Unless you define what is success for you, you can’t become successful

I sleep poorly the night before every Playground session. It takes me hours to fall asleep, and I have trouble filled dreams.

So when I got up this past Saturday, it was freezing cold, in the single digits outside… single digits in Fahrenheit is very cold… double digits in the minus in Celsius.

So I pondered what I had to look forward that day.

For a long time, for years, when I looked, when I asked that question, I only saw one thing to look forward to: my morning tea. Rich British Blend Tetley with full fat milk… Continue reading “Unless you define what is success for you, you can’t become successful”

How do you block the flow?

Some questions come up again and again… especially for readers of my articles.

One of them goes like this: how come someone with a vibration and consciousness much lower than mine can make so much more money than I do?

Or, for me, how come I sometimes make money, other times I don’t? What about me that changes from one time to another?

These are very important questions to answer. For each and every one of us wants to get the most we can get, if we can get it… right? Continue reading “How do you block the flow?”

All Goals in Life Are Problematic — Except One

I have a couple of notebooks in my bed, and I caught a glimpse in one of them: love one day at a time.

It seems that society conspires against the peace that comes from the way of living: society wants you to chase something far away, and while you chase it, make vision boards, mind movies, bombastic declarations, and get caught up in the Desire Trap, which I’d like to rename Wanting Trap.

And although the best things come to you as side effect, not as results of goal setting, although what works in like is taking care of the process, keeping your eye on what you are doing, not concerned with big goals, or the future, most people today are caught up in the Wanting Trap, and live a life of unhappiness, and underachieving. Continue reading “All Goals in Life Are Problematic — Except One”

Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality

what is your level of vibration?I am like a dog with a bone… and this bone, even though I have talked about it, is going to get some chewing done on… because it is coming up and is in my face.

OK, what am I talking about?

We have been talking about reality… a lot, but mostly we have been talking about the visible part of reality, what the Martian can see.

Now, that is just great, but what about the invisible part of reality, the more than 90% of reality?

Really good and tricky question. The invisible part is, by the way, the “don’t know that you don’t know” part of reality.

But, luckily, we do know some stuff from that invisible part due to some incredibly observant people who can connect the dots… visible, invisible, principles that are true in either area. Continue reading “Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality”

DNA Activation: You want to be special but you don’t want to do anything for it… not really.

mental states illustration... making energy visibleI was researching this whole Third Eye humbug on the internet.

Of all the “supernatural” abilities people want, this seems to take the prize!

People want to be special, want to stand out, want to amaze people, but they don’t want to pay the price. Please check if you are part of “people”. My hunch is that if you tell the truth, you’ll find that you are.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?

It violates fundamental spiritual laws.

What are spiritual laws? Why are they spiritual?

Spiritual laws are the laws of the invisible. Energy, for example. Energy is invisible. It can be made visible, 1 but what you see is not the energy itself, you see its effects… Or you feel it… or you hear it… the effect, not the cause.
Continue reading “DNA Activation: You want to be special but you don’t want to do anything for it… not really.”

Are you a taker?

Are you a taker?

Before I get to the question in the title, let’s look at a similar question: what is the difference between a judgment and an assessment?

The difference is subtle.

1. judgment is hiding that personal agenda: the speaker needs to be placed about the judged thing or person to be “authorized” to judge… “I have the right to judge, because I am better, smarter, because I-I-I-I-I whatever. Desire to receive for the self alone.
2. a judgment is always systemic. It uses two pronged concepts, good/bad, right/wrong, smart/stupid… systemic judgments.

an assessment is not building up the speaker’s self-estimation, it is observations about the observed, and mostly not concerned with the systemic (two-pronged aspect of anything), instead extrinsic or intrinsic aspects.

None of the judgment can be verified in reality, while much of the assessment is a part of reality: visible, trackable,

Now let’s return to the original question:

Is being a taker a judgment or an assessment? Continue reading “Are you a taker?”

What is a soul-mate? Who is your soul-mate? Are they unconditionally nice-nice, or accepting?

One of my students is asking a really good question.

She has two friends whose soul correction is Forget Thyself… and she has a good relationship with me… and I have that same soul correction.

She asks:

Sophie, after I read your last article I checked my last 2 friends’ soul corrections. My one friend who pushed me to a certain level had a soul correction Forget Thyself. My friend now, whom I met this year, also has a soul correction Forget Thyself. Interesting. Do we get attracted to certain soul corrections or maybe we get along better with some soul corrections that matches our soul correction?

The answer is not that simple.

  • We know that we have two selves. One self doesn’t change. We can call it the soul. Or the Self. Or whatever you want to call it, it is unchanging. It is the same in you, it is the same in me… it is, maybe, the Self of what’s possible for the human species…
  • Obviously your other self is far from that, it is changing, it is reactive, put together, selfish, and complaining, and haughty, and bossy… all the things you see everywhere.

You are BEING that other self. Continue reading “What is a soul-mate? Who is your soul-mate? Are they unconditionally nice-nice, or accepting?”

Weeping looking back at the path — republished

I wrote this article in 2015. I am republishing it… because it is important to read now… given the next article I just wrote… It will make it easier to get.

Here I am this cool Saturday morning, weeping.

I observe. What is there? Pain, definitely. Sense of loss, yes. Sadness, no. Regret, no. Resentment, no.

I have had a hard life. The hardest part is the last 30 years. Maybe 33… Since I left Hungary.

In Hungary I had friends. I had people who would want me around, who would walk with me, who would vouch for me.
Continue reading “Weeping looking back at the path — republished”

What is transformation? Why is it so important to know exactly?

Everyone talks about stuff… using big words, like transformation, but no one actually knows what the word means, and what do people actually do, or promise to do, who cause transformation.

If you really look, you can talk for half an hour, and you won’t even get near to it…

Why? Because transformation is based on something that people either don’t know, or don’t consider sexy enough.

They talk about beliefs, and they talk about subconscious mind, and blockages… but none of those is actually how the human mind works…

Why am I so sure of that? Because certain things don’t disappear or don’t become unimportant during evolution…

The five senses, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smell won’t be completely bastardized by words, meanings, and other mind construct. Continue reading “What is transformation? Why is it so important to know exactly?”

What is the real meaning of “we are all one”?

People’s instincts are good… but your actions following are only as good as your interpretation of the instinct.

Instincts are sign language… with no well-defined sign-dictionary… on second thought, most words are like that too…

So you have an instinct, that you need to team up with another human if you want to grow… if you want to feel good, if you want a life you can love… and then you go south…

Oh, I need a lover, I need a wife, I need a child… and then you follow the yellow brick road to unhappiness.

The instinct says: TEAM up… and you say, ok, teams are about something, sex, security, blah blah blah… and they aren’t. Continue reading “What is the real meaning of “we are all one”?”