Reality for dummies… the inner reality

Life doesn't seem to be nice to you. It doesn't give you what you want, and it gives you a whole lot of what you don't want.

But there is a science, a system of how to flip that over... and this is what this article is about...

The inner reality...

It's not when you can talk about it. It is not when you understand. It is when you can actually SEE it happening, this is when consciousness may take over... and lead you to where your inner terrain can become more friendly to you.

You see, reality is hard to see.

Why? Because just like pin tumbler locks, with many pins that need to align, need to be picked, or need you to have the right key, can keep you out of your house, the many filters, the many members of your Team You, will all have a say in what you can see...

Team You is like any democracy: the voice of the stupidest is the loudest... just look at America. Continue reading "Reality for dummies… the inner reality"

Cancer: The unexpected results of positive thinking

think-positive-collage2Whoever thought that the well-meaning positive thinking will become a prison and a sentence to a 'no joy life' for most who become a "practitioner" of it, about 80% of humanity at this time.

Whether you know it or not, your powers of comprehension depend on your powers of distinguishing.

In the old est training, the trainers came to the room on the first day blasting: "for you Everything is the same as everything else ... except not always" and they were as accurate as accurate they would be today: you can't tell your ass from your elbow.

This is true for everybody, including yours truly... the difference is only in degrees. No one is exempt from it.

The capacity to see differences clearly is called astuteness. The capacity to tell apart similar things, to name them and claim them.

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Time to reinvent yourself as someone you can love

try-time-to-reinvent-yourselfYou live in a world of your own design... Time to reinvent yourself as someone you can love

Your own design is like a filter you look through. You can't see the filter, just like you don't see the window unless you touch it...

A filter is like a pair of glasses...

A filter is also like a pair of glasses... They can be dark tinted, they can be yellow, green... and the world occurs differently with each pair of glasses. You can't see that it's the glasses that make the world look the way the world looks to you... unless you can take it off...

You can see only the ripples. The indication that there is something there...

It's the ripples that we don't like... we don't like the things we do, the things we think, the things we feel. We want to change the ripples. But the ripples are the surface of the iceberg... hidden, invisible...

But you can't change something that you don't know. You can't change something that you don't see.

We all want to reinvent ourselves, our world. Because what we have now is not working too well, not serving us too well. We can't have what we want, and we suffer.

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Without a new context your life will remain the same

Okay. This audio is still going to be about context.

I am getting requests to help people change their context or create a new context, such that life starts turning with this new context, so what am I talking about?

Life is co-created and life happens inside the context that you live in. Continue reading "Without a new context your life will remain the same"

How free are you?

When you reach a certain level of freedom inside your machine, you have the presence of mind to pay attention to a lot more than now.

And I am in a growth spurt... a lot more of MY machine, and THE machine got distinguished in the last few days, due to workshops and private conversations. I went from 50% free to 70% free in these few days.

So yesterday I saw something I have never been able to see... not that I wanted to... it was something I didn't know that I didn't know. Continue reading "How free are you?"

Are The Voices subliminal? Talking to your other than conscious brain?

Remember that episode in the Columbo series where he is in the movie theater and suddenly everyone wants to get a coke... and that is what helps him catch the killer?

That was the time when scientists discovered that the brain can see stuff that you cannot consciously see and act on it. Subliminal, I think, they called it.

The Voices, The Dark Side mostly uses subliminal techniques on you. More of that a little later, but first let me share with you a principle of mine:

If there is a memorable idea, a memorable teaching in a book, a movie, a conversation, something that I'll use decades later, then it was worth reading, it was worth watching.

That is an attitude vastly different from the attitude in vogue: where you are digging, searching for the memorable.

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Caterpillars don’t become butterflies

I clicked the publish button by mistake... Which means I'll add my notes to this article as soon as I can and republish it.

But my notes are going to be very disappointing for many... because this article and what is says is 60% truth value... and applies directly to humans, not only to butterflies and caterpillars.

It, in essence, says that in order to go on a higher plane of existence (butterfly) you need to die your current one first.

And this is what it's all about... How to die your current existence, and take NOTHING from it to the higher plane.

In my upcoming Money course... no name yet, but I am leaning towards "transform yourself so money can come to you"? too long? hell yeah...

Instead of teaching you tricks, I'll endeavor to transform you from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Continue reading "Caterpillars don’t become butterflies"

You live inside a machine… now… Respect the machine… Don’t fight it.

respect the machineRespect the machine... 1

Many of you will get unstuck reading, understanding, and making what I teach in this post instinctual.

Many topics give themselves better and easier to make an advice, a guidance, a new method of doing things instinctual.

I envy the teachers of those "things"... My favorite teacher, ever, is Robert Plank because of his "how". I make a point of taking all the classes he teaches, because I can see the path: how what he teaches will be made instinctual.

And try I might, I haven't been able to duplicate it in my courses.

World view, attitudes, how to read, creating context, etc. seem to be not quite demonstrable, and not that easy to tell people what to do exactly to make them instinctual.

Instinctual means you can do it like you can breathe...

I have managed with a few things myself, but quite a few things: I still have to see, suffer, and do...

Everything in what I teach has to go past the hearing and the understanding level. Because the distance between those levels and actually applying them, instinctually, is like crossing the Grand Canyon... not very likely.

Even a little practice can go a long way... maybe half-way? Continue reading "You live inside a machine… now… Respect the machine… Don’t fight it."

People will always judge you and what you are doing. It’s part of the machine to judge.

People will always judge you and what you are doing. It's part of their machine.

There is nothing you can do about that. Judging is the only way humans have access to "what's happening". It is the right circle (the meaning and story circle)... and it is NEVER empty... You can call it meaning, you can call it story, you can call it judgment, you can call it commentary, you can call it whatever you want to: it never goes away.

Mother Teresa may be right... but doing it anyway, giving your best anyway, may be a really uphill struggle, unless... unless you set the context. She did... masterfully, and she made people "write big numbers" as a result. Continue reading "People will always judge you and what you are doing. It’s part of the machine to judge."

I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true

What you don't know that you don't know

If you are like me at any point you think that what you know is how it is. And that makes you stuck.

Here is what happened that woke me up from this seductive illusion that what I know is so.

I have been fascinated with nut butters. OK... nothing fancy in that...

I bought a machine to make nut butters, and it was a tedious job: 90% of the time was scraping the wall of the bowl... or the machine would run as if it were empty. Continue reading "I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true"