Choice: Do you really choose everything that happens in your life?

Modigliani: did he have a choice?Choice

We are told that we have free will. We are told that we have free choice. But we are never told what that means, so we are left with a childish or adolescent view of what we can and can’t do, what we have the power to do or not.

The childish/adolescent view is that it means that you have a license to do anything you wish, or refuse to do anything you wish.

Licentiousness is what makes government and police and laws necessary, the widespread view is that you are free to do anything, just don’t get caught.

This is now what free will or free choice implies, and this is how humanity lives today, bemoaning the fact that they were duped and there are boundaries, and other people that complain, or exercise their license to take yours… look at yourself instead.

If my hunches don’t lie, you would do the same thing if you had the courage… but you have chosen to be sheep, oh well.
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If you don’t get it… If they don’t get it. A movie to the rescue: demonstrating paradigms

I have been talking, talking, and I don’t think I am being gotten.

I make people raise their hands on calls when they got what I said, and I can feel that they are lying, some of them, when they raise their hands.

Why? Because getting it something is not the same as memorizing it.

So here is am, 720 articles and 50 weeks worth of webinars later. And as usual, I am playing freecell. Suddenly images from a movie I saw a few months ago start coming up in my mind. Bubbling up.

almost famous movie The movie is “Almost famous” and all the scenes star the actress of Fargo fame: Frances McDormand.

She is one of my favorite actresses. Why? Because her capacity to not give a hoot at how ridiculous she looks or sounds is so endearing, so empowering to me, I get courage and power for myself to look ridiculous and not care.

In this movie she goes beyond. And this is what this article is about.

I am not going to tell you the movie: I want you to watch it. But I’ll tell one piece: through her character, exasperating as it is, I have a clearer picture, suddenly, or where the people that are not getting it are.

Some of those people are my students. One of them has been with me since 2007, another one since mid-last year.
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Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?

Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?

One of my students is a relationship guru.

I am not an expert at relationship. I don’t like them, I don’t want them. I consider them an inconvenience, a prison. An imposition.

Regardless, my students have the most breakthroughs in their relationships: weird.

It doesn’t make me proud. I actually feel ashamed. As if I wanted to create a good method to feed humanity and accidentally I created a method to create gold from sand… who cares. Humanity won’t be fed by gold.

So what is it that I really want to teach my people? I want them to immerse themselves into the relationship they have with themselves and into the relationship they have with reality.

The relationship with other people is a societal construct: keeps you on the surface, engaged with what’s not important, keeping you from your depths. Society loves puppets on a string: they are easy to manipulate.

Imagine teaching a relationship guru about relationships…

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I Was Stupid Or Why Do We Need To Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Are In A Paid Course

I am stupid... and I got caught I Was Stupid Or Why Do You Need To Sign A Confidentiality Agreement When You Are In A Paid Course

Most of us are in this work, teacher and student alike, to raise our vibration. In my programs the specific purpose is to develop a core group of the New Humanity through a combination of raising the vibration and new ways of being.

But some people, students and gurus alike, are in this work for their own purposes, personal significance, money, world dominance… everybody has their purpose and reason.

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Affirmations to Keep You on Track in Life

If you know me, you know that the misery I experienced in my life for 50 years drove me to many modalities of relief, including affirmations.

Affirmations don’t work for me. Never did and never will.

Why? Because affirmations are spoken from the mind: and the mind says so many things, a nice word here and there won’t make a difference. Just watch how much difference and how long a pat on the back does to you: not much, correct?

Life started to change when I learned different ways of speaking. I learned that there is descriptive language, and that includes the affirmations: the ordinary way of speaking of most people.

Then there are the active ways of speaking: requests, promises, and declarations. This way of speaking does not come from the mind: it comes from your higher way of being: your vertical plane, your vertical self.

This kind of speaking creates a context that is inescapable.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people won’t use request or promise sounding sentences, that come from the mind, a casual tool of babbling. They may even seem to declare something, but the power is missing.

Any speaking that comes from the mind is mere chatter, and any speaking that comes from the Self is a command.

So then why do negative statements seem to have disastrous consequences: what the statement says seems to come true? Because those statements, when spoken in the absence of a commitment, the absence of a higher context, are the true description of where the speaker’s world is heading.

I often say: this won’t work… this is going to fail… but my actions are not consistent with those “affirmations”, they are consistent with making it work.

Your most important job, if you want your word to have power, is to learn to connect to your higher self (not god! not Jesus! but your own higher self), and speak from there.

Until then you are just littering the world with your affirmations.

“What changes your focus changes your faith. What changes your faith changes your outcome.” ~ Jesse Duplantis

Let me start by saying that everything you say is some kind of affirmation – either positive or negative. When you complain to your friends, “nothing ever goes right for me,” you are affirming to the world and the universe that nothing should go right in your life.

It’s true, you know. You are where you are today because of your beliefs, attitudes and words. What you say today becomes your reality tomorrow. What you believe about yourself and your situation creates and maintains your world.

You may not like where you are right now. You may not think you deserve all the hassles, stress and problems. And you are right. But you are the only one who can change your life with affirmations.

It was a revelation to me that my lack of money, bad attitude and poor relationships were my own fault! It was life-changing to learn that I could change my circumstances by changing my words.

Over the years, I have learned to say certain things – affirmations – to cancel negatives and attract positive results. Here are six affirmations that changed my life.

1. “I will not be defeated and I will not quit.” It is so easy to throw up your hands and say, “I tried.” But ‘try’ is never enough. To win in any situation, you have to be prepared to stay with it until you do win! It’s a philosophy that applies to everything. Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest basketball player ever. But he freely admits that he has lost more than 300 games and missed over 9,000 shots. But he never quit. Whatever you want, whatever you need to accomplish, don’t let your circumstances win. Don’t quit.
2. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Yes, it’s a Bible verse. But I use it all the time – when I’m tired and just want to give up (see #1!), when I’m faced with a problem that I don’t know how to solve, when I need physical strength to just get through the day. Sometimes I partner it with “I rest in God’s energy,” drawing strength and resolve from the Eternal source of all energy and ability.
3. “I have the mind of Christ.” The power here taps into Divine wisdom to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. God has answers to every situation. Affirming that connects your spirit with His wisdom. Patience allows Spirit to work on your behalf to bring the answers or change the circumstances to bring the solution you seek.
4. “I am rooted and grounded in Love.” This one is particularly effective when I’m NOT feeling very loving. When someone interrupts ‘my’ routine, wants something from me that I don’t really want to do, or when I’m feeling selfish, I remind myself of my higher calling. I am rooted and grounded in love. I can set aside my wants and focus on the other person. God will take care of me. Use that as an affirmation, coupled with appropriate action to line yourself up for greater blessing.
5. “There is nothing lost in God’s world.” Use this one where you are looking for lost keys, glasses or any misplaced item. It may take some time, but if you will let this work, a thought will pop into your mind to look… somewhere. And you will usually find exactly what you are looking for.
6. “God loves me and has a good plan for my life.” Use this all the time, but especially when circumstances seem aligned against you. This affirmation helps to line up your thinking with the divine plan of blessing and abundance. It helps defeat stress by acknowledging the power of Divine assistance and direction.

Remember, you must stay consistent with your affirmations. Think of your words like a bucket of paint. If you are filling the bucket with negative (black) words, complaints and mumblings throughout your day, how much white (positive) words will you have to speak to get the color you want?

Don’t just think of affirmations as things you speak sometimes. Watch your everyday words to make sure you are speaking what you want. God explained it this way: call those things that be not as though they were (Rom. 4:17). By following His method of creation, you can re-create your own world with your words.

Words have power. They have the power to change your mindset. By changing your mind – your beliefs – you change your attitude. That leads to a change in your actions. Use the “A-team” – Affirmation, Attitude and Action – to change your life.

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Coming Out Of Grief – The Process And the Problem

This article deals with the stages of healing, healing your grief. Denial, anger, fear, and so on.

The most important distinction I can add is: check your cone of vision. If your cone of vision is narrow, everything is colored or filled with your grief: the context of life becomes your grief, independent of the content of life.

In addition to that, when you are grief stricken, you start interacting with unreality, and avoid reality.

If there is any hint of “no” in your thoughts, you are interacting with unreality. There is NO no in reality.

I learned this through my own grieving process almost 20 years ago, when my mother died.

She was in Hungary and I was in New Jersey. I didn’t even know she wasn’t well until after she died.

My whole grief was about what I didn’t, could not do, and what we could not do together.

All unreality.

When I came to terms with that, that all grieving is about unreality, I started to tell the truth about reality: I was in New Jersey and she was in Hungary and she died. If I am interested in doing all the things I planned to do with her: I surely will find the time and opportunity to do it with myself or with someone else.

Stabs of grief were still there, but only occasionally.

When you find what’s real, your love, your appreciation, you will have a time that if they could watch you, they would love to watch. Instead, they are watching you crying yourself into oblivion, turn to drinking, or sex, or gambling… If they could grieve, they would have a good reason now, watching you.

Grief strikes every one of us sometime or the other in our lives. Many of us find it difficult to come out of it. People get stuck in grief and find it unable to move forward. The situation is similar to a vehicle getting stuck in deep mud and not moving out of it despite frantic efforts made by people.

Coming out of grief is very important for us to progress. But several factors inhibit this process. The most important of them is the state of denial. Many people will find it difficult to accept the happening of a sad event. The obsessive belief ‘This cannot happen to me’ is so deeply entrenched in our minds that we refuse to see the reality that stands before us.

The grief can be the result of a natural event like the death of a person close to us, an unexpected financial loss etc. It can also be the result of someone acting against us. It can be an act of cheating, betrayal or just being let down by someone whom we trusted. The initial response will always be to deny the happening. This state of denial will persist for a while. We sometimes read about someone living with the corpse of a person dear to them for several days, unmindful of the stink emanating from the disintegrating body. These are examples of extreme states of denial.

The second stage is anger. Once we accept (or are forced to accept) what has happened, then the belief ‘This cannot happen to me’ turns into a question, ‘how can this happen to me?’ We show our anger either on the people whom we perceive to be the cause of our grief or on the world at large or the cruel fate for allowing this to happen. It is a kind of protest against the ‘injustice’ done to us.

The third stage is the stage of fear. Once we realize that our anger has no force and can do nothing to undo what has happened, we are likely to be gripped by a feeling of insecurity and fear. ‘If this can happen to me, what other things can happen?’ becomes the haunting feeling. This kind of thought makes us weak and depressed.

At this stage, we are so confused that we will not accept any help from others. We feel lonely and suffer our feelings in that state of loneliness.

Overcoming these stages of grief and moving ahead is the real challenge. If you can’t do it yourself, you should take help from others because what is important is that you come back to normalcy and continue with your life. You have not only tasks waiting for you but also people looking forward to your support.

Two things are important in life. Self development and maintaining good relationships. If you want to be happy and successful, you should focus on these two areas of personal success and harmonious relationships.

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The 9/11 of Japan, desire to receive for the self alone, A Spiritual Interpretation

earthquake in japanEnd Of Times, The Earthquake, The Tsunami, The Nuclear Threat, Hydrogen Peroxide, desire to receive for the self alone, A Spiritual Interpretation

Why did the earthquake in Japan happen, what about the tsunami and the threat of radiation from the nuclear plant, desire to receive for the self alone? A spiritual interpretation

There are two major attitudes that “humanity” uses to look at an event. Both are desire to receive for the self alone.

  • 1. personal. the question is asked? why me? how did I deserve this? or “father, why did you forsake me?”
  • 2. global i.e. not personal. The tone is blame and “there is nothing I can do about it” “I am not at fault” and the like.

Both attitudes are faulty and driven by ego and a profound misunderstanding of how it all works.

Is One healing modality more valid than others?

Is There Any Healing Modality More Valid Than Others? Do any of them work better?

Though it seems that the healing modality that works for you is the only modality that would work for anyone, the truth is that the modality that works for you is the right healing modality for you and for people that have an affinity to the same modality.

What do I mean by that, and what the heck is healing modality anyway?

Modality, just like when we approach learning, or self expression, has a tendency to choose us: we don’t have much of a choice in them.

In learning we can be auditory, or visual, or kinesthetic: they are learning modalities.

In healing ailments, physical, emotional, psychic, intellectual, or even political: Some people heal with minerals, physical force, like cutting out bad stuff and the like. Most western doctors use that healing modality to what they consider curing. You can tell, that I don’t like them… lol. Revolutionaries, protesters, strikers use it for their purposes of forceful change. Incidentally, healing with stones, crystals, belongs to this healing modality.

That is the first modality, the modality of the physical, forceful, and non-organic.
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