Soul Correction: what is it? what if you don’t know it? what if you don’t do it?

soul correction Soul Correction: a never ending job...

Ever since last June Source and the Soul have been pressuring me to move. Just move... Where to?

Madness, if you want to know! After all I have a local business, and moving puts you out of business. I have done that and it's bad. Going from comfortable income to no income... Noooo!
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Money and soul correction: Circuitry: the end of hoarding: the end of being the end-all

circuitry a codeword for not holding back Money and the soul correction: Circuitry: the end of hoarding: the end of being the end-all... A code word for not holding back.

I have already written articles about tithing in the context of the Law of Attraction. I was knocking it.

But there is something about tithing, (or better said: donating, sharing the wealth, giving away a portion of what is yours, in the form of money,) that is very relevant for everyone, and especially relevant to people with this soul correction, circuitry.

So, first let's see what is the mindset and the behavior of a person with this soul correction:

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Soul Correction: Trust But Don’t Be Stupid!

Soul Correction: Trust But Don't Be Stupid!

The person with this soul correction has had a lot of disappointments, betrayals, and let-downs.

The behavior that has led to these experiences is an interesting one: the person with this issue pretends to only see what supports what they project. They pretend not to see the warning signs of setting themselves up to be betrayed.

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Soul Correction: Global Transformation

Soul Correction: Global Transformation

With a title like that, you would expect that a soul correction like that will encourage the human to direct all their attention outward and try to change, improve, transform other people's lives.

But when it comes to soul correction, normal societal logic doesn't apply.

If you want to cause anything outside of you, you really have to cause it inside of you. Bummer, right?

All the revolutionaries, and campaigners, and reformers, and global warming people, and conspiracy theorists, listen up!
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Soul-Correction: Self Esteem

You must have heard that problems with one of the senses are usually compensated for through increased sensitivity of other senses or organs. For example, persons that had lost their hearing may delight in particularly acute eyesight or the sense of smell.

You can hear better in darkness where your eyes are disengaged, or with your eyes closed.

Our mind tells us, even, to hold our breath when we want to feel or hear... big mistake. We spend a lot of our life not breathing.

Now, given that this article is about low self-esteem, let me tackle it for you, and let me combine this topic with another one: self-discipline.

What is the origin of low self-esteem? You will be surprised to find out that the origin of that is not that your dad yelled at you, it is not that your mom called you names.

No, the origin is that you expected yourself to be able to do things well that you weren't equipped to do well.

Now, I am not saying that your parents weren't stupid, I think they were stupid of expecting you to do things that you could not do, but their stupidity doesn't take your self-esteem, it is your mistake that does.
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What is MY Tikkun?

zeus, chief god in greek mythologyAs I said in my last blogpost, my 72-name is "Forget Thyself."

In my "Your Soul's Purpose" process it was worded this way "Bring The Divine to Everything."

different wordings, neither of them made a difference, until today.

As I was reflecting on the last article I wrote, it occurred to me that one of my "unanswerable questions" is: "Am I smart enough?"

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