Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…

This article is from 2012… but it connects to self-image, so it is evergreen and timely.

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing as many articles as before.

Have I dried up? I don’t think so.

So why have I been so quiet?

You deserve to know.

In the beginning of May (2012) I asked for and was given the tool to give people a tool to energize their water.

When you drink water that energizes your body, when you drink water that returns, each time you drink it, some of your cells to their normal state, your life becomes more consistent with life than with death. Continue reading “Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…”

Your current core identity. Is it serving you well?

Your current core identity. How to find it, how to build a better one?

I have written in a previous post that I discovered that my hidden identity is ‘worthless piece of junk = unwanted’. I use the word junk, because this expression is a translation from my native Hungarian. In the original the expression is closer to ‘nothing’ than anything, by the way. But in English, I am afraid, that won’t communicate. ‘I am nothing’, does it communicate? It doesn’t seem to have the same emotional impact on me…

From time to time I notice it ‘informing my mood, informing my actions.’

Continue reading “Your current core identity. Is it serving you well?”

The mirage of inner transformation… A mirage? Yes.

I don’t really care about the mating habits of water buffalo… but I can’t look away…

I heard that little ditty yesterday on Amazon Prime Video. And I laughed for quite a few minutes.

And I think it describes some people’s relationship to my articles, to my teachings. I think people are fascinated or can’t look away… But that doesn’t mean they care about what I teach. Or doing anything with it.

The rare specimen that does makes it all worthwhile… Continue reading “The mirage of inner transformation… A mirage? Yes.”

Integrity: Anything less than 100% is not integrity yet

integrityThe invisible dynamic of integrity

Less than a year after I graduated, I worked as an architect at this company, walking distance from my home.

I didn’t know that I was an empath at the time. Interestingly not knowing didn’t prevent me from feeling it.

It was an office building on the corner of my street and a big street… forgot its name. I haven’t been there almost 39 years.

So one day I walked home to get lunch. On my way back I actually saw  the building collapse. The streets were closed for weeks… No one got hurt: the crew was out to lunch. Continue reading “Integrity: Anything less than 100% is not integrity yet”

The fallacy of ‘the answer’, the fallacy of ‘the truth’

When you come from a fixed place, a fixed worldview, a fixed ‘IS’ then of course you are going to look for the answer… a fixed thing… that will match what your worldview is, completely.

But unfortunately to you there is no ‘the right answer’, the perfect match… because everything in reality depends on everything else.

It is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle where each puzzle piece is a jigsaw puzzle itself. Continue reading “The fallacy of ‘the answer’, the fallacy of ‘the truth’”

What does it take to get lots of joy in your life?

joy: just the right amount of sleepJust the right amount of sleep!

That is what I say when I wake up with a light-clock… its light comes on at 3 am slowly, and by 4 am, between sleep cycles. I wake up and have a choice to get up or to sleep more.

Today I got up. But I was very sleepy. It felt like someone inside, not me, wanted desperately to sleep more. It’s been an hour now, and the ‘person inside’ is still whining, insisting that i go back to sleep. Continue reading “What does it take to get lots of joy in your life?”

The rudderless, directionless, low energy, and the floater

I had a conversation the other day with my core group. They felt to me rudderless, directionless, low on energy… like a floater.

What’s a floater, you ask? A floater is like stork sh!t… floats in the air and occasionally drops on the ground. Storks are known to poop while in the air… their poop dries out and starts its own rise and fall journey with the air stream… no innate motive power. A floater is like that. Continue reading “The rudderless, directionless, low energy, and the floater”

Not dyslexic? What can you learn from dyslexic entrepreneurs?

dyslexics don't make good employeesIs it dyslexia that makes these entrepreneurs successful, or is it the strategy they developed to manage and overcome the effects of dyslexia?

There are disproportionately more dyslexic entrepreneurs than in the rest of society? Society: 5-20%. Entrepreneurs: 35%

It’s not an accident.

I have dyslexia. My younger brother has dyslexia. He is six years younger than me. we are as different as two people can be. I am a risk taker, he isn’t. I am an entrepreneur. He isn’t. I read a lot, he doesn’t. I am a loner, he is a family man.

puzzled expression

I have always seen the world differently… and was called amoral, stupid, fearless, weird, and people, including my mother looked at me with puzzlement on their faces… like WTF? Continue reading “Not dyslexic? What can you learn from dyslexic entrepreneurs?”

Entrepreneurial desires, self-sabotage and the Selfish Gene

entrepreneurial desiresThis article is intended for people who are or want to become entrepreneurs… in its simplest form: create, run, and make money with a business.

I think I don’t have to go into details about entrepreneurial desires… if you don’t have it, realized or unrealized, you would not be reading this article. That desire is what drives a person to the seemingly easy, seemingly profitable lifestyle that we call entrepreneur.

I would risk saying this: it is a desire for self-expression. The self wanting to express itself. And that flies in the face of what the organism wants… the Selfish Genes. Continue reading “Entrepreneurial desires, self-sabotage and the Selfish Gene”

I have been sitting on a goldmine… but now I see it

sitting on a goldmineSometimes you don’t know what you have… You may be sitting on a goldmine without realizing it. I was.

This has been my story for a long time. Whatever business I have ever been in, someone, maybe many people told me that I was sitting on a goldmine… except I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t mine the gold.

And it looked that I am in the same situation, locked it, permanently… no matter how much higher I view the world from.

But something happened today, that may change that. Continue reading “I have been sitting on a goldmine… but now I see it”