How to fight the rise of evil, how to be untouched by it?

evil is risingThe rise of evil and what to do about it?

A student of mine sent me a link to a youtube video.

I put aside ego and watched it. The video was eye-opening.

It showed how someone’s worldview, value system can be shifted rapidly… within a few months or years. And how dangerous that is.

That the Trump era’s biggest accomplishment was/is that mass murder looks normal, and complimenting a woman on her dress or beauty looks outrageously aggressive, maybe even criminal.

That one character in the Harry Potter books, Remus, went to fight against the Dark Lord, the Dark hordes, and chose to left his pregnant wife home is the most horrid thing a character did in that saga.

Did you watch the video? Good… This article will attempt to knock you conscious (Just like the Big Bundle energy does!) and see what you can do in a world that has gone crazy.

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Confession Video?

dance is divine. live your life like a danceYesterday I was on a zoom training with a known videographer. He gave an assignment to us, participants, to make a five-minute ‘confession video’ of why we do what we do, being vulnerable, authentic, and firm in the declaration of the intention for what we do. Each their own… not as a group.

The call was in the evening, so I spent all my dreams pondering where was the point where I became who I am today… and what furnace did I come through to be that…

I participated in Landmark (formerly est training) for 26 years when I first decided that maybe it is my job to take Landmark’s teaching further.

I had offered myself to Landmark and was rejected several times. They needed straight delivery people, not thinkers. In spite of the rejections I never lost the confidence that I have what it takes to take Landmark’s work further, make it more accessible and more implementable, so it could make more difference in people’s results and sense of self.

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Learn to dance with Life!

choose to dance with lifeTree of Knowledge or Tree of Life? Death or Immortality? Choose! Learn to dance with Life…

Had we received the knowledge of good and evil from God, our discernment would include God’s perspective – but Adam chose to TAKE the knowledge rather than receive it.

I copied the above sentence from a very insightful interpretation of what happened in the Garden of Eden.

What Homo Sapiens refused at that juncture is to live according and in harmony with original design. Homo Sapiens chose drama, Homo Sapiens chose to create a world of their own design and forget that they did it.

It’s like the actor who read the movie script, knew how it went, but when he was at the scene, decided to do his own thing, wreak havoc, kill, cheat, lie, pretend that it is entirely up to him what would happen.

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99% fails at this… pattern recognition… But why?

chess trains pattern recognitionIn the early days of my participation in The Forum, back in the 80’s, the typical first few minutes were like this: A smartly dressed man or woman ran into the room yelling: for You Everything is the Same as Everything Else, Except that not always…

Stunned silence… who expected yelling… definitely not me! And what the heck does that even mean?!

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Truth value? Whether you think you can or think you can’t

truth valueWhat is the truth value of Henry Ford’s statement ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you are right‘?

7%. Which means: it is 93% not true.

Why so low?

Because what you think may not have anything to do with what you can do… It has more to do with something else…
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What is missing? Capacity, capability, skill, knowledge?

capacity capabilityThis story begins with my willingness to be vivisected… and be been seen in the worst light. To see what is missing: capacity, capability, skill, or knowledge.

I have known that certain things are not just difficult for me… they are impossible. I can’t wrap my mind around them.

I first noticed it at University. I am an architect by training and building anything has a certain order of things, or they won’t work.

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Your unholy triad of Bach Energies or the jaws of death

The middle question of the Bach Diagnostic Profile is, cleverly hidden in the middle. 1

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