could just take a metaphorical funnel and pour them all in your brain... But...

You probably would not be able to use any of it.

Anything you don't earn, or you don't feel your earned will be rejected by your higher self...

At some period in my life I wrote articles about strippers and strip clubs, and was stupefied by the strippers' behavior. They earned their money in a way that their higher self did not condone, so they had to get rid of all their money, and fast.

Some, where this inner conflict didn't exist, invested their money and became rich.

Life, money, success, failure is how you look at it.

This is what this article is about... Continue reading "Success? Failure? The difference between success and failure: it’s how you look at it."

People Who Are Good At Recognizing Emotions Make More Money

Everybody writes about recognizing other people's emotions, or recognizing your own emotions... but that is talking about the 14th floor in a building that stands in thin air... They write about what they know... because no one knows there is a missing 13th floor, because the science isn't built for the 13th floor, or not quite. It has begun by a nobody in Hungary... And the science is valid. 2

The 13th floor is the floor of feelings. And the whole world of feelings we have been discouraged to explore, no one teaches it, because a person who is grounded in their feelings cannot be duped, cannot be enslaved, cannot be used.

And a person who is grounded in their feelings and build their 14th floor and 15th floor on top of that well-developed foundation is rich without being a slave to money, enjoys life without being a slave to pleasure, loves their family without being a slave to the family, and is a contributing member of society, without being enslaved to society.

A person whose 13th floor is not built out cannot be happy, no matter how much they talk about the good life. Continue reading "People Who Are Good At Recognizing Emotions Make More Money"

Where is the Value? Money Series Part 3 Republished

value vs price

Value 3 is in the eye of the buyer

I have had a great day. In a conversation with Sarah I started to see what are some of the things you need help with.

It's become clear that creating an inventory is going to be difficult for you, so I am going to create detailed instructions to help you with that.

The second thing is this: In every interaction when you are operating from your own vantage point, you and your partner are like two trains passing each other in the dark.

What do I mean?

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Spiritual work: money

you are not done yetIn this article, I demonstrate what spiritual work is, through doing my own spiritual work... something I haven't done, something that isn't completed, but only started in this article.

What is money for you? Pennies? Dollars? numbers in the bank?

I caught myself this morning.

I, somewhere along the line, decided that money is coins.

As a kid, I collected coins in a wooden container. I stole coins from my parents' coat pockets. I picked up coins from the dirt.

I felt rich. My brother envied me. The older brother I was in love with...

My mother called me a whore when I was three... and I associated it with money. Getting money.

My relationship to my parents could be told in the context of money.
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7 steps to create ease and grace about making money?

dont-should-on-yourselfWhat does it take to have, make, save, invest, and spend money in a way that you end up enjoying it, benefiting from it, being enriched by money?

Before we can talk about money, we need to define what we mean by abundance... Abundance is a being that says: All is well with the world. Abundance is also an experience.

I don't know anyone who lives in abundance, although all of us have experienced abundance for moments, minutes, hours... sometimes even days. Don't kid yourself, rich people don't live in abundance... every person I have ever checked, had some version of anxiety in them.

And yet... abundance is our birthright... we are hardwired for abundance. But because...
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The path to growth, spiritually, vibrationally, financially, emotionally

i-can-do-it-babyNobody likes to be wrong. Nobody likes to strike out.

But real world examples show that winners are wrong a lot, and winners, champions, strike out a lot.

One of my spiritual practices is to strengthen my invented self: "I am someone who can."

My soul correction is that I know everything... what that covers up is that I believe I can't...

So the other spiritual practice is to strengthen my invented self: "I don't know."

Of course, when you don't know, the MIND thinks that you also can't. The other jump the mind makes is that when you make a mistake, when you make a wrong turn, when you strike out, then it means that you can't...

For my soul correction everything wants to mean: I can't.
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Updated: Your Money And Your Higher Vibrational Frequency: What Is The Connection?

your money and your higher vibration

Your Money

I wrote this article four years ago. To my surprise I had little to update. Here you go

One of the major issues people, you, deal with is money. You want more of it.

Let me share my personal situation with you: I dropped my car off at the shop on Wednesday. I heard some noises, and the car didn't like me to turn as much as it used to.

At 4 pm I got a call that the repairs will cost 3,000 dollars. Wow. I don't have that kind of money lying around. I went into a familiar mode: worry... but I saw that it is useless, so I pulled out of it.

I kicked it around in my head, then called a friend to have someone listen.

I saw that I had two sources of potential revenue that I could activate with just a few emails.

I sent out an email offering a discount on one of my products, but I botched up the email: I got angry emails back, and almost no money. Oops. Let's look before we leap, OK? I told myself. This is where I am at now, and writing this article is designed for myself as much as for you: to force thinking. Let's begin, OK?

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