From Que Sera Sera, a meandering path to no regrets

I left Hungary 37 years ago. And yet, when I hum, half of the songs are Hungarian, from before I left there.

I trust that when a song pops into my head, it is some kind of guidance. So when the song that was somehow related to the Counter-revolution in 1956, Que sera sera sung in Hungarian, when that song popped into my mind, I said to myself: pay attention. What is it saying?

I was nine years old at the time, and I was puzzled why the song would be put on the black list... I still can't see why.

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You are always investing… Investing in things, investing in feelings, or investing in yourself

Some days I get a ton of offers for new marketing tools, and I get desirous... I want to buy, but then I ask Source: I muscle test if I should buy, and the answer is always "NO".

So I have been pondering what guides Source...

What investment is useful and for what? Is getting more visitors to my site useful? Not really, the return on investment is fragile... Having more visitors to my site won't forward my work, more visitors may put some pocket change in my pocket, but are they really interested in what I teach? Not that I can see...

Every minute of every day, every choice, ask the same question: is this for a temporary gain, or is this for a permanent gain. Is it for me, or is it for some circumstance I'd like?

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What if reality is malleable and Transformation proves Quantum Physics’ theory?

With the start of the new Playground group two weeks ago I am beginning to learn yet another wrinkles in human culture? psyche? that I hadn't encountered before.

Not accidentally, I think, the people with that different world view, different thinking, are from different cultures...

  • Wrinkle #1: If my behavior makes me unhappy towards unpleasant or disagreeable things, what I need to do is change my behavior
  • Wrinkle #2: If what I am saying and how I am saying it is not reality, not real, then I must change what I am saying, but still say the same thing, but differently.
  • Wrinkle #3: If reality changed then what would also change is what is true! Oh no! Truth must remain truth! Baah!

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Become all you can become? Why? How? Aren’t you already all you can become?

Yesterday I spent about four hours listening to Jordan Peterson. The material I listened to was a truth value of 30%... not bad.

In some ways Jordan Peterson, the teacher, and I, the teacher, deal with the same things: people don't see why they should learn.

Many reasons, I see, but one of them is fundamental, and also invisible, meaning it is an invisible part of reality, the part that is below the sea level of the iceberg. It's not hidden, as one of my students says... although Werner calls the process that makes it visible "unconcealing" suggesting that it is concealed, which is another word for hidden.

According to Kabbalah, 90% of reality is also hidden, so maybe I should call it hidden... but I prefer invisible... sue me if you don't like it. Continue reading "Become all you can become? Why? How? Aren’t you already all you can become?"

Capacities, distinctions, intelligence, and success in life: strong correlation.

Let's start with debunking the current world view, that intelligence is inborn. We are all born tabula raza... a blank slate.

Your intelligence depends on the number of large chunks, neural connections permanently formed in your brain firing together automatically. Those chunks are created in learning.

Reality has two parts: the visible reality, the part that can be perceived by anyone, and the invisible reality that is governed by the invisible dynamics... that you actually need to learn to see.

The invisible reality is an iceberg: the visible part provides clues for the invisible part: that there is something invisible yet real. Depending on how you look at the visible part, through what vantage point, you are going to see different aspects of the invisible. One of the ways, one of the vantage points to look through is the learning to learn course.

The principle of intelligence is: the more problem solving chunks your brain has, i.e. the more neural connections you have, or speaking in transformational technology terms: the more distinctions you have, the more difficult problems you can solve.

Life is full of difficult problems that you can either solve or you suffer. The most pain comes from other people.

When I measure how many spiritual capacities you have active in your DNA, the correlation between the number of spiritual capacities, the number of distinctions, and success in life is obvious, although the why isn't quite obvious... yet.

What qualifies a "spiritual" teacher to teach, is that they are one step ahead of their students, one lesson...

At least that is what I thought until this morning.

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Learning to Learn on

Learning to Learn on, the missing piece of the puzzle, especially if you combine it with the Playground: the partner calls, and the skill learning challenge.

I've completed the first two weeks of study on coursera, with 99% effectiveness measured by the tests: only two mistakes total.. But did I learn the material?

Why didn't I take a whole week to do a week's worth of study?

I am like a person who after weeks lost in the desert, finds good drinking water... Hungry, thirsty, excited. Continue reading "Learning to Learn on"

The straitjacket of your identity

The identity you invented is preventing you from living the life you want

What identity? you ask.

That person you deeply believe that you are. The good person, the helpful person, the nice person...

Or the superman
Or the intelligent, well spoken person
Or the smart person...
Or the humble person...

But there are questions, because those same identity traits are at the root of some of your complaints, so there is a disharmony somewhere. Continue reading "The straitjacket of your identity"

3 reasons you aren’t doing what you say you will do

You can learn nearly anything on the internet if you know how to learn.

And yet, if you look, people don't learn much, don't do much, and the momentary excitement, the big promises die almost as fast as they were born, leaving the promiser frustrated, and puzzled why they can't keep their word, and actually do what they said they would do. Continue reading "3 reasons you aren’t doing what you say you will do"

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got…

The culture of Approximately

It's taken millions, maybe even billions of years to evolve into a species that is 99% corrupted into believing that to get something it is enough to wish to.

For me this was invisible for a long time...

The first glimpse I got was when I first heard about satsang... a group of devotees sitting around a dude or dudette and attempt to absorb their whatever... vibration, peace, knowledge... all things that you cannot fully absorb, because they need to be worked for.

My parents weren't wearing those distorting glasses. Continue reading "Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got…"

Indulging in emotions and thoughts is the favorite pastime of the unproductive

I measure this in the Starting Point Measurements. The measure is called: "To what degree you honor your emotions as reality?"

Emotions are like the hood ornament, the painted decorations, the wheel whatever shiny things on a car. They have nothing to do with where the car is going, how the car is driving, the only things that matter.

And yet, when you observe people, they hang out there, and their life passes them by. Continue reading "Indulging in emotions and thoughts is the favorite pastime of the unproductive"