Immersion, find what’s been limiting you

What has kept me proudly poor all these decades...

Will let you know what I'll do about it...

Update: I asked Source if I can pull "whore"... I got a yes answer.
It attached on my forehead. After I pulled it, just like any other attachment, I started to cry. I hadn't cried about this in the past 20 years.

But the proof of the pudding...

Immersion, the key to expanding your circle of competence

If learning is a dirty word for you, immersion will be your most favorite word!

You'll learn the vocabulary of new worlds effortlessly

Immersion learning, Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…

Holographic learning: the only way to human being level

I am reading a book I don't like. I was told by Source to read it... and I think I found the one sentence (so far) in the 700 page book that I needed to read. One sentence...

Reading, when it creates a world, a rich world to live in, to accomplish in, is holographic. Each book sharpens some area, fills in the missing or fuzzy details.

This one sentence has been that kind of a sentence. It was like a Flash of lightening. Continue reading "Immersion learning, Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…"

You don’t want to find out…

Ignorance.. what it really is and how it causes you to live a substandard life

You are ignorant... you are used to other people's ignorance, but cannot see your own


Co-creation. Connecting to Source. What is YOUR context that leaves you unfulfilled?

This is an audio that will explain a lot... and you'll hate it. If by any chance you'll love it, you just found the secret of a well lived life.


Okay. It's Friday morning, and this little talk I'm doing today will not make you happy. Why? 'Cause it's going to upset the apple cart. It's going to wrinkle your sheets. It's going to be trampling on your beliefs.

So, what am I talking about? Continue reading "Co-creation. Connecting to Source. What is YOUR context that leaves you unfulfilled?"

What is the shelf life of your word?


Okay. This is part two for whatever day it is. Thursday. So what I said in the previous segment is that until you can tell the difference between what you say and what the machine says, there's no chance that you can change your context. Now, it's a little bit deeper than that. Because ... and that's why without integrity nothing works. It's an integrity issue. Now, we consider integrity in a very pedestrian way. You don't cheat, you don't lie, you keep the Ten Commandments and all that morality issue. But, that is not what integrity really is.

Integrity is that, but it is just the bottom of integrity. The real integrity has something to do with word.

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Without a new context your life will remain the same

Okay. This audio is still going to be about context.

I am getting requests to help people change their context or create a new context, such that life starts turning with this new context, so what am I talking about?

Life is co-created and life happens inside the context that you live in. Continue reading "Without a new context your life will remain the same"

How to live your life’s purpose: today

your life is like a trainThere is an audio I recorded six years ago but it is as sharp as anything I do today...
It is about how to live your soul's purpose, and how to start, finally doing something substantial, worth being called your life's work...

In this old audio I address something really important: your being, your attitude, at any moment, is correlated or very influenced, so much that it is given by the future you are heading for.

The future you are heading for is destination towards which the rails of your train go... If you are on a train to Chicago, chances are you are going to arrive to Chicago.
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Become an investor: James Gandolfini’s death, his heart attack, could have it been prevented, and are you next?

James-Gandolfini-dead-of-heart-attackJames Gandolfini's death, his heart attack, could have it been prevented, and are you next?

I normally don't care who dies, who lives... with James Moriarty's immortal words: "People die... that's what they do!"

But because I lived a block from where the Soprano's house was in North Jersey, and I consider myself still a Jersey girl, after 13 years in New York, I looked up on google what happened to James Gandolfini, how he died in Italy of a heart attack at age 51.

"Modern" medicine doesn't know much about the body, approximately as much or less than a good taylor... and I don't mean to be nasty, but most heart attacks have warning signs and can be prevented years before they are "scheduled" if the person continues to do what they are doing.

Of course not with the same methods that doctors use: those are largely worthless and are designed only for doctors to be needed so they can make an above average living.

At your expense...
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