Fighting your demons, over and over, expecting to win one day

You and I spend most of our lives trying to fix something that never happened. Not only that it wasn’t wrong… but it never actually happened. Something that was never factually true. Even though you keep telling the story as if it were true. And you don’t know that you are lying.

Some people call these demons… even though there are no demons… but nevertheless, using the expression: fighting your demons is very accurate, if you don’t believe that demons are entities. There are no entities in the visible or invisible Universe.

And yet we are fighting… I call it an itch… a compulsion… something that makes you weird.

The ITCH that tells you that unless you get what you say you didn’t get in that story, at whatever price, even extorting it, you cannot be OK. Continue reading “Fighting your demons, over and over, expecting to win one day”

Demanding, extorting to be treated well? What would be your excuse if they did?

Why is your ITCH ultimately evil?

Evil, inside the reality based work we do here, is defined as ‘desire to receive for the self alone’.

Your ITCH is putting the onus, the responsibility, the demand, and the duty on another to make you whole and complete.

In that process everything they actually do is judged as ‘wrong’. You give them no equal rights to have their opinion, their style, their preference, their likes and dislikes, you want them to adopt your preferences, so you are dominating.

People can’t be free to be themselves around you, because you consider everything they do, say, express as wrong, because it is not what you wanted. Not what you demand, whether you say so or not.

In your ITCH the only person to win is you, and that is what’s evil about it. Continue reading “Demanding, extorting to be treated well? What would be your excuse if they did?”

What does it take to grow as a person?

Can you learn something that you lack the spiritual capacity for?

I spend a lot of time pondering this issue. What is the predictor, in the Starting Point Measurements, or if it’s not there, what measure could I add, that would predict what someone can do, and is likely that someone will do.

According to Jim Camp, negotiation genius, vision drives decision… and action.

So to see how far someone is willing to grow, how far someone is willing to go beyond what’s the status quo, depends on their vision. That is not capacity… that is hardwired in their genetics.

Some 35 years ago I used to ask this question differently: Continue reading “What does it take to grow as a person?”

Beyond brain health: What robs you of the ability to make astute decisions?

Astute, astuteness has a bad reputation… so do the words: selling, ambitious… or taking care of yourself. But it is unjust, in fact it is against Life.

But, unfortunately, we live in an age where being selfless seems like a virtue… but it isn’t a virtue, it is imposed upon us.

It is stupid and a learned ‘value’…

The best people in the world are selfish…

Selfish… meaning: they take care of themselves… instead of hoping that others will be selfless and take care of them. And then they can contribute… from being well and being taken care of.

No matter how many times people understand, on airplanes, that when the oxygen masks are dropped at them, they should put on their own first… and then assist others… Because they see it there, but the ability to see it everywhere would require a wider cone of vision than they have… Take care of yourself first doesn’t live like a distinction, it lives as an example that is true on airplanes. Continue reading “Beyond brain health: What robs you of the ability to make astute decisions?”

Why changing your circumstances won’t make a difference for you…

I woke up with the question: if circumstances changed, would I be happier? Would YOU be happier?

I asked Source, and the answer was a surprising no.

How come, you ask? Isn’t that I am not happy because of things in my life, in the world? things that frustrate me, anger me, drive me crazy?

My health, for example. My neighbors. Workmen that cause almost as much damage as service.

And every question Source answers with a resounding no.

WTF?! Continue reading “Why changing your circumstances won’t make a difference for you…”

Take away the ITCH and what is left?

Some of my Playground students are starting to see that if they didn’t have the ITCH, they would react to life differently, they would be less upset, they would have a life, maybe, worth living.

So how does this work?

When you are in reality, things are as they are. A is A.

Ayn Rand was widely hated for this statement, but of course if you life like A should be B, then you would hate her, instead of looking to see: is A really A? What have I hijacked it with and what is the trigger?

The questions intelligent people would ask. Continue reading “Take away the ITCH and what is left?”

What you most want in life

A different way to approach your ITCH is this ‘poem’ I swiped from today’s Monday Morning Memo

It takes four people to make a world.

1. One person wants acceptance.
They hope to save the relationship.
Under pressure, they acquiesce. Continue reading “What you most want in life”

What makes you chasing your tail?

I started to do this work 13 years ago in earnest. That is when I found out that I could connect to Source whenever, wherever… no problem, no effort. So I started to connect frequently.

That is when the negotiations between Source and me began.

I wanted to be the one to do this work: taking humanity back into the evolutionary process, so they can reach the evolutionary state of human being.

Source said no.

I get energized by no. I have proven it time and time again… so I doubled up on the work I was already doing. And by 2011 I achieved a tentative yes. Tentative. Source doesn’t offer tenure… lol.

I didn’t have a desire. I had an intention. I had the ambition. I was and I am still doing whatever it takes. Continue reading “What makes you chasing your tail?”

What separates humans from other species, yes even the dolphins, is language.

So we have language. Language that hasn’t evolved for, I don’t actually know, but let’s say tens of thousands of years, and yet we know nothing about communicating.

I even see people call The Communication Course, communications course… with plural.

What does that signal to me? That they don’t think that there is such a thing as communication, only instances of it.

You think that talking, telling someone to do something or not do something is communication.

Unfortunately for you, for humanity, all the communications put together don’t add up to Communication… Continue reading “What separates humans from other species, yes even the dolphins, is language.”

Not as successful as you would like to be?

needyWhat prevents you from growing, what prevents you from becoming all you can become?

Ambition is what makes people grow, ambition is what makes people accomplish things that are not easy.

But ambition is kept in check… as I said above, by desire that everybody says is good for you… Bah humbug.

Let’s see what the words actually mean before we continue.

Ambition is directing your motive power, your inner motive power towards the accomplishment of something: learning, building, mastering. In my view, the beingness view: ambition is the willingness to go/do for what you want. Continue reading “Not as successful as you would like to be?”