Are you attracting or are you repelling? That is the question…

Why is it that most people, you,  who believe in the Law of Attraction actually practice how to repel people and repel what you want?

99% of all people believe in the law of attraction… or some version of it…

People write to me all the time, asking me for something. They want something for nothing. Obviously they are adherents of the Law of Attraction: the law seems to be saying to the: you can attract to yourself things you want by just wanting them. Ask and it is given… or something of that sort. Or if you really desire it… blah blah blah.

I have a few secrets for you: the world doesn’t operate that way. In fact, the world operates closer to what Charlie Munger says: If you want to get what you want, you need to deserve what you want. Continue reading “Are you attracting or are you repelling? That is the question…”

Enlighten yourself… as often as you can

In yesterday’s Talk-to-me webinar one of the things that came up, thank you Baheej, was the idea that you need to be looking at your shortcomings, gaffes, and mistakes with kind eyes.

We all have them, but depending on your attitude towards them they mean that you are no good, they mean that you need to explain, apologize, lie, attack, avoid responsibility, or they mean that you made a blunder… no big deal.

I recommend a lighthearted approach to mistakes. I call it “play with your kaka”, whatever you can play with, you don’t hate.

Now, admittedly, I still have a few things I have done in my life I haven’t been able to play with, or bring a kind eye to… but I am working on it.

Your self-growth depends on your ability to laugh at yourself and take yourself less seriously. Continue reading “Enlighten yourself… as often as you can”

From my correspondence: I have noticed a change in your tone: what’s happening?

Dear Sophie: your tone is changing. It is more demanding, and I wonder what’s going on… you are wielding a stronger demand on the students… did something change?

Answer: Let me answer with a story:

A Pig and a Chicken are walking down the road. The Chicken says, “Hey Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant!” The Pig replies, “Hm, maybe, what would we call it?” The Chicken responds, “How about ‘ham-n-eggs’?”

The Pig thinks for a moment and says, “No thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d only be involved!”

Sometimes, the story is presented as a riddle:

Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what’s the difference between the Chicken and the Pig?

Answer: The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!

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From My Correspondence: I can’t feel anything, can you help?

Dear Sophie,

Please help me if at all possible.

I know I have some emotional blocks somewhere that I can’t clear up on my own. I have tried and for some reason I just can’t do it.

Another empath has helped open up whatever gates that are closed and I could FEEL some things again. I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I know on a certain level that an empath is what I need to be able to feel alive again.

I’m tired of my emotions and actions being on autopilot and just feeling nothing all of the time.

The only real feelings I can feel at times is being neutral (to an extent), some anger, and a kind of sadness.

Where is that feeling of love, of pure selflessness, understanding and devotion that I want to feel again? For some reason, I can only feel those things while I am connected to an empath.

Please, if you can, teach me how to feel again. 🙁

Can’t feel…

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Can’t learn? Won’t learn? Is that how you keep yourself stuck in life?

I am still struggling with having something or anything to say. Now I have the energy, but don’t have the … what?

What don’t I have, and why is that important to know what it is that you don’t have?

The number one need of people, I say, is the desire to make a difference.

But when I say “make a difference” I don’t mean the big flashy things, like Bill Gates curing malaria… I mean being wanted to be there. That you are not refused.

Cain killed Abel in the Bible, because god accepted Abel’s sacrifice, but not his. He, Cain, got furious, and killed who he could killed, Abel.

Feeling refused, feeling not wanted is the cause of the biggest pain, and unfortunately people carry that in their unconscious for the length of their lives.

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Therefore: the invisible thread in all the invisible dynamics that decide your happiness or wretchedness

I have been talking about these invisible dynamics forever… hundreds of articles about them.

There is no mystery about them, yet you need to actually be willing to look until you see them.

There is a common element in all the invisible dynamics I have looked at, even included the logical fallacies and cognitive biases, which are also part of the invisible dynamics.

And that is what I am talking about in this article. It is there, it is always there, it is already there. Invisible… Lurking in the background, lurking under the conscious detection.

There is nothing wrong with you. And there is nothing right about you either. Continue reading “Therefore: the invisible thread in all the invisible dynamics that decide your happiness or wretchedness”

Limited version, try before you buy the full version

I’d like more people to benefit from my work.

For some, paying $30 bucks for a powerful audio is prohibitive. Not necessarily because they don’t have the money, and maybe they don’t. But because or their value judgment.

For $30 they can get something they value more than themselves. I get it.

I have found a lot of people who are stingy with themselves… there is no love lost between you and you… the two selves. So when that is the case, taking care of themselves is like pulling teeth. Well, we shall see what happens after this announcement…

For for a limited time, more like a test, I am going to offer my most popular activators in a limited version. Continue reading “Limited version, try before you buy the full version”

What do you like about me? What don’t you like about me? Express yourself

I went to my chiropractor today: my neck was stuck.

I took a ride with the community center van. On the way back the driver of the van gave me feedback on myself: eager. As in eager beaver… busy body, annoying, rushing people. (I was early in the morning, and I was waiting for him outside when he came to pick me up. I meant to make it easier and faster for him, but that is not how it landed… obviously.)

Ugh. That hurts…
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Witness a “measure my vibration” conversation… very educational

open-micThis is a conversation between a person who sent me a donation to find out his vibration.

The conversation worth quoting: I say a lot of important things there… so please read and heed.

Please measure my vibration. Here is my $15 donation….

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From my correspondence: Astrological Signs, Are they preventing us from changing lanes?

stuck in a lane by the starsI stumbled on this old post… and it is exactly perfect for the “What’s the truth about you” workshops, so I thought I republish it…


Hi Sophie, I have a question. I would like to know your advice. I recently found an astrological site with natal chart sun decrees interpretations which are scaringly accurate.

I bought your Effortless Abundance Book, three days ago, I do believe one can get much more. My doubt is, can we change lanes? concerning those astrological imprints for a better life?

All the best,

My Answer:

it all depends on your mindset.

if you are trying to change lanes to fix anything: the answer is no.
if you manage to not make anything wrong in the present or in the past!!! not easy, then yes

astrology and such are the mind’s effort to understand the world so it can control it.

the world can’t be controlled, moreover when you want control for safety etc. you are making something wrong.
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