Why do you need humility to learn anything? Skills, habits

learning and humilityLearning is humbling. Especially humbling is learning about yourself, and learning about your need to change.

You have a Precious ‘I’. Whether you believe it or not, whether you know it or not, the precious ‘I’ is in every single person.

And your precious I wants to have and retain the self-image unchanged, the self-image that says you know everything. That you are the center of the Universe. You are special. And it wants to keep the self-image where it is superior. Where you are, therefore, OK. Continue reading “Why do you need humility to learn anything? Skills, habits”

It’s Tuesday… it’s garbage day on my street…

It’s not communism or socialism that is the enemy of freedom and prosperity. It is authoritarian systems.

Authoritarianism=my way of the highway.

I have lived in socialism. People may be lazy there, but creativity, thinking differently, individuality, ability and productiveness is not penalized… Maybe Russia was different. I lived in Hungary.

At this point Hungary’s system is really kleptocracy… stealing power, stealing stuff, stealing rights, stealing freedoms. We are seeing that in the USA happening… I hear that they are copying Hungary, a tiny country in the middle of Europe.

But in authoritarian systems who is calling the shots are the freeloaders. The looters, the moochers, the people who want something for nothing. The enemies of thinking, the enemies of originality, the enemies of production. Continue reading “It’s Tuesday… it’s garbage day on my street…”

How to change your view of life so you can change your life

What you see is what gives you your attitude and your actions in life.

So if we can change what you see, we can help you change your life.

I love the analogy of the winding mountain pass where an unsuspecting motorist happens onto a car wreck in the middle of the two-lane road.

His options are to

  1. drive into the solid rock on the left,
  2. into the abyss on the right,
  3. into the wreck in the middle… or to
  4. slow down and drive around the wreck. Slowly.

Continue reading “How to change your view of life so you can change your life”

The organs weep the tears that the eyes refuse to shed

Reality and fiction, reality and fantasy, reality and dreaming are occasionally hard to tell apart.

I may dream that I am getting up and even getting to my office… only to discover that I am still in bed, under the covers… It felt so real

I am lucky it is only on cold mornings… Some people spend their lives on the border of dreaming and living. Continue reading “The organs weep the tears that the eyes refuse to shed”

I had been miserable for a few days till…

I had been miserable for a few days now…

So when this happens I pay attention.

Of course my attention is splintered: some of it goes into feeling sorry for myself, some of it to ‘fix’ the misery… or its seeming cause. and some of it to see what is REALLY going on.

I always say that if you can go through hell with your eyes open and with wide cone of vision, you are going to see what lead you there and what you can do to reduce the likelihood of going through hell again any time soon. Continue reading “I had been miserable for a few days till…”

Rebooting your brain, rebooting your life

Imagine this scenario: You look up your bank balance, see the number. And suddenly dread grabs your chest and you are off to panic-land.

You see that unless you start generating an income before the end of the month, you’ll be on the dole… at the mercy of others, at the mercy of social services… You’ve run out of money, and you have run out of time.

What do you do now? Continue reading “Rebooting your brain, rebooting your life”

How did the 1000 manage to become the 1000?

The book ‘The Art of Hunting Humans‘ calls them the Superiors.

The 1000 are the producers of the world… and believe it or not, they got there and stay there by CONSISTENTLY PRACTICING certain ways of being and behaving that are very different from how others behave. Continue reading “How did the 1000 manage to become the 1000?”

Prison Break… what is the prison? What holds you back?

Your prison has no walls… No fences. And yet you are not leaving. You know it well, and the devil you know is maybe better than the devil you don’t… But only maybe.

A good teacher’s fate is that some of the students will ‘fly’ higher than the teacher ever would… Continue reading “Prison Break… what is the prison? What holds you back?”

Positive thinking and learned helplessness

Why do I fight positive thinking, why am I trashing it?

This morning I got to a realization: the students who are not making strides, not moving higher on the evolutionary scale are the students that are confusing ‘there is nothing wrong in reality’ with positive thinking.

Positive thinking says: avoid negativity. Turn your back to it. Make up something nice to say about things you don’t like, don’t want. Continue reading “Positive thinking and learned helplessness”

What can make you, force you to come out of the cave?

It was 1979. I was 32 years old. The ambulance was using its blue lights and the siren to rush me to the hospital. Of course it was Sunday… no doctors…

X-ray… it wasn’t clear what was wrong. I was in and out of consciousness. Internal bleeding. Continue reading “What can make you, force you to come out of the cave?”