Removing Barriers to you being all-you-can-be


I just read an excerpt of Mark Manson's (vibration: 260) book, about the path to growing... The art of not giving a f*ck

Even the brief is worth reading...

Some people write better than me. Some people find solutions faster than me. Some people can teach ME things... Baah, right?

What Manson says is the essence of the Michelangelo Method of growing.

You remove everything that doesn't work, everything that is not you, everything that doesn't support you in living life you love and living it powerfully.

But the sticky part of this process is telling the truth about having been wrong. Continue reading "Removing Barriers to you being all-you-can-be"

Last night I spent a lot of time looking at a deluge of memories of things I’ve done that I am ashamed of


I just slashed my finger for the third time this morning. I will have a hard time muscle testing for a bit... Here is what happened:

Last night in bed I spent a lot of time looking at a deluge of memories of things I did that I am ashamed of.

They came, vividly, fast and furious, things I have long forgotten, things I am not proud of.

I resisted the temptation to explain them away, I resisted turning away. I resisted saying they are wrong. Continue reading "Last night I spent a lot of time looking at a deluge of memories of things I’ve done that I am ashamed of"

Are you a dabbler, a sampler, an “I’ll try that” person?


One characteristic of the 99% is that they don't heed Alexander Pope's warning:

"A little learning is a dang'rous thing; / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring." 1

This behavior even characterizes the 99% of the One Percent.

Why is being a taster, a dabbler, a person who samples, tries out, but never drinks deep from anything keeps you from joining the 1%? Continue reading "Are you a dabbler, a sampler, an “I’ll try that” person?"

The myth that if you are better than…


The myth that if you are better than the average, if you are better than the other guy/gal then you are OK...

If you knew how others view you, if you knew how you rank as a human... really, you'd be up in arms, shouting "bloody murder!" because you are delusional. You can't see the other, you can't see yourself, and you definitely can't see yourself the way others see you... so any and all negative feedback is a surprise and an insult.

But if you are comparing yourself to another 99 percenter... whether they are average, below average, or above average, you are comparing yourself to something irrelevant...

Scientists, statisticians say humanity and its characteristics, intelligence, achievement, health, etc. can be described with the bell curve, where they focus on the average...

But if you ask anyone if they want to be average, they mostly say no... and they fancy themselves as above average.

But even if you are above average, you are comparing yourself against people who you don't respect... who are miserable, unproductive, undisciplined, liars, cheaters, like yourself. Continue reading "The myth that if you are better than…"

Emotional Intelligence and your experience of life


Emotional Intelligence is a buzz word, an expression, that no one explains, and yet, everyone pretends that they know what they are talking about.

No such THING as emotional intelligence... it is made up.

And yet: some people maneuver life better than others, have less upsets, upheavals, self-hate, than others.

They take obstacles differently than others. They are OK with themselves, and they don't worry about what other people think about them. They are not attention, approval, drama seekers. They just do what they do... and let others do what others do.

We call those people emotionally intelligent.

I guess you are reading this article because you are not like that. Continue reading "Emotional Intelligence and your experience of life"

Republished: The runt of the litter and predatory genes


In nature when a mother has a litter, there may be one or two that will not grow up to be adults... because there is just not enough tits, food, energy, attention is for them.

That is life.

Nature doesn't like to waste energy... Humans do.

Humans invented morality and the right to live, regardless whether it makes sense or not, so we have an upside down world, where we live in a should world. The selfish gene is not happy...

One of the things that make one the runt of the litter is not enough Life-Force... Life Force, at least partially, is expressed in the number of predatory genes, where you would push away another puppy from the food, so you can eat more. Continue reading "Republished: The runt of the litter and predatory genes"

Intrapersonal emotional intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately


People with intrapersonal emotional intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings, motivations and goals. They are quintessentially introspective. They analyze themselves and seek understanding. People with intrapersonal intelligence are intuitive and usually introverted.

A year or two ago I saw a rather amateurish but good Singaporean TV show (The Truth Seekers) that shook me to my core... and woke me up.

I may be a conspiracy seeker... but I have a hunch that we, humans, have been trained, for millennia,  by society to look the other way, to deny human nature, and escape into nice-nice, and sugar and spice, instead of confronting head-on what we call human nature. Continue reading "Intrapersonal emotional intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately"

What is consciousness? What does it have to do with vibration? With happiness? With fulfillment?


What is consciousness?

Is it the mind?

Here is from the Wikipedia entry: Consciousness is the state or quality of sentience or awareness of internal or external existence.

Again from Wikipedia:

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.[1] Eighteenth-century philosophers used the concept to distinguish the ability to think (reason) from the ability to feel (sentience). In modern Western philosophy, sentience is the ability to experience sensations (known in philosophy of mind as "qualia"). In Eastern philosophy, sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that require respect and care. The concept is central to the philosophy of animal rights because sentience is necessary for the ability to suffer, and thus is held to confer certain rights.

If you are able to tell apples from oranges, you can see that WE HAVE NO IDEA what it is that we call consciousness! We say words, a kind of code, but they don't mean what they are intended to mean: consciousness, or sentience, or pretty much anything...

Our language is sloppy, approximate, and a really poor tool to allow us to live an intelligent life... And yet, we think that there is intelligent life on this planet... lol. Continue reading "What is consciousness? What does it have to do with vibration? With happiness? With fulfillment?"

Do you really want to get more out of life? We shall see…


One of the clues I have for proof that I am taking the idea of soul correction seriously

My soul correction is "Forget Thyself"... meaning: I believe that I am the alpha and the omega, and that anything and everything other people say has to be filtered through MY genius, my experience, or it is not to be taken seriously.

My soul correction that makes me a very slow learner...

I don't even have questions when I read something, when I hear something. I am not one of the people who have a question of the speaker at the end of a talk. I first let it all in, no resistance, and let the brain work out whatever the brain wants to work out, and let the brain bring out the questions if there are any, or let the brain quietly discard what I heard/read without even consulting with me, the conscious me...

It takes quiet and it takes time. Continue reading "Do you really want to get more out of life? We shall see…"

Do people want to get smarter? Do YOU want to get smarter? What do you think it would mean to you?


These come up as questions, because... hell, because I don't know if they do... If you do... Do YOU?

I don't think currently living humans appreciate what that question means, I don't think YOU know what being smart entails.

I think you think that smarts are only

  • to win in computer games
  • finish homework fast... or maybe even skip doing it... after all smart people just get it! this used to be me...
  • entertain and impress people at parties
  • if you have little kids... get them to go to bed earlier... that needs smarts, somehow
  • if you are still in mating age (I am not), get the other want to have sex with you... or if you are tired... be appeased faster
  • get to understand the instructions at work, for DIY jobs, for many thing... understanding is the key word
  • oh, and let's not forget about remembering stuff... that would make you really smart, right?

And yes, those results all need some kind of smarts. Continue reading "Do people want to get smarter? Do YOU want to get smarter? What do you think it would mean to you?"