Limited version, try before you buy the full version

I'd like more people to benefit from my work.

For some, paying $30 bucks for a powerful audio is prohibitive. Not necessarily because they don't have the money, and maybe they don't. But because or their value judgment.

For $30 they can get something they value more than themselves. I get it.

I have found a lot of people who are stingy with themselves... there is no love lost between you and you... the two selves. So when that is the case, taking care of themselves is like pulling teeth. Well, we shall see what happens after this announcement...

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What do you like about me? What don’t you like about me? Express yourself

I went to my chiropractor today: my neck was stuck.

I took a ride with the community center van. On the way back the driver of the van gave me feedback on myself: eager. As in eager beaver... busy body, annoying, rushing people. (I was early in the morning, and I was waiting for him outside when he came to pick me up. I meant to make it easier and faster for him, but that is not how it landed... obviously.)

Ugh. That hurts...
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Witness a “measure my vibration” conversation… very educational

open-micThis is a conversation between a person who sent me a donation to find out his vibration.

The conversation worth quoting: I say a lot of important things there... so please read and heed.

Please measure my vibration. Here is my $15 donation....

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From my correspondence: Astrological Signs, Are they preventing us from changing lanes?

stuck in a lane by the starsI stumbled on this old post... and it is exactly perfect for the "What's the truth about you" workshops, so I thought I republish it...


Hi Sophie, I have a question. I would like to know your advice. I recently found an astrological site with natal chart sun decrees interpretations which are scaringly accurate.

I bought your Effortless Abundance Book, three days ago, I do believe one can get much more. My doubt is, can we change lanes? concerning those astrological imprints for a better life?

All the best,

My Answer:

it all depends on your mindset.

if you are trying to change lanes to fix anything: the answer is no.
if you manage to not make anything wrong in the present or in the past!!! not easy, then yes

astrology and such are the mind's effort to understand the world so it can control it.

the world can't be controlled, moreover when you want control for safety etc. you are making something wrong.
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How the abilities activation effects children

Cooking-kids3I activated the abilities of The Sight and Appreciation a few days ago... This is the email I received this morning... unsolicited, of course.

Good morning Sophie. I finally settled in. I would like to share the change that I see after your activation of the two DNA capacities. The first thing I noticed is in my kids.

My daughter in the past never wanted to help when she was cooking or baking even though she wouldn't have a clue what needs to be done: She had an "I already know attitude." Now whenever she is baking she accepts little tips like what needs to go in a cookie batter. Or asks me what goes next.

I was making a chicken dish and she helped me make it while in the past she wanted to do all by herself. She is more teachable now.

Another thing: she doesn't get mad at me when I say something good I shouldn't have said or if I somehow made her mad, she gets over it right away. Before she would be pouting all day long, moody about nothing. Not any more.

My son has changed too. He stopped wetting the bed!
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I had a heart to heart with Source… and let’s play a game

deafI had a heart to heart today with Source.

The conversation started with me asking how many itch mites I have on me. The numbers just didn't add up... so I asked: "You don't know, do you?" And Source admitted that it didn't know.

The conversation continued about what Source knows and how.

Source does not have eyes to see. Source does not feel. Source only senses. And that is why itch mites can elude its observation: itch mites look and feel dead, inert, not alive, when you observe them. They have legs, they must have legs, because they move when you don't watch them. So, unless an itch mite moves, Source doesn't know it's there. And obviously all I can do is guess... A conversation with Source plays out almost completely inside what I can think of... i.e. in the 2-3-4-5% of what is knowable.
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A reader asks: Isn’t inventing a being the same as pretending?

pretending-to-be-happy-2Hi Sophie - I need some clarifications ..

Isn't inventing a being the same as pretending?

Is the goal to have the being be the 'inventing being'? ..someone who can be any being? i.e caring, happy, courageous etc.

What kind of being do I invent when 99% of the population is there to make me feel bad?

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Activate the body, feelings, so you can reduce the time you spend in the unproductive mind.

life-isnt-about-waiting-for-the-storm-to-pass-its-about-learning-to-dance-in-the-rainThe bug free mind book is a great vehicle to take you to a place of power, freedom, and self-expression, but only if your relationship to it is through your body, not through your understanding.

A reader asked:

I have trouble understanding why you see A Bug Free Mind as valuable if 90% is rubbish and Andy is only 195 vibration. Continue reading "Activate the body, feelings, so you can reduce the time you spend in the unproductive mind."

Express Yourself: Am I a self-promoting marketer pretending to be superior to all?

A reader from California writes:

The way you shamelessly steal from Landmark (Education) on one day and than use Landmark as a platform to show how superior you are to Landmark another day is just amazing.

You are nothing but a desperate telemarketer trying to grab the market any way she can.

With your approach you will never be trusted by anyone and only a few lonely similar disenchanted and isolated persons will give you their $ and the time of day. Anyone else can see the approach you are using is dangerous, self serving and dishonest and wisely will keep you at the greatest possible distance.

OK, this person, so far, has written this kind of email to me about 20 times... most worse than this.

Question: do you agree with his evaluation of me and my work?

Am I a desperate telemarketer trying to climb up on the dead bodies of people, companies, or methods I write about?
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Can you help me pick the best label?


Hi! The contest hasn't ended, but I have created a product based on the feedback so far... with two different labels. Here they are, #1 and #2. The only difference is in the little pictures: version 1 has the Bach Flowers, version 2 has ADD children... before and after the remedy.

Which one do you think is better? Please comment to vote.
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