The dominant forceful way you are killing life.

If you pay attention: you won’t want to read this post. You won’t want to know what keeps your vibration low. You are scanning the internet, the horizon, the people around you for feedback: that you are already all you can be.

This ‘not wanting to‘ is essentially what I am talking about in this article, this insistence, this forcefulness.

I wrote this article in 2016. Humanity has gotten worse sence. More forceful…

I don’t want to… I don’t like it… arrgh, nooo!

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Why so many of my subscribers are full of crap

Why so many of my subscribers are full of crap

In an elementary school in California the administration was warned several times that a 6-year old brought a gun to school and was threatening the other children with it.

The administration did nothing. They didn’t call the police, they didn’t lock the school down… They did nothing.

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Reality doesn’t care about beliefs. So why do you?

You can make-believe it happens, or pretend that something’s true.
You can wish or hope or contemplate a thing you’d like to do,
But until you start to do it, you will never see it through
‘Cause the make-believe pretending just won’t do it for you. ~ Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Children get it that make-believe is not satisfying, so maybe you can too.

It is about reality vs unreality. Unreality: imagination, make-believe, and should that is as unsatisfying as eating broth with a fork. Continue reading “Reality doesn’t care about beliefs. So why do you?”

Prison Break? What prison are you in unbeknownst to you?

Prison Break or the Art of Questions…

What could someone do when the world, your health, your body, your relationships are not going the way they should… do anything other than be complacent, resigned, live in quiet desperation?

I always had this question, but reading the Fatemarks series the question is getting louder in my head.

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The homework attitude and the desire trap

dreaming of a castleI got an insight today…

People are asking this question: how do I start? How do I get to where I want to get to?

And when I tell them how to get started, they ask the same question again. My answer wasn’t good enough for them.

So the insight I got is this: when you followed the current harmful teaching to imagine yourself where you want to be, you are expecting me to hand you the key… not tell you how to build that new reality from the bottom up.

This ‘imagine…’ bullshit has destroyed people’s ability to see themselves, and see reality, accurately.

Nothing works the way those ‘imagine people’ say… everything in reality is built from the ground up.

Yesterday someone asked me how to talk to someone to get a date.

I offered, instead, to look if he is ready to date, if he knows what he wants from dating, what is his agenda, etc.
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If you start in the middle, you’ll lose…

The most important thing that happened to you happened when you were around three years old. It was a decision that happened to you. Even though you made that decision, you are now a slave to it.

Until that first incident you were innocent. Unless you make that decision malleable, that decision you made about how life is, how you are, how it’s best to behave, nothing can change about you or your life.

I can pull your anchor to doom energetically, and yet… nothing changes. Because that decision is like a physical skeleton, a framework, that everything, all of your life is built on.

And however you are today, however you approach anything comes from that decision. Entirely.

How the world occurred to you then.

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We are destroying life on Earth… Unless…

Most of the things that are visible, you are not able to see.

It is like seeing the back of your head: you need a mirror to see it. A ‘talking mirror’, meaning: another person. An observer.

I have been reading this fantasy series by David Estes. Heromarked, soulmarked, fatemarked, whatevermarked… I like it, I just don’t remember the titles… sorry.

Anyway the idea may be nebulous: depending on how you look at it. If you look at it as nebulous, then for you it is.

This morning I had a realization that people don’t know what their lives should be about, they don’t have a meaning, they don’t have a purpose. Continue reading “We are destroying life on Earth… Unless…”

What is driving your life? Not satisfying? Now what?

At any moment what you do, what you think, what you say either comes from the inside, your core, or the outside…

And depending on the source of the action, thought, you are either true to yourself, or true to something else.

There was a two-part episode of Doctor Who that I watched some years ago, the episode ‘Human Nature’. Watch it if you can. Continue reading “What is driving your life? Not satisfying? Now what?”

What is the most important thing to learn and practice?

If I were you, participating in my programs, I would ask: what is the most important thing for me to practice and maybe even bring it to mastery.

When I look at the people I have the opportunity to observe, what I see is that they are mastering in:

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Life reciprocates. How can you get more? More of what?

Life gives you much if you give of yourself much.

Of yourself? Yes.

If you give, just an example, money to life, life gives you nothing. Money is not ‘of you’, is it?

Then if you give time, dutifully, begrudgingly… ditto.

If you cook for your family, but you don’t put yourself into your cooking, not giving love, care, nurturing… ditto.

And if you are now confused, get unconfused, and get it. If you put of yourself into what you do, not for yourself, but for life, then life reciprocates it. Continue reading “Life reciprocates. How can you get more? More of what?”