Who are your customers and are you selling them what they want?

who are your customers?I just had my first ‘podcast call’ with Bonnie, one of my newer students. I really like her. Her first question hit me unexpectedly low: she asked: who are you making the podcast for… who is going to listen to it? who are your customers?

I hadn’t given it any thought… I only thought of what I wanted to teach… hm.

I learned an awful lot from the call… It didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it: 10-20 minutes me lecturing… instead it was a conversation with an intelligent person who, you could hear, could and would implement what I teach.

My Sunday call is, in contrast, with a person who will never implement anything I teach. Continue reading “Who are your customers and are you selling them what they want?”

April fool…

The Hungarian saying about April Fool is ‘April’s fool, May’s stupid ass’

But when you look closely, the human mind makes us an April fool all the time.

I look out the window. the trees are covered with snow.

What does this mean? This is the first question any human asks, isn’t it? What does this mean?

Nature is probably aware that it’s April Fool’s Day, and it speaks of two sides of the mouth: the bottom of the sky says: warm weather is coming. the trees and the dark clouds say: winter is here to stay.

When I left Hungary back in 1982, I drove a tiny Italian car that had the size of wheels like a toy car, so it made me feel every pebble on the pavement, it was talking to me through my butt.

Had I asked what this meant, had I come up with the most plausible answer, I would have turned around, and said: what i know is better than the unknown… Continue reading “April fool…”

The constructive use of the proverbial hammer…

the proverbial hammerThe proverbial hammer? The law of the instrument, law of the hammer, Abraham Maslow’s hammer is a cognitive bias that involves an over-reliance on a familiar tool. As Abraham Maslow said in 1966, ‘I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.’ This article intends to point you to new tools through highlighting the cost of having only what you have.

Every Tuesday I start my day with reading Rob Brezsny’s email. And every Tuesday it’s been putting me in a foul mood for the past 6 months, not before.

Why? Because every campaigner is like the man who has a hammer and sees everything as a nail. And keep banging away with it on everything.

But the world is not all nails, and the particular hammer Rob Brezsny has… Continue reading “The constructive use of the proverbial hammer…”

If I were god…

IF i WERE GODIf I were god…

If I were god and my creation didn’t function the way I envisioned, what would I do? Would I try to start over? Would I send in a repairman to fix it?

Whether I would be a powerful god, or a lesser god, reality and its rules would apply, and that is bad news.

You can’t change something from the outside. You can create it, but once it is done, it has its own rules, and can only be changed from the inside. Continue reading “If I were god…”

How to NOT become a winner in life?

winner in lifeOnly one way to be a winner in life, the losers all have their own ways to lose

This is a rewording of the famous Anna Karenina Principle.

I decided back in 2003, no, I invented for myself the beingness of a winner, and then I started to collect evidence. And change a ton of behaviors that were inconsistent with being a winner.

If the Anna Karenina Principle is really a principle, then I had a lot of things to drop or change… after all winners don’t need to invent themselves as a winner, neither have leaders invent themselves as a leader: they win and they lead.

I wasn’t doing either.

I just muscletested it and in 2003 I as a winner to 7% degree… not really noticeable… neither by me, nor people who observed me. Continue reading “How to NOT become a winner in life?”

How to prevent a new task or project from disrupting your life?

humility prevents new knowledge from disrupting your lifeHow to keep your focus in spite of adding new tasks, new projects, new activities to your schedule? How to prevent it from disrupting your life? How to be one of those people who can do more and therefore have more? This is the question many of you have asked me.

Most people are unproductive… period. So this article is mostly for people who are productive in their main occupation, until…

Until what? Until something else comes up, and then they lose it all. Again and again. Continue reading “How to prevent a new task or project from disrupting your life?”

What is the best predictor of a life that is empty, hollow, and unfulfilled?

predictor of successIf we have a chance to talk for a few minutes, I’ll see the predictor of your success, or the lack of it in a minute or two. I will see what are your chance for success and fulfillment.

What am I looking at? What clues me in?

This is what this article is about, and also about how to change what’s predictable, so you can get successful and fulfilled. Keep on reading. Continue reading “What is the best predictor of a life that is empty, hollow, and unfulfilled?”