What is the definition of enlightenment? What is an outlined path towards achieving it?


Great stuff I want you to read. I found this on Quora

When you read all the comments (there are tons of them) you can see how much tree of knowledge there is out there, wishful thinking, hoping that there is no work in becoming enlightened.

I think that if you are hoping to lighten your load, and start soaring, you have come to the right place.
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I offered to muscle test your favorite teachers and gurus


Where is the world of famous teachers and gurus with regards to causing spirituality in the world?

I sent out an email to my subscribers yesterday, offering them a rare opportunity to have their favorite teachers' vibrations measured.

Judging from the number of requests where the requester could have found my reading on my site, I got, that doing work, any work, is not what people do, they want something to get... without work.

I suspected that was the case, but now I am sure.

Why does this matter? Because to raise your consciousness, to raise your vibration, to live a life without the misery you now experience, you need to do work, and a lot of work at that...
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The Edison of Transformation


From time to time I need to re-invent myself. Why? Because I get a "message" from beyond that, in a way, demands that I do some work and re-invent myself.

How do these messages come?

For the past year all the messages come in dreams. Nightmares, to be exact. It takes me, for the most part, quite a few repetitions to get that there is a message.
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Lower self to higher self, lower consciousness to higher consciousness, crawling to soaring


Knowing, being, causing, or being the victim of things.

In the Bible the verb "know" meant: knowing intimately. In bed, as a matter of fact. Or in hay... lol.

Today knowing means, for most people, is that their mind has heard about it. We are growing backwards.

Knowledge is power, information is poison. Why it's poison? Because it fills you up, and you are never hungry for real anything... the poison, the make believe, the fake fills you up.

What the heck am I talking about?
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Panache Desai’s Soul Signature… Dissolving Density Programs and why they don’t work


Any program that talks to your mind, the automatic thinking mind, is doomed to fail. But first it will titillate, soothe, much like a lullaby of a mother.

Why cannot they change you, and actually move you up where your soul wants to go?

Because you are stuck on low levels, young levels, and to unstuck you from there requires work... work that may not be pleasant, but unless it's done, you are stuck forever.

The teachers you follow, the teachers whose products you buy, have one thing in common: they can sell ice to an Eskimo.

And you, who buys their product: you have one thing in common: you hope that life is going to be easy, and that by some miraculous way you can wish yourself out of the deep hole you live in.
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Happiness is simple, attainable, but…


I first experienced this when I was an architect in Israel.

I had a commission to design a two-family home. The relationship between the clients and myself became strained as soon as I was ready with the design: immediately they showed me who is the boss... they knew everything about designing, and building, and everything, without ever having to go to school for it.

Eventually I left architecture, because I thought that it was the only area where people considered themselves an expert regardless of their knowledge, experience, or licensing.

Turns out that this is the direction the world is going: fancying oneself expert without work

When, occasionally, I visit a website where people talk about their dreams and aspirations, like Mary Morrissey's dream launch page, I see that every Mary, Tom and Harry wants to be a healer, a nutritional counselor, a coach.
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The secret method to instantly change life


Context is like meaning... it is not part of what it is referring to, it is added to it, by a human. And if it is added, then you have a lot of freedom about it: if you can see, that is.

Most people can't see the forest for the trees... so if you are like that, you won't see context, until you look deeper. Beyond the obvious. Beyond your automatic. Beyond your machine-like, conditioned, pre-determined ways.

Why context is decisive, and what it decides if it is so decisive

I have been repeating and repeating this idea, that context is decisive. Finally, yesterday, I managed to get it through, or so it seemed, on the Playground.

Context is the hidden part of everything, the hidden agenda. Everyone has hidden agendas, some more than others, some time more than other times.
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Are you good? Are you bad?


Our last Playground, earlier today, was on the topic of "good/bad."

It's a great topic. Why? Because you are limited by that, good and bad, more than most any other adjective: you want to be good, you need to be good, you pretend to be good, you fancy yourself as a good person, you sell your soul to be thought of as good. God will let you into heaven if you are good... you go to hell if you are bad... blah, blah, blah. Lots of greed, lots of suffering around good and bad.

As a foreigner I watch it with fascination. Good and bad is worn like a uniform, covering up a ton of anxiety.
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You live in a machine and you feed the machine, unwittingly


Every single human (and to a certain degree lots of animals) has automatic ways of being, that could be called a machine, because their behavior is predictable, it is machine-like. Push a button and outcomes the same result, every time.

Every person I know is, more or less, an emotional wreck... a thinly disguised heap of upsets, fears, anxieties, and other very unpleasant feelings. As an empath I see the disguise and feel the truth.

The gap between what you'd like to be, calm, collected, smart, graceful, close, intimate, effective, important, creative, productive, etc. and the reality, the truth: you are bogged down by bad feelings, bad thoughts, doubts, insecurities, fears... stuck, stuck, stuck. In survival mode alternating with sudden bursts of inspiration, hope, etc.

The people who visit this site can be divided to two distinct groups:
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With great power comes great responsibility


With great power comes great responsibility... Yeah, I know, sounds really boastful when you think I am saying it to myself... right?

But truth be told, not owning your power is more damaging to you than standing up and declaring it for all to hear.

Withholding it destroys you from the inside, declaring may get you burned on the stake... I prefer the stake, thank you very much.

I am as fearful and as cowardly as most, with one difference, maybe. I HATE slow and long, extended suffering.

Back in 1979, during my stay in a psychiatric ward, I decided that I'd rather get suddenly terrified, surprised, unprepared, and scared to death, than spend the rest of my life in low burning fear, worry, and anxiety.
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