Imagination, attention, will – exercises to become a fully equipped human being

This is a 7 years old recording of a drill session... where I am training people to distinguish between mind actions, brain actions, how to know if you are coming from your mind, if you are forcing, etc.


How Can This Simple Exercise Be The Ticket To Happiness? To Achievement? To Passion?

I wrote this article more than four years ago. I assigned this simple exercise to about a hundred people, and to my dismay, all failed.

I discovered two days ago why... and now I can start teaching it again, and see if it is a lack of capacity, or a lack of intention that causes the failure.

Why am I so persistent in teaching something no one wants to do? Because, as you'll find out, it is both a test and a spiritual practice that can take you to beingness, the dominion of heaven. I'll add what I have newly discovered where it is needed, in italics and in the footnotes, below the article.

In this article I introduce a simple exercise that if you are willing to do, consistently, you will be able to accomplish a whole lot, probably more than any meditation program by itself. It does two things:

    • it takes you out of your head (what other exercise does that? Heh?) My bad: it turned out that getting out of your head requires a capacity in your DNA to be turned on, and most people don't have it turned on... I can turn on the capacity for you. I also have a recorded workshop to teach you all the intricacies of that capacity: that capacity is the gatekeeper between being a human and being a human being. Available only this week...

      The Detached workshop teaches you to step back

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Are you REALLY procrastinating? Podcast

In this podcast episode I spend 90 minutes to disappear all your misconceptions about what is procrastination and return you to sanity.

Religion, the law of attraction, positive thinking… and what it is like to be me

I have thousands of audios I can put on my podcast list. Some good, others even better.

This is one of the most profound audios where I dig deep into religion, religious world view, and how it stands in your way to become all you can be.

Worth a thorough listen, even though it doesn't talk much about the hidden dimension of reality, or racket...

An interesting recording from 2012… why does your life feel empty?

As I am teaching the invisible dynamics, I go every day and dig up older recordings...

This one is brilliant. It deals with the complaint activated dynamic, called racket. But the racket in this recording is "special"... it points to why your life is so empty, and why, it seems, nothing that you do fills it up with life...

Alive Inside

I have been going to Senior exercise classes for two years now, and my life has a high point every week: the exercise class.

I just watched a documentary and I found out why. The documentary is introducing music through personal headphones and ipods to people with Alzheimer's and dementia, showing that they come alive, and their memories, at least temporarily, return, and with it their sense of being a person, and joy.

I live in silence... and dance at the exercise class. I don't have a radio, don't have a TV, so I don't listen to music, but when I accidentally do... I party. I celebrate... OK, too much information? ok... I shut up.

Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather

make your plane go where you want it to goI have been "harping" on this with my students: hear the principle first, and then hear the rest...

If I asked you (Cinderella) to separate the wheat from the chaff... what would you do first? If you are like me, you first find out what is the difference... in looks, in weight, and then start separating them accordingly.

I even used to use this capacity (oh, forgot to say, it's a capacity!) to hire or not hire someone to work with me. I would ask someone to separate a pile of things by their category...

For you Everything is the same as everything else ... except not always

Universally missing capacity... I found out.  The underlying capacity can be said with these words: be able to tell the forest for the trees. Continue reading "Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather"

What can a one-track pony teach you?

I have been, I am just noticing, making myself miserable.

What got me out of that direction down to desperation, ultimately, a Carlos Castaneda 1 quote: Continue reading "What can a one-track pony teach you?"

If you find yourself falling back to where you started…

Like any mad scientist, I always keep looking to move closer to the horizon that recedes as I am getting closer to it. It seems I am almost there...

But... there is always some boulder is blocking my way.

So what do you do with that boulder in your way?

My answer is quite counter-cultural. I say: you have that boulder there because you need to get familiar, maybe even intimate with it so it will let you continue on your path.

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Are Psychopaths happy?

It seems that the notion of predatory genes has stirred up some turmoil... and questions.

  • Some were arguing that it doesn't make sense that I carry no predatory genes: i seem to you aggressive.
  • Some were worried that their lack of success is from their lack of predatory genes.
  • Some were sure Jews had many predatory genes. Why else would they be so successful!

Want to know how many predatory genes you have? I can measure it for you...

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