Can you trust yourself? No, not yet… You need a Paradigm Shift: Own what owns you

paradigm shiftI get affirmation from wherever, when I am on the right path… here it goes: I just finished this article, and here is my Rob Brezsny horoscope…

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Burrow down as deep as you dare, Virgo. Give yourself pep talks as you descend toward the gritty core of every matter. Feel your way into the underground, where the roots meet the foundations. It’s time for you to explore the mysteries that are usually beneath your conscious awareness. You have a mandate to reacquaint yourself with where you came from and how you got to where you are now.

Make it yours… if you have the courage… So you can become free. The process is more intricate than Rob Brezsny indicates, but it is also more rewarding.

OK, onto the actual article…

I have this very interesting and troubling insight:

People want to learn to act from their inner authority without ever finding out the bad news about themselves:

…who they have been being, that “told” them to do all the things that made their lives not work, or not work as well as it could. Continue reading “Can you trust yourself? No, not yet… You need a Paradigm Shift: Own what owns you”

Lack of purpose? lack of meaning? how to find? it is a lifesaver

One of the things all humans crave is consistency and stability. And, or course, if you live a life outside of a cage, outside of a managed care facility, those are hard to come by.

The only constant in reality is change… constant, maddening change. As soon as you get used to a new thing… the next new thing comes…

And humans don’t adjust well to change, don’t want change, don’t like change.

Don’t do well with change…

One of my students… they may have to move back to California…

I’m flailing with my emotions at the moment and being swept away by the ever changing circumstances of my daily life. I need an anchor. Your input would be great. Thank you.

and another student, not being able to get a job: Continue reading “Lack of purpose? lack of meaning? how to find? it is a lifesaver”

Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather

make your plane go where you want it to goI have been “harping” on this with my students: hear the principle first, and then hear the rest…

If I asked you (Cinderella) to separate the wheat from the chaff… what would you do first? If you are like me, you first find out what is the difference… in looks, in weight, and then start separating them accordingly.

I even used to use this capacity (oh, forgot to say, it’s a capacity!) to hire or not hire someone to work with me. I would ask someone to separate a pile of things by their category…

For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always

Universally missing capacity… I found out.  The underlying capacity can be said with these words: be able to tell the forest for the trees. Continue reading “Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather”

I Misunderstood…

I wrote this article a few days ago…

Yesterday I fell and hurt myself… so i am pecking out this preamble with my right index finger… taking forever. And there are possibly typos…

I may have to do audios until i can use me left hand…

When you have a strong enough latticework of things you know, you have experienced, you have believed, almost any substantial article or conversation will be an answer to your prayers.

You remember: when something isn’t working there is something you don’t know, something you don’t see, or something you misunderstood.

I read today a long article on The Guardian website, saying, in essence: By gaining greater knowledge of how others think, we can become less certain of the knowledge we think we have, which is always the first step to greater understanding. Continue reading “I Misunderstood…”

Men, women, different issues to deal with

Men and women are supposedly the same species, but I have my doubts.

So, as you might have noticed, I often treat them as separate and distinct species.

I am doing this only for the second time: I have decided to have a separate Playground Program for men and women. Continue reading “Men, women, different issues to deal with”

Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked? Can you be coached?

Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked?

or “Coaching and your ambition number…”

There are two main widely diverging schools of coaching that I can see.

  • One is like a cheerleader or motivator… the coach is trying to get water from a rock…
  • The other, the coaching I practice, is very different.

The principle of the second type of coaching: you can only coach someone who is in action. You can redirect them… but they have to be in movement. It is not my job or responsibility to get you into movement. Continue reading “Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked? Can you be coached?”

Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds so transformational!

Being a coach is easy if you have no idea what they are doing, because you have never done it.

You just do what everyone else does, and hope for the best.

A “normal” coach only knows what they learned. Tree of Knowledge. Not worthless, but not authentic.

Most coaches have a mixed bag: they did some things, and learned others.

And a master coach is someone who not only has done it, but has done it successfully… and has produced success. Continue reading “Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds so transformational!”

Reframing: State change: Changing your emotional state

Frame: state change. Causing yourself or another to change their emotional state, aka attitude.

The myth of “IS”

One of the invisible tools the memes use, the memes that keep us trapped and unable to take control of our lives is to spew “is” on us.

OK, that was a long sentence. let me see if I can reword it. The memes freeze us into a life where we have no power. It is in the wording. The freezing power comes from the wording.

We have spoken about the having to, needing to, wanting to, and should… these are a group of tools the memes use to rob us of our own power, and render us puppets.

The tool that renders us powerless to change is the improper use of “is”.

  • Whenever you feel you need to change, this meme tool is at work.
  • Whenever you point a blaming finger at yourself, at the world, or at others, this meme tool is at work.
  • It is under learned helplessness. It is under resignation, cynicism, and unless you learn to recognize it, you’ll fight it… like Don Quixote was fighting the windmills. No chance to win.

Continue reading “Reframing: State change: Changing your emotional state”

The Matrix… one method of the Matrix is confusion…

Just for clarification: the Matrix is the same as the Chicken Coop in the novel, White Tiger…

As a mad scientist, my job is to distinguish the “things” that are in your way of direction, in your way of clarity, and to devise ways for you to go around them or through them. 1

One tool that has proven invaluable is isolation. Isolating what you want to see. Seeing it by itself. So you can see it for what it is, in all its glory…

In nature, to our eyes, things are grouped, things are undifferentiated and solid.

Your language supports that too… everything is the same as everything else, except not always. 2 That is how we see. We don’t see boundaries, we don’t separate out what we want to see, we always see things together. We say: it IS… but there is no “it” and therefore there is no “is”. If we said: It seems that … then we would be closer to reality… but we don’t say that. That would require humility.
Continue reading “The Matrix… one method of the Matrix is confusion…”

What if getting unstuck is a formula? or How to be a Houdini?

stuck... really stuckYou are nearly always stuck. You may not notice, because you are not rocking the boat, shaking the tree, you are not trying for more, better or different, you are sleepwalking.

When I say “you” I mean, you, me, everyone.

And I am sleepwalking too, but at least some of the time I am conscious of it.

Now… where is this going… right? Do you have to say something, Sophie? yes, I do.

Yesterday was one of those “trouble comes in three’s…” day.

My landlord said something that scared the bejesus out of me… it looks he wants me to move, or else. One of my students got mad at me and quit. And it looked I was on my own getting groceries… the store is far… and the groceries are heavy.

So I saw that regardless of my normally quiet mind, sleep was largely out of question. So I read thill 12:30, and got up at five. And sat down to work.

It, life, my life, looked hopeless. I felt stuck. It felt real. Continue reading “What if getting unstuck is a formula? or How to be a Houdini?”