Can you be sick and be well at the same time?

what-i-wantSome days the DS energies are stronger than others. Today is one of those days.

The energies can effect the emotions (just like the ones in the Heaven on Earth! just the opposite way: make them stronger instead of weakening them), other days the energies are like physical pain… if you imagine someone using a voodoo doll to torture you, by proxy.

I have an appointment at 3 and I need to decide if I should cancel it.

I connect to Source, and I muscle test: “Am I going to be well at 3?” The answer is yes. I know that the question was “illegal”, I am not allowed to divinate, ask questions about the future. Hm… I ask another question: “Am I OK now?” and the answer is yes.

I laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s funny.
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Does Your Life Lack Meaning? Purpose? An Organizing Principle?

According to some statistics, 30% of humanity lack meaning in their lives.

I think that this statistics is off by a lot.

  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives, but they don’t miss it, they live an animal existence and they don’t need, don’t want anything more.
  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives and therefore they don’t have any backbone, don’t have any organizing principle, and they don’t know what’s missing, they only know that they are miserable.
  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives, so they use some societal meaning, like money or a social cause to organize their lives, but while they are doing this their soul is starving, and they are finding out that neither money nor a social cause does it for them, however good or bad they are at money or about a social cause.
  • And then there are people who know their lives lack meaning, and they spend their time seeking meaning in religion, in science, in relationships, hoping that something will rub off on them.

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When you are not growing, you are dying…

… and unless you feel you are growing, you are not happy… The most powerful mood-remedy is growth.

Yesterday I lead my evergreen workshop, What’s the Truth About you.

It was exhausting for me. I got a lot of thank yous.

Here is a little story about truth:

According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. The Lie says to the Truth: Continue reading “When you are not growing, you are dying…”

The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off

As I am preparing to lead the Inner Authority Course, I see the need to dig deeper and deeper into the morass of human misery so that I can dig you out of there. I have tools, but I want more. And more. And more.

It is not about getting myself out of misery: I am already 70% “clear” of misery… and that is a blissful place, but it took me 34 years, so far, and I don’t know many people who are willing to work on themselves that long… I did it because I was soooo miserable. Continue reading “The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off”

The emotions that you are a slave to are manipulated… Emotional Intelligence Part two

This is part two of an article I started yesterday

I have a client whose soul correction is Fear/Fearless. She asked me how to get rid of that fear.

She is young, she is impressionable, and she acts fearful. She will have a lot of problems in life from that: it will keep her a child needing protection, someone else to look out for her.

Not what Life wants her to be.

Your soul correction is a particular way you lean away from Life, you turn away from Life: you don’t take responsibility and accountability for yourself and your life.

Life whats what Hillel the elder said some 2100 years ago:

If you are not for you, who is for you?

In this article we’ll examine what is ‘being for yourself’ means… be prepared to be surprised, my students were when they found out. Continue reading “The emotions that you are a slave to are manipulated… Emotional Intelligence Part two”

True or False

Occasionally people from other ‘disciplines’ email me and ask me to muscle test with Source if what they are taught there, what they believe or want to believe is true or false.

I could get billions of emails like that, because all belief systems, especially religion, have beliefs that are not true.

If you are someone who love your beliefs, stop reading… If your beliefs sustain you in life, stop reading.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off… And if you loved your beliefs, then you’ll hate the truth… about life, about the universe, about everything.

So here is the questions/statements… with my answers gotten from Source through muscle testing. Continue reading “True or False”

Self-awareness… is something tainting the water?

I get my inspiration where I can get it… so this article was inspired by a short article on Medium…

1. Two young fish are swimming in the lake and they pass by an older fish that is swimming the opposite way. The older fish nods at them in greeting, and says, “Morning, boys. How is the water?” The two young fish swim on for a while, then one of them looks over at the other and asks ‘What the hell is water?’

OK, that is one story about water… and self-awareness.

2. The second story comes from a book I haven’t read and probably won’t. But the question is fascinating:

Why doesn’t water taste like anything?

According to psychophysicist Mark Changizi, water tastes like nothing because evolutionarily, its lack of taste made it easier for us to taste anything harmful that might be tainting it. Bacteria from a rotting dead animal upstream could spell death for a human that ingested it, and flavorless water makes it easier for us to taste it.

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The magic of synergy: Bach Profile and Mustard Seed… together

I got an email from a student who was watching my Mustard Seed video and also bought his Bach Profile.

Both are vehicles for deep insight, but together they are unbeatable, because how you go about deciding what is your higher power that you are going to honor, as in the 12 step programs, will come completely consistent with your Bach Profile. Continue reading “The magic of synergy: Bach Profile and Mustard Seed… together”

Is it Trust or a belief? Are you trusting or believing? Can you tell?

I wrote this article six years ago… and except for “current events” it is still accurate… My webhost hasn’t kicked me out… yet… lol.

This word, trust, has been coming up  too frequently, in conversations with my students. I consider that coming up guidance, so let me start exploring trust: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to deal with lack of trust, or the different forms of distrust… and also where it comes from.

I had a great opportunity to observe myself today. My webhost shut down my site for a reason of their own. A year ago that was a daily occurrence, but this was a first since.
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Does negativity come from the words you speak? Does positivity come from the words you speak?

About 50% of humanity believes that positive thinking is what is going to bring home the bacon, suppressing negative thought, negative desires. I saw a video yesterday that even the Dalai Lama’s talk is interpreted as positive thinking…

He says: a small positive thought in the morning can set your whole day on a positive spin.

What he doesn’t say is that the kind of positive thoughts people have aren’t the kind that create a positive spin… au contraire… Just the opposite: They turn your day into sh*t.

I once had a client who lived and still lives in the small upstate New York town where I live… Syracuse NY.

He said, and lived by, that Syracuse is a dark town, no sun. Continue reading “Does negativity come from the words you speak? Does positivity come from the words you speak?”