Soul Correction: Slighted

slighted-she-was-trusted-and-valued-by-her-father-lovedSlighted is an optical illusion where you see that everyone else, or a certain group has everything that should belong to you.

I was doing the soul correction reading of a person yesterday who hates Jews, yet, married a Jew.

Her hate (Soul correction: Removing Hatred) is based on feeling slighted, and finding a cause outside of herself to blame.

Another soul correction that has this feeling ‘slighted’ as a foundation is “Share the Light”.
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Your soul correction is killing you… but how?

soul-correction-climbing-the-tree-of-lifeEach soul correction deals with a dominant pretense. A front, that hides the truth. A way to have two you’s, a dualistic way of living that is killing life.

If you read the few articles I have published on soul corrections, you may be able to see below the surface, and see what the pretense is. Most can’t. Especially their own.

But it’s there, hiding one or two layers deep.

  • Why pretend? Because the truth, although it sets you free, is also painful.
  • Why pretend? Because in the horizontal plane, in the world of the “other” survival seems to depend on this pretense… birds ruffle up their feathers to look bigger. Cats, dogs look fierce and big and threatening. It’s all pretense; it is all survival mechanism.

Then we believe our own lies, make our masks permanent, and suffer.
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Osho on mourningProfound article… please read and heed… What else can I say?

Question – Yesterday I heard that my friend had died. Yet as I wept, I found myself giving thanks for the sweetness of life. Is there a place for mourning?

Osho – If you have loved somebody, really loved, and you didn’t miss an opportunity to love, then there is no place for mourning because then there is no repentance. You never postpone anything, death cannot destroy anything. If you postpone, then death destroys. For example: you love somebody but you say,’I will love tomorrow,’ and that’s what you go on saying. You go on imagining tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, You go on postponing: you fight today, you will love tomorrow. You are angry here-now, you will love tomorrow. You go on postponing.

Then one day suddenly death comes, and it is always sudden. It gives no hint that it is coming. The foot sounds are never heard, the footsteps can never he guessed. It always comes suddenly, catches you unawares, and the friend is gone, the lover is gone, the beloved is gone; the mother, the father, the brother is gone. Then there is mourning because death destroys tomorrow, and you were depending on tomorrow. Now there will be no tomorrow. Now you cannot postpone, and the person is gone. Now you feel a deep repentance; out of that repentance mourning arises. You are not weeping for the friend who is gone, you are weeping for yourself, for the wasted opportunity.

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Opportunities for growth, opportunity to make a difference

when somebody diesToday I woke up to trouble all around.

My favorite niece died and my checking account is overdrawn.

I know, I know, how can I put something so significant and something so mundane in the same sentence? I see your point. And yet, they happened on the same morning, and both hurt.

I went through many phases of grieving, disbelief, denial, anger, blame, depression… I know there are at least seven predictable phases, who cares.

What do you do when someone dies, someone who you loved, even if you haven’t spoken with her since she was six years old?

Really? And which “you” do I mean?
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Have you ever noticed… what hope is doing to you?

whores... selling the now for a future that may never happenYou have your eyes on something. Something that is currently out of reach. It either take work, time, or money to get it. Time passes, you do the work, you get the money, you buy it… and then something totally unexpected happens: you don’t want it. You don’t want to use it…

Another version of the same thing, just in a different arena: you want a person to love you. You long for it. You court them. You buy them gifts, or do nice things to them. Then, when they say they love you and want you… the bottom falls out. You suddenly don’t want it.

But why would such a horrible thing be a daily occurrence?
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2015 Passover, the blood moon, what is Passover about?

2015 Passover blood moon signI grew up communist, atheist, so when I left Hungary in 1982, I went to Israel to find out what it means to be Jewish. Honestly, I didn’t like any of it… It wasn’t for me… all that tradition, or alternatively all that worldliness…

I came the the US, and at some point I started to study Kabbalah with the Kabbalah Centre… 1 Kabbalah is an incomprehensible vague oral tradition, wide open to interpretation, and thus, for most people it is quite useless. Mystical, yeah… but… mystical for a purpose is poison to your soul.

The study of Kabbalah used to be limited to men over 40. Why? because younger men, and women are more result oriented.

Result oriented is good… you would say if you live in our culture, that is what you are supposed to be, right?
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Psychic and Spiritual Exploitation by Fake Gurus

This is a tremendous Osho talk… timeless, and distinguishes what gets you hooked on false gurus, what they use to hook you… Pay attention: it is not easy to get that you are the cause, they are just opportunistic: you give them the opportunity to exploit you.

Once you become clear, once you move your whole self into your Witness position, you’ll be invulnerable, because you’ll have the clarity, and you’ll have accepted “the work” you need to do.

If you don’t have a ton of questions after reading this article, you are beyond hope… so please go someplace where you can be exploited: that is what you are looking for. Harsh? Yeah.

One more thing: I never talk about shaktipat because I have never experienced it. I never talk about shaktipat because I have never known a person who actually received energy, I have only talked to guys that have a vivid imagination and a shitty life…

Osho on Psychic & Spiritual Exploitation by Fake Gurus

Question – Is Psychic Exploitation possible in the name of Shaktipat? How is it possible And how is the Meditator to guard against it?

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