Reality… can you tell what is real and what isn’t?

Happiness is a function of accepting what is. Reality.

Love is accepting the other exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t.

If you pay attention, deeply, both statements talk about what is and what isn’t.

Love mention what isn’t… Isn’t in reality, because it only exists in the mind, as an expectation. Continue reading “Reality… can you tell what is real and what isn’t?”

What’s the truth about you? Can you become all you can be from some energies? DNA activation?

As I was looking what others say about DNA activation, I found that they all say something mystical, scientific sounding b.s.

I did something this morning I haven’t done in years: I listened to one of my old webinars, step 6 of the Second Phase Activators.

I didn’t remember, but the subtitle of that course is: “Let’s change what’s true about you”

So Step 6 is about courage-desire-surrender…

The context of the whole course is causing the qualities, the capacities, the abilities in you that allow you to become all you can be. Continue reading “What’s the truth about you? Can you become all you can be from some energies? DNA activation?”

Why is Tai Lopez not a billionaire if he has all this knowledge?

This is a continuation of the previous audio: how patterns, distinctions, principles influence your view and therefore your life, with special emphasis on finances.

Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…

Holographic learning: the only learning that can take you to human being level

So holographic learning is based on a hologram.

A hologram is generated from a pattern on a disk (I think). Even a small fragment of the disk can generate the whole hologram. But more of the disk, and the hologram will be sharper and will have more details. Continue reading “Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…”

Floundering? Don’t know why nothing seems to work?

Floundering? Can’t seem to get from A to B? Don’t know why nothing seems to work?

Maybe you feel clueless? Maybe you feel left behind?

Here is MY clueless story…

I have been asking questions more than normal.

In the past seven years, my site’s readership WAS steadily growing… until a month or two ago when it dropped to approximately half of what it was at that point.

It didn’t, or better English, hasn’t effected my income, but it looked troubling enough to start asking questions.

The pull to ask why questions is tremendous… Why me, why now, why people don’t like me?

Meh… But what other questions can I ask?

Now, that is a really useful question: what other questions can I ask? Continue reading “Floundering? Don’t know why nothing seems to work?”

When you have to move on…

In 1975, somewhere early spring, I was hugging my soon to be ex boy friend as hard as I could. He packed his car and was moving back to his parents.

I was sobbing. I told him I loved him.

When his car disappeared around the curve, I wiped my tears and sighed a sigh of freedom.

I asked him to leave. And I cried.

I didn’t make sense to myself, but often you don’t, and you shouldn’t.

Making sense means: your past is defining your future.

Loving someone doesn’t mean that staying with them is the best path for you.

You might be like me, your path will be long and arduous.

I had to go deeper, I had to go lower, I had to lose a lot more than just the security of a loving relationship, for me to find my own path. Continue reading “When you have to move on…”

Raising your vibration and having agendas: can you do it?

you attract what you fear, you repel what you wantWhether there is such a thing “law of attraction” or not, there is a phenomenon that I have observed.

If you want something, it tends to get away from you.

Whether it is love, having a community, being well thought of, or money… the wanting it renders you tense, reactive, and closed off. Act in predictable ways, the ways we have revealed for some of you in the Upsets workshop. (Started as Feelings webinars)

Wanting is a mind thing. Maybe a desire trap, maybe not, but definitely not from the Tree of Life, where it is obvious that if you want something, then you go for it, and do the things that get it for you. Not what you always do…

No tension, no tightness, no tight throat… just doing the things that get it for you. Continue reading “Raising your vibration and having agendas: can you do it?”

The politically incorrect path to happiness

I popped out of bed this morning. I got a glimpse of something. I don’t know what I saw, because it went by so fast, but it was enough to shoot me out of bed.

Urgency. I am driving my life… and sleeping is almost like I am snoozing in the back of the bus.

This whole idea that you are in the driving seat of your life should hit you as a surprise. Why? Because if and when I observe your behavior, your attitude, it doesn’t look to me that you know it.

This is a long article. Be willing to read it, be willing to be lead to the conclusion. If you jump, you’ll miss the point.

Your hands are not on the steering wheel… you are not pressing the gas pedal, you are in passenger mode, exploring the onboard entertainment, and complain, occasionally about the onboard food, the onboard beverages… unaware that you actually allow the automatic pilot to go wherever it is going…
Continue reading “The politically incorrect path to happiness”

Why you feel how you feel and what can you do about it?

doggie-languageMost people live in a constant “this is not right… this is not where I am supposed to be, this is not how I am supposed to be, this is not what I am supposed to do” jerky place.

It seems inevitable, it feels bad, and all of it is based on delusions, pretenses, and lies.

Obviously you can’t see your delusions. That is your “reality”.

  • But… if you don’t feel good, if you don’t see clear, if you don’t have a 360 degree view of the world in most issues… they you can be sure you have delusions.
  • and… if you don’t go for growth, learning, profound well-being, fulfillment, expertise… they you can be sure your life and actions are based on delusions.

Delusion is a “cognitive bias”… you think something is as simple as X, while it is a lot more complicated than that… but you can’t see beyond X. So you don’t see what is, you only see the X.
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Republished: The secret words that activate a dormant DNA

Rada Cannon memeAfter your anchor-to-doom attachment is pulled… A whole new set of choices show up… Will you choose differently? All future depends on that.

As you know I use my own life as a kind of laboratory to test if there are really changes when I say there will be changes, and if indeed the new choices will give you a new life.

I am at a point of choice, so let us see the whole process, and see what we see. OK?

For background, enough to suffice, I hope, that just having a website, one website, and even lots of unique articles won’t get you far in today’s economy. You need to have and you need to do a lot more to make a living.

About six-seven weeks ago I set up such a supportive system on a well recommended web hosting site, and it took a lot of work. Then the web hosting site decided to do some internal work, and it hasn’t gone well. My supportive system (100 websites) is entirely offline. I am paying 99 dollars rent. And they don’t seem to care about me.

Now, here it is where it gets juicy for our purposes.
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