“What you would seem to be, be really.” Russian Proverb

Your elbow is close, yet you can’t bite it… another Russian proverb…

Your mind says: I am not enough… it has been saying it for a long time… but nothing has changed.

It is Monday Morning and I am already not enough.

I just read the Monday Morning Memo, and it answered my nagging question: why am I not more successful? And answered it in a way that turned me into a heap of meat: I can’t do what it tells people to do… put sentences the way he says…

I can’t. I’ll never amount to much… maybe it’s time to pack it in.

I am pondering what he teaches, I am pondering my inability, I am pondering how I can live, have the audacity to live, now that I know.

I am pondering, as always, while I play Freecell, a computer card game. A completely impossible setup solves itself… I win the game. Continue reading ““What you would seem to be, be really.” Russian Proverb”

What would it take for you to do what you love for a living?

Many people, including some clients, a nephew and a niece have studied to become CPA’s.

It’s not exciting, it’s not titillating, it is not a dream profession… unless… unless…

If I asked a 100 people how they would finish the sentence, what comes after unless, almost all of them would say: unless you love it.

And to a certain degree they may be right… it is more fun to do a job that you love.

But what does it take to love someone or something?

We live in an age where people expect to be in love with a person to get married… and then 50+ percent falls out of love… and get divorced. The less, most of them stay together for the kids.

And the same trend is winning in choosing a vocation… same or higher “divorce rate”.

So maybe the order of things is messed up: first you get good at the job and then you’ll love it.

Here is an article I swiped because it’s so good: Continue reading “What would it take for you to do what you love for a living?”

Do you need passion to love your work? Purpose? the right work? What is the truth about that?

One of my ex-students sent me an email today. He is an ex-student, because I could not get him to achieve any results whatsoever.

But he has sent me valuable information before, so I read the email.

He sent me to a short video about Cal Newport’s book: Be so good they can’t ignore you.

I watched it. It was good. 30% truth value. Same as the book. 30% truth value is exceptional… but…

It is a topic that is in the forefront of most people’s mind: how to have the eight plus hours of work, the activity that provides you with enough money to live on, enjoyable. Not drudgery. Not feeling like a tool, feeling like a slave. Not something you have to do, but something you get to do. Not something that after that you can have your own life… something you are deprived of for eight whole hours.

Thousands of books are written to these people… and all of them are low truth value.

When something is only 30% truth value, you can be sure it won’t work unless you find the missing truth. Continue reading “Do you need passion to love your work? Purpose? the right work? What is the truth about that?”

The 4 stumbling blocks to Intelligence… the empath’s view

Intelligence is what makes you able to

  • navigate the treacherous world of humans,
  • see things for what they are, be able to
  • compare things even if they aren’t in front of you, and
  • find what is more primary and what is secondary so you can do things in order, and lastly accomplish things.

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Selfish, selfless, wanting, forcing, pushing on a string…

When you are a value recognizer, you see value, for you, everywhere.

Seeing value, recognizing value, is a very high vibration capacity, and I literally don’t know anyone who has it fully open… meaning the DNA capacity.

It’s Tuesday, and I had no idea what to write about today. The way it was looking, life was going to be mundane, maybe even boring today…

But I opened my horoscope from Rob Brezsny, and it all changed when I read it. It brought back yesterday, and the whole past month.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): How sexy is it possible for you to be? I’m referring to authentic soul-stirring sexiness, not the contrived, glitzy, counterfeit version. I’m alluding to the irresistible magnetism that wells up in you when you tap in to your core self and summon a reverent devotion to your life’s mission. However sexy it is possible for you to be, Virgo, I suggest you unleash that magic in the coming weeks. It’s the most reliable strategy for attracting the spiritual experiences and material resources and psychological support you need.

In the 30 dry days… that seemed to pass through the land of commerce, I learned a lot about scarcity, about abundance, about being Selfish and being selfless, wanting, forcing, and pushing on a string. Continue reading “Selfish, selfless, wanting, forcing, pushing on a string…”

Updated: Is muscletesting a good truth method for picking a diet? Prepare to be surprised

web-muscle-testingI am starting to get hate mail.

I am happy about it.

They say the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.

So when you teach something, no echo is the worst thing that can happen to you. Being called names, cursed out: that is wonderful. You got noticed.

It means: you are being heard. It means you are making waves. It means you are upsetting the apple cart. Poking holes into long held truths… and ultimately that is the job of a teacher.

The order of things is what is accepted as truth.

For the most part, the order of things contain “truths” memes, that are not true…

The current order of things has a total truth value of 4%… which means 96% of what we believe is not true.
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An easy way to get to the big picture that can make your life worth living, regardless of the circumstances

the-meaning-of-your-lifeI am republishing this article… Because I am writing another article with a different approach about the same result… Being able to live a principle driven life… Principle can also be called “the big picture” of your life.

Gurus teach to look at life this way… but obviously even they don’t quite get it… The order of things is this: Being creates the kind and type of doing and the doing creates the having… If this didn’t make any sense, you are not alone… billions are in the same place of WTF does that mean?!

be – do – have

But getting it would make all the difference for you: suddenly finding constructive actions, actions that actually lead to what you want… And between you and me, that is not a small thing. I get lots of requests to muscle test for people if the actions they decided lead to self-growth, a better future, or not.

So, it is obviously not easy to see.

As any living thing, your first and main concern is you. What you have, how you feel, how safe you are, how happy you are.

Most people get stuck there: it is a “level of consciousness” thing… that is the level of consciousness where most people live. Really, 99.99% of humanity.
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90%-95% of everything is mechanics, the grind… and what’s wrong with having goals, dreams, aspirations

vision boardingI wasn’t going to write an article today.

I had four calls yesterday, and I expected myself to be tired, and running on empty.

But I am well. Not tired. The Days of Power must be really working… lol.

The fear, the uncertainty is never quite extinguished in a healthy brain: nothing is certain… even what you see or feel can be mirages.

Anyway, I am putzing around, and find an old Landmark notebook… and it triggers an issue I will need to deal with.
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Prostitution. Your base survival strategy…

sell-talent-prostitute-tolstoyI caught something today:

Prostitution. Your base survival strategy.

What is prostitution?

Let’s look at it without a dictionary, shall we?

  • Institution is building something that lasts, like a country.
  • Constitution is your base inclination, personality, body, temperament.
  • Substitution is using a different element to serve the same purpose.
  • Prostitution is to replace what is innately yours… with someone else’s interest.

Let me now check what the dictionary has to say about it?

The unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for the sake of personal or financial gain.

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Does morality give you rights to force others?

netflixDo you have the moral right to impose your belief system on your children, on your spouse, on your students?

It is Saturday afternoon and Netflix is down… and half of the United States is scrambling, wondering what they should do with their lives. lol…

I have been downloading the Spiritual Energy that is available on this Day of Power, several times today, and it is the nicest energy I have ever encountered… Continue reading “Does morality give you rights to force others?”