Communication: Access to Power… Create with your WORD

my word is my bondWe had our last What's Missing workshop for the season yesterday.

What a learning experience it was! Again.

I found out that unbeknownst to me I was still hesitant to believe that I am going to live, that I am not on borrowed time, that if I save money, I'll have a chance to use it.

This, under the conscious awareness issue has been running my life for 72 years... I have never been able to save any real money... and now I see why. It is time to begin to manage this... so I can actually buy a car, now that I can drive again.

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You don’t love yourself. You don’t respect yourself. How could you?

you don't love yourselfA little understood aspect of integrity that screws up your integrity...

Integrity is between you and you. There are things you do with other people, but integrity is an inside job... if you don't like what you did, if you don't think you did a good job, it doesn't matter what other people think... you are not happy with yourself.

And so far so good, most anyone can get that... but the story doesn't end here.

Sometimes you do everything you said you would do, you do it on time, you did it complete and thorough, and yet you are not happy with yourself.

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Where attention goes, energy flows… but can you direct your attention by your thoughts?

I've read somewhere that we live in the age of attention. Everyone fights for your attention, and you have little or no control... unless you can control your attention.

How much control do you have over your attention?

Why is that important?

Two reasons:

  • 1. where attention goes, energy flows. But... as you'll find out, not all attention is equal...
  • 2. While you are "paying" attention to one thing, you are ignoring everything else.

Attention is a single pointed arrow... it is not very wide cone either.

  • Your cone of vision is already narrow... why? Because fear, wrong, desire all narrow it... automatically.
  • Fear, wrong, and desire also urges you to fix what seems to be threatening you... by avoiding it, or by doing something drastic to it.

What happens when you see something that seems to be threatening you? Essentially what happens is that you take that "thing" completely out of context... because in your puny cone of vision you cannot see the larger picture, you cannot see the context.

Context is decisive. It decides what you see when you look... You can only see what agrees with the context.

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I want I want I want… holiday weeks malady

  • stress is wantingI want this to be different than it is
  • I want to feel different than I am feeling
  • I want to be treated differently than I am being treated
  • I want to have more money
  • I want to do more interesting things
  • I want to have some skills
  • I want I want I want

What is underneath that wanting?

For one, a sky high desire number. Maybe even a desire trap. Coupled with a low, weak, tepid ambition number.

Holiday times are especially trapping... I can even feel it myself.

Desire, by its unrealistic nature, robs you of the energy to bring what you desire about.

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Somewhere else is better than here… Something else is better than this… Someone else has it better than me

Yesterday, still recovering from my strenuous weekend, lol, I watched TED talks for a few hours, all on Emotional Intelligence.

They were all profound, and nice, and useful... and yet.

Emotional intelligence, measurable in percentages, is the ability to be appropriate to life, to dance, to get stuff done, to rest when it is time to rest, and work when it is time to work, and to love, and appreciate, and say what you need to say, when it is appropriate.

To look at things from more than just one fixed point of view, to be able to empathize, have compassion, express instead of stuff it...

You see why emotionally intelligent people get ahead in life... they are easy to be around because they are OK with themselves.

What people, psychologists, writers, etc. teach is surface.

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It’s all in a day’s work… what does it mean?

3 years oldWhat's the invisible dynamic that makes "It's all in a day's work" so transformative?

I have a different relationship to work than most people.

People at large want to do what they want to do, and don't want to do what they don't want to do. An attitude, a behavior, a maturity level of a 3-year old.

It is the level where most people got stuck, and now they are unhappy, because the world doesn't respect their wishes, their rules, their "right"... so they are angry, pissed, reluctant, belligerent, feel slighted, lazy, stupid, clueless... whatever it takes to avoid playing life at life's terms.

It's easier to see it on misbehaving 6 year olds, than on adults... but it's there. Continue reading "It’s all in a day’s work… what does it mean?"

Why you can’t see, don’t see value…

you can't abort what you can't catchYou can't catch what you don't see

Gratitude is a capacity. You can't fake it, like you can't fake riding a bicycle.
Appreciation is another capacity.

Appreciation means: seeing value. Gratitude means: acknowledging value.

There are three levels of values:

  1. Cultural or systemic values. 80% of people see those. They are different culture by culture. But most of them are universal... meaning they are in all cultures... These values are binary, like an on/off switch.These are the "two drawers" the book The Art of Hunting Humans talks about, loser/winner, sad/happy, good/bad, useful/useless, smart/stupid, right/wrong, etc.
  2. The second tear is the value, extrinsic value, the use value humans place on things: they are personal values, mostly... They are closer to what people pay for, with money or reciprocation: tasty (food), a nice conversation (companionship), useful, interesting, beneficial, etc.A bowl of soup, a wedding ring, a Thanksgiving dinner, a nice conversation...Anything will have, albeit not acknowledged, not noticed value on all three levels.
  3. The third level is the godlike level, the intrinsic level, and most people don't notice it, don't value it, don't provide it... Even if they know the words... but they are like appreciation: you can say the word as much as you want, the word does not create appreciation, the capacity creates the being.The capacity of appreciation is, like everything in reality, can be expressed in percentages... capacity not on is zero, fully open is 100.

It is one thing to appreciate the obvious, and quite another thing to appreciate what is not obvious... because in the moment it is not visible yet where the value is, or it doesn't FEEL GOOD...

Too much, too strong focusing on systemic value robs a person of their ability to have spiritual, third level, godlike capacities: generosity, love, enthusiasm, creativity, intuitive, etc. Continue reading "Why you can’t see, don’t see value…"

Removing Barriers to you being all-you-can-be is the game

the subtle art ofI just read an excerpt of Mark Manson's (vibration: 260) book, about the path to growing... The art of not giving a f*ck

Even the brief is worth reading...

Some people write better than me. Some people find solutions faster than me. Some people can teach ME things... Baah, right?

What Manson says is the essence of the Michelangelo Method of growing.

You remove everything that doesn't work, everything that is not you, everything that doesn't support you in living life you love and living it powerfully.

But the sticky part of this process is telling the truth about having been wrong.

One of my students was honest about it, and said, somewhere, I can't find it now, that she gets upset and angry every time life or another person shows her that she is wrong, or she has been wrong.

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Only fools think they can get heat from a cold stove…

ringI put all my knowledge into my articles. I hold nothing back. I am not afraid that it cheapens my brand, that the knowledge will be, suddenly had by everyone, and I'll have nothing to sell.


I read articles on other sites, and they are quite inane, with a nugget of gold here and there, but even that nugget is rare. And hidden.

When I realized that I was in the marketing and selling business in 1998, 21 years ago, I was in for a long and very slowly rising learning curve.

I bought courses, in-person, online, and most courses, if I could glean a nugget, I was lucky. Most courses I didn't glean any knowledge. Why? Am I stupid? No. What was wrong with me that I spent tens of thousands of dollars and didn't get the results I paid for?

I think I was one of those fools who think that they can get heat from a cold stove. Continue reading "Only fools think they can get heat from a cold stove…"

Small thinking always indicates a small life, small opportunities, low vibration.

judgment is like looking in a mirrorBut it's so "normal" to be a small thinker, that many people think they are big thinkers because they have big pie-in-the-sky desires.

What is a pie-in-the-sky desire? It is an end goal to which there is no ladder and there is no intention to build one.

One of the things I measure in the Starting Point Measurements is the size of your desire vs. the size of your ambition.

People with sky high desire entertain pie in the sky goals.

The easiest "test" to find out is to ask them to do the skill-finder process from the book "What Color is Your ParachutE" that has been published, I guess, for 50 years? OK... I just checked, for 49 years. Continue reading "Small thinking always indicates a small life, small opportunities, low vibration."