The escape route from the dungeons of the human condition

Escape route differs from jailbreak... Unless you plan how you'll be, where you'll go, what you'll do after you break out of jail, you'll be taken back on short notice...

Why and how the "human condition" have come to signify wretchedness, evil, and ugly?

I wrote the first part of this article about 18 months ago...

This article has been researched for more than two years. but it was just getting puzzling and more puzzling.

Finally, today, as I was pondering the issue, the expression "human condition" opened it up for me.

So, here is the result of more than two years of research into the biggest puzzle I have ever dealt with.

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Learn the art of life-altering sharing

Share your incidents, success incidents with giving the fireplace wood before you expect/receive heat

It puzzles me to no end how difficult it is for humans to grok principles.

Principles are timeless, culture-free truths... the kind that is true everywhere... and has been true forever.

Rules, hypotheses, theories are cultural, dated, and rarely even true in the environment where they are first invented.

Like democracy... or what is right and what is wrong... and 97% of what you read in "informative" articles, courses, books, on the internet.

They may even hint on the some principle, like Michael Gladwell's books, or the Grit book, or many others... hint... hinting is not saying! They don't quite know what the principle is, or it may not be politically correct in this day and age. Or not sexy. Or won't sell books.

Just observe your refusal to consider any true principle... and you'll get why those articles and those "authors" put their emphasis on sexy... because you won't read it unless it is innocuous (not considered harmful or offensive) and in some ways tells you that you are greater than you are... Continue reading "Learn the art of life-altering sharing"

Principle guided life… OK… but what principles will make you happy?

When I wrote the article about racial, ancestral identity and its importance, I touched on something that is not valuable for most people... because I didn't go deep enough and I didn't accurately identify what it takes to be proud of who you are, where you belong.

I got on the phone with one of the people who was very unhappy about that article... I was eager to talk, because it is near impossible to go beyond the visible by yourself. It is a whole lot easier when you get input... because what is invisible to you can be visible for another.

The conversation was fruitful... And the insight to me was: it is not virtues, it is principles that form the basis of a happy life... I will elaborate...
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Reality… the pragmatic approach that makes you happy

Back in the early 70's I had a live-in boy friend, who was a philosophy student. His father was a famous philosopher, was a Hegel expert.

Hegel, I hear, is one of the most impenetrable philosopher to me. The family, father and three sons, had regular philosophy lessons.

I am not interested in philosophy, not a debating/argumentative person, but lately I am encountering philosophical questions that are at the root of my teaching: teaching you to be in harmony with life, teaching you to live a happy life.

One of the most important questions here is what is reality, what is real, because all that unhappiness we experience comes from what is not real.

Of course, given our sensory organs and their limitations, the fact that most of reality lives in the invisible, and given our propensity for having thoughts that have emotional effect on us, we have NO IDEA what is really real what isn't.

I am a pragmatist...

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And the winner is: innocence… what most of my readers want assistance with

Innocence is word a lot like freedom: you can have freedom from and you can have freedom for...

And then there is BEING Freedom, Being Free... a sacred state of being... a context, that is available at any time for people whose word and Self connect strongly. Whose word creates their beingness.

Same with innocence... there is innocence from, I bet this is what my readers have in mind, then there is innocence for...

And then there is INNOCENCE... a state of being. Having been untouched by the "stuff" that makes you dirty, discolored, jaded, altered, and prejudiced.

I live in that state of innocence 30% of my awake time. The rest of the time: I am judging, reacting, or know already... just like you. Continue reading "And the winner is: innocence… what most of my readers want assistance with"

What can the Nobel Prize winning physicist’s story teach you?

What can the Nobel Prize winning physicist's story teach you? OR What did Frank Kern learn the hard way?

First, before I get into the story itself, let's ponder the meaning of teaching so we are on the same page, shall we?

As someone who attempts to teach, let me tell you what it's like for me: I find a thousand different ways to say, demonstrate, frame what I want to teach. I invent thousand and one stories, I find books that hint on what I want to teach, I sing it, I make it a comedy, make it a tragedy, I make you read, I make practice activating your eye muscles and the related brain areas...

And if I do it long enough with enough enthusiasm, I may get a few people to learn what I teach... but most of the time it is a real uphill battle.

So what I mean to convey: teaching doesn't equal learning. Continue reading "What can the Nobel Prize winning physicist’s story teach you?"

Getting to the bottom of the iceberg… It is like the One Ring that controls all

I had an impromptu (unplanned) conversation with a long time client yesterday. Unfortunately my recorder decided to run out of battery... so I didn't record it.

This woman is one example of the perfect client for me.

So what is a perfect client? A perfect client is one who is able and willing to do what they need to do to fulfill on my promise to them.

"My aim is to take you to a place where you are able to be well and stay well, make money and keep on making money, and feel good about yourself and keep feeling good about yourself"

Joel Salatin said: "I don't mind carrying a man, but I don't want them dragging their feet!"
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Mindfulness? No. Meditation? No. Meditative living? Yes

It was my shopping day yesterday...

Through bad design, I have my webinars on the same day as my shopping day.

And yesterday I felt creamed by the experience.

I dragged myself through, slept like a baby, but I am still exhausted today.

The difference for me between tired and exhausted, is my breathing. If my chest is not willing to expand, I call that exhaustion...

Anyway, I went to lie down about an hour ago, and opened a new book, 10-minute mindfulness, or something like that... on my kindle.

Five minutes into it I suddenly I realized what happened, what I didn't do...

OK, first I am going to tell you what others teach you to do to be more present in life and less swept up in the drama of the day.

Then I will tell you what works... what I normally do, and what I didn't do yesterday. OK? Continue reading "Mindfulness? No. Meditation? No. Meditative living? Yes"

Everything You Ever Wanted Is Coming To You Through Other People.

Henry David Thoreau wrote

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.

What is the meaning of desperation?
Desperate means "having lost all hope." ... If you are in a desperate situation, it means things are really, really bad. Desperate... Both desperate and despair come from the same Latin verb as despair.

I remember clearly what that is like. It wasn't long ago where I was wholly resigned and therefore had nothing to look forward to...

It was about 10 years ago that I had a turning point.

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People go on talking about freedom, but they don’t want freedom exactly, they want irresponsibility

getting a firm knowledge foundation

I have spoken about the holes in your education in other articles. I have also spoken about the holes in your health.

Both cause you to cope with life poorly, to have less and less freedom in life.

And interestingly, both came from the desire to have more freedom, and to give our offspring more freedom than we had ourselves.

The problem can be summed up in a word: choice.

We think that the more choice we have the freer we are. Continue reading "People go on talking about freedom, but they don’t want freedom exactly, they want irresponsibility"