The mirage of inner transformation… A mirage? Yes.

I don’t really care about the mating habits of water buffalo… but I can’t look away…

I heard that little ditty yesterday on Amazon Prime Video. And I laughed for quite a few minutes.

And I think it describes some people’s relationship to my articles, to my teachings. I think people are fascinated or can’t look away… But that doesn’t mean they care about what I teach. Or doing anything with it.

The rare specimen that does makes it all worthwhile…

I don’t cater to the lowest common denominator… the easily titillated… so I have only a few people who read my articles. When I look at everyone else, TV, Social Media, websites… I see that they do cater to the low… otherwise they would not stay in business, I think.

Everyone blames social media, but the media is just the medium: the low vibration comes from people. And no one takes personal responsibility for their own vibration, for how they see the world, and for how they spread darkness.

And most people do. Spread darkness.

The ones that are sure they aren’t are part of the evil by doing nothing.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke (British statesman) didn’t say this. What he said is this:

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

And later another British philosopher said:

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

So this is the age (again?) where we live… and maybe, just maybe, people who subscribe to my site are ‘good men’ or at least fancy themselves good… but they definitely do nothing.

So what is there to do? Fight the bad men? Futile. Wasted energy.

So what can a good man do that would matter?

This is a real question and I am pondering.

I have one student who, I think, is doing what a good Man is to do to balance out the bad, who is doing what you would do if you considered yourself with a fire that unless it’s attended to, will burn out.

Because Life, intelligent life is on its way out… unless…

Unless you do what the philosophers of old said: your job is to make the most of yourself.

Isn’t that selfish? It is Self-ish. And it is noble. It is generous. It is grand… especially in times where the world is rooting for fun and games. For the orgy.

Will those, can those turn the tide around?

I don’t think so. But there is joy, their is fulfillment, there is self-love when you do it. For you. Because you matter.

I read that one student’s reports to me, and I learn more about what it was like for her before she started to awaken herself… and embark on this work of becoming all she can become.

The ones that are in the middle of it have very little to say. But given that she has climbed, at least partially, out of the pool of ‘water’ that she used to sit in, she can look and compare.

The students that have never been outside of the pool don’t even have words, and definitely don’t have comparison. They may compare with their imagination… but it is mostly what they fancy other people have, like they fancy that I roll in dough. So their assessment of the pool is in comparison to a fancy, that is unreal.

And, of course, one of the reason they don’t do anything to get out of the pool, because of that fancy… it looks impossible to attain… and it is.

Life outside of the pool is harder than inside the pool. It has pain, effort, going without, discomfort… and fulfillment. And joy. And maybe even love.

It doesn’t sound that attractive compared to the no pain, no effort, no going without, no discomfort unless you are in my class and I yell at you… lol.

You have been choosing comfort, easy, complacency… that is the only think you are consistent about.

You go along to get along. Do what makes you look good, sound good, but serves no other purpose. No value, no Self, no contribution, no fulfillment… empty but titillating.

Your soul is weeping like a toddler sitting in the corner of a room full of stuff… but there is no one there.

The soul wants you to DO. Do what it takes to become your best.

What is that, you ask. Your soul needs its correction done, through action.

I am noticing that most of you hope that you’ll never have to DO different, you can just say you do things in your head, and that is all you need.

But the soul says different… If your actions don’t come from seeing the world differently, then you don’t see the world differently. And you are kidding yourself. You are playing with your kaka.

A lot of my readers write to me, and their words say exactly that to me: they are kidding themselves.

Unless the inner transformation manifests in outer actions it never happened. It was just a mirage.

So what shall I sell to you? Would you want to know what your soul wants you to change, correct, and what actions it would take to fulfill that?”

Let’s see what your soul wants you to do
I have scheduled the live session to Saturday October 1 at 11 am EDT.


And this is why I will spend time pondering what else I could do for a living… Because if this is how it is, I will have to find some other way to make a living.

It’s very interesting. My least productive students, the ones that consider themselves most disadvantaged, firmly believe that I roll in dough… meaning money.

But I don’t… I just make enough to get by. That is all I want to make.


Maybe you decided that you are all you can ever become. That you are all you can ever be. But consider that that is because you consider your tiny world, what you readily see every day is the whole world. But if you had a chance to visit a hundred places that you didn’t even know existed, would you go for it?

And do you consider that you wouldn’t believe, after you see all that, that you are all you can ever become? If you do… stop reading. If you see that if you expanded the scope of what you see, you would want to become more… then click here:

Integrity: Anything less than 100% is not integrity yet

integrityThe invisible dynamic of integrity

Less than a year after I graduated, I worked as an architect at this company, walking distance from my home.

I didn’t know that I was an empath at the time. Interestingly not knowing didn’t prevent me from feeling it.

It was an office building on the corner of my street and a big street… forgot its name. I haven’t been there almost 39 years.

So one day I walked home to get lunch. On my way back I actually saw  the building collapse. The streets were closed for weeks… No one got hurt: the crew was out to lunch. Continue reading “Integrity: Anything less than 100% is not integrity yet”

The fallacy of ‘the answer’, the fallacy of ‘the truth’

When you come from a fixed place, a fixed worldview, a fixed ‘IS’ then of course you are going to look for the answer… a fixed thing… that will match what your worldview is, completely.

But unfortunately to you there is no ‘the right answer’, the perfect match… because everything in reality depends on everything else.

It is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle where each puzzle piece is a jigsaw puzzle itself. Continue reading “The fallacy of ‘the answer’, the fallacy of ‘the truth’”

What does it take to get lots of joy in your life?

joy: just the right amount of sleepJust the right amount of sleep!

That is what I say when I wake up with a light-clock… its light comes on at 3 am slowly, and by 4 am, between sleep cycles. I wake up and have a choice to get up or to sleep more.

Today I got up. But I was very sleepy. It felt like someone inside, not me, wanted desperately to sleep more. It’s been an hour now, and the ‘person inside’ is still whining, insisting that i go back to sleep. Continue reading “What does it take to get lots of joy in your life?”

The rudderless, directionless, low energy, and the floater

I had a conversation the other day with my core group. They felt to me rudderless, directionless, low on energy… like a floater.

What’s a floater, you ask? A floater is like stork sh!t… floats in the air and occasionally drops on the ground. Storks are known to poop while in the air… their poop dries out and starts its own rise and fall journey with the air stream… no innate motive power. A floater is like that. Continue reading “The rudderless, directionless, low energy, and the floater”

Not dyslexic? What can you learn from dyslexic entrepreneurs?

dyslexics don't make good employeesIs it dyslexia that makes these entrepreneurs successful, or is it the strategy they developed to manage and overcome the effects of dyslexia?

There are disproportionately more dyslexic entrepreneurs than in the rest of society? Society: 5-20%. Entrepreneurs: 35%

It’s not an accident.

I have dyslexia. My younger brother has dyslexia. He is six years younger than me. we are as different as two people can be. I am a risk taker, he isn’t. I am an entrepreneur. He isn’t. I read a lot, he doesn’t. I am a loner, he is a family man.

puzzled expression

I have always seen the world differently… and was called amoral, stupid, fearless, weird, and people, including my mother looked at me with puzzlement on their faces… like WTF? Continue reading “Not dyslexic? What can you learn from dyslexic entrepreneurs?”

Entrepreneurial desires, self-sabotage and the Selfish Gene

entrepreneurial desiresThis article is intended for people who are or want to become entrepreneurs… in its simplest form: create, run, and make money with a business.

I think I don’t have to go into details about entrepreneurial desires… if you don’t have it, realized or unrealized, you would not be reading this article. That desire is what drives a person to the seemingly easy, seemingly profitable lifestyle that we call entrepreneur.

I would risk saying this: it is a desire for self-expression. The self wanting to express itself. And that flies in the face of what the organism wants… the Selfish Genes. Continue reading “Entrepreneurial desires, self-sabotage and the Selfish Gene”

I have been sitting on a goldmine… but now I see it

sitting on a goldmineSometimes you don’t know what you have… You may be sitting on a goldmine without realizing it. I was.

This has been my story for a long time. Whatever business I have ever been in, someone, maybe many people told me that I was sitting on a goldmine… except I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t mine the gold.

And it looked that I am in the same situation, locked it, permanently… no matter how much higher I view the world from.

But something happened today, that may change that. Continue reading “I have been sitting on a goldmine… but now I see it”

How you too could start making learning useful

entrepreneur: forrest gump learned just in timeAbout 10 percent of my readers are entrepreneurial minded… the rest… something else.

As I am shifting my focus to whom I can really help, new issues are coming up…

Growing is being entrepreneurial… by the way. Remember? There is growth mindset and there is fixed mindset

And if you have the ambition to grow, you have to watch out for guidance. But you need to remember that Life, the spirit, or whatever it is that wants to guide you does that often in a very subtle way.

I have written about how I experience guidance, but for now I just mention one of them: a sentence I heard back in 2006, and it just popped up again out of nowhere. ‘Learning just in case vs learning just in time‘. One is a waste or time and a pretense, the other is a lifesaver.

Another guidance came just a few weeks ago in a podcast: Don’t start a business, start a project.

Now put the two sentences together and Voilà a really clear guidance.

When you start a project the world shifts. Dramatically.

Continue reading “How you too could start making learning useful”

Mistakes, errors, failures… and happiness

failures are necessary for growthI like challenge.

I believe that only failures, only mistakes teach me anything, so I make sure I set my life up, I set my business up to have a steady stream of failures.

My counter-intuitive approach to life allows me to be happy.

Continue reading “Mistakes, errors, failures… and happiness”