Freddie Mercury, Anne, Me… About Death And Dying

Freddie Mercury, Anne, Me… About Death And Dying, About Shedding The False Self: A Series Of Small Deaths.

I am not a pop music aficionado, but I went to check out Freddie Mercury because my horoscope by Rob Brezsny recommended that I be like him. Continue reading “Freddie Mercury, Anne, Me… About Death And Dying”

Have you chosen being at the mercy of luck?

An entrepreneur is someone who takes their lives in their own hands…

…instead of expecting someone else to do most of what is needed for them: give them a job, a livelihood, tell them what to do, what to think, etc. Continue reading “Have you chosen being at the mercy of luck?”

Your complaints: What is the source of your misery?

paradise lost your complaintsI have been pondering a student’s email all morning.

Today I was observing as the machine isn’t interested in going through a process to win: it prefers winging it… Go directly to the top, or zig-zag… with no rhyme and reason.

And then… suddenly, uninvited, a series of connected memories surfaced.

The the captivating story of a 13 year old killing his abusive father, becoming a cross-dresser… pondering if homosexuality is genetic, or imprinted (brain plasticity). I think about the Royals’ sexual behavior. I think about the beautiful enchantress becoming pockmarked from smallpox… to yet another movie’s heroine, face marred with smallpox… rejected by many, and accepted by the one she loved.

And at that I cried.

The insight: the crying, came from a ‘wrong’ I experienced as a child. Continue reading “Your complaints: What is the source of your misery?”

Getting the job done… what is mine to do?

getting the job doneI had an incident today… an incident with amazing guidance.

I bought a pack of stories to enliven my articles and my emails. There was an upsell… inexpensive, and something that teaches something I need.

I muscletested if I should buy it. The test said ‘no’. Is it because I don’t need it? yes. And then it occurred to me: ‘I have everything I need to get the job done‘… wow.

I heard and learned that sentence back in 1976… and it worked like gangbusters then. Continue reading “Getting the job done… what is mine to do?”

Confession Video?

dance is divine. live your life like a danceYesterday I was on a zoom training with a known videographer. He gave an assignment to us, participants, to make a five-minute ‘confession video’ of why we do what we do, being vulnerable, authentic, and firm in the declaration of the intention for what we do. Each their own… not as a group.

The call was in the evening, so I spent all my dreams pondering where was the point where I became who I am today… and what furnace did I come through to be that…

I participated in Landmark (formerly est training) for 26 years when I first decided that maybe it is my job to take Landmark’s teaching further.

I had offered myself to Landmark and was rejected several times. They needed straight delivery people, not thinkers. In spite of the rejections I never lost the confidence that I have what it takes to take Landmark’s work further, make it more accessible and more implementable, so it could make more difference in people’s results and sense of self.

But where was the turning point, where was the hero’s journey? Continue reading “Confession Video?”

The Inner Authority that you don’t have but could…

inner authorityIt’s been stormy here. Lots of rain. The other night a warning went out: a tornado was poised to touch down in Central New York: not a tornado area.


Nothing is wrong: as long as reality works the way reality works, all is well… even if it rains on your parade, even if you hate doing your morning walk trudging through mud, even if you are not prepared like I wasn’t. Continue reading “The Inner Authority that you don’t have but could…”

Thou Shall Prosper: Money comes to you via people

expand your networkThe Second commandment of Prosperity: Extend the Network of Your Connectedness to Many People…

Before I continue on why and how your relationships are probably the most important component in making money… let’s look at the difference between rich and prosperous.

Prosperous is not only a state where you have abundance of stuff, it is also a sense that you are growing, expanding, getting more from life than if you weren’t prosperous, regardless of the money aspect.

Stagnant, not growing, doesn’t delight the soul.

Some 35 years ago I heard a profound interview where the interviewee said that only when someone looks at the future and sees growth that they experience themselves rich, while stagnation fills the heart with fear, anxiety, and a whiff of death.

When you just want to make money you are missing this important distinction.

Here are two quotes: Continue reading “Thou Shall Prosper: Money comes to you via people”

Jordan Peterson: needy pathetic figure or a genius?

jordan peterson needy and brilliantI watched Jordan Peterson interviews for hours the other day.

On one hand he was brilliant, on the other hand he was pathetic.

The occasion for the lots of interviews is: he just published yet another book, another 12 laws… I haven’t read.

This was, from my vantage point, his first interview after his crash, so I was curious.

What is this brilliant/pathetic combination?

Continue reading “Jordan Peterson: needy pathetic figure or a genius?”

Are you tired or are you weak? Revealing the root cause…

Are you tired or are you weak?

I am starting to see why my students loved me, rallied for me back in 2012-2013-2014…

It’d been puzzling me… what did I do differently then?

Today I saw it.

I had a private call with a brand new client from Australia, and it was a video call on zoom (don’t ask… first time zoom user myself!) so I could see her, and the changes the conversation was creating in her. Continue reading “Are you tired or are you weak? Revealing the root cause…”

What is the difference between efforting, trying, forcing and certainty?

effortingNo Efforting **

Efforting describes times that you are not in the flow of either your  business or your personal life. It’s when you are slugging through the day and dreading tasks that you don’t feel connected with. It’s when you are pushing yourself to do things that you aren’t ‘feeling’. It’s the Have To list of life…

Yesterday in the core group meeting, that happened to be also our Getting Guidance from our Future Self, something magical and very educational thing happened. Continue reading “What is the difference between efforting, trying, forcing and certainty?”