The Path To Enlightenment, raising your vibration, begins with training your attention

path to enlightenment is mastering your attentionThe Brain That Changes Itself Needs You To Teach It First to perform the new action by doing it hundreds of times…

In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge, a medical doctor, deals with the physical activities, and problem solving abilities of your brain.

In that he says, and shows with valid examples, you find out that the brain demonstrates a certain plasticity, as far as how you can see, feel, or move your body.

What no one is talking about though is what differentiates a human being from a robot or an animal: changing your attention, changing your consciousness also depends on your brain’s ability to change itself.
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What is the Truth? And how do you go about deciding it?

If you’ve been following my vibrational reviews, you’ve probably experienced confusion, fear, anguish seeing that most gurus, most people, in fact, have a low vibration.

Vibration is not your energy, or not really. Vibration is a number that shows to what degree you are in truth.

What is truth? Truth is Existence. Truth is how it is. That A is A… no contradiction, not a good idea, not because someone said so, but because it is. Always.

The higher your vibration, the more you are in harmony with life, your thinking, your emotions, your reactions, your reality is in sync with how it is, really.

When your vibration is low, you are seeing only a small fragment of the truth, therefore you are powerless with reality. No matter what you do in unreality, it will never make a difference in reality.

Unreality is where The Man of La Mancha lived: he fought windmills, thinking they were giants. He rescued a princess who was not a princess at all and didn’t need rescuing.

It can be funny, and it can be tragic, when you are living in unreality. Funny for others, tragic for you.

How the heck did you end up spending your precious life dealing with unreality, you ask?

The answer is simple: you were brought up by people who also dealt in unreality. They taught you what they “knew” and they knew only unreality. They were miserable too.

When did it begin? I think it began at the beginning of time.

But the significant damage started to be engineered by the people of religion.
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Black Whole is a gamechanger, but you must promise…

This is the Black Whole article, but most people search for Black Hole… oh well, this is the article…Black Whole is a gamechanger, but you must promise not to watch it with your mind

Here is a video that one of the readers suggested, and I literally wept when I read it.

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Why isn’t your life changing, in spite of all the stuff you do to change it? Witnessing to the rescue

happening vs occurrence: the importance of witnessing I have written articles about witnessing, but this is a new (to me) aspect of it, and I consider it my duty to share it.

Why? Because of all the people that I know, only a tiny fragment of them has the habit of witnessing.

What is the principle?

Without witnessing nothing happens.

And I might add, nothing intended happens. Nothing new… Now, is this a rule? Is this really a happening phenomenon? 1 No, it is more in the domain of occurring.

Given that your life’s experience (and your actions) are consistent with the occurring world, even if something happened, it would not make much of a difference for you.

What is the occurring world?

Occurring world is an expression that includes that we have no direct relationship with reality since the introduction and subsequent dominance of the mind.

When you look at a flower, you don’t experience the flower, there is a buffer between you and the flower made by words, made by recognition.

Anything that you don’t recognize doesn’t exist in reality for you.

the water... ripples but no Santa Maria occurring The famous example from the movie “What the bleep do we know?” when the first Spanish ships arrived to the coast of what we now call America, the natives could not see them. They saw the ripples in the water, but they could not see ships. They hadn’t seen sails, or anything on the water the size of a Santa Maria.

By the time they realized that people were embarking into row-boats, it was too late to put up a really big defense.

I have arguments with really knowledgeable people about water. The more they “know” the less they can see what’s in front of them as real. People experience the taste change of the Energy Water, but their mind can’t wrap their minds around it, so they need to deny it.
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How Will You Activate The Light? Are You Part Of The Majority That Is Always Wrong?

expanding How Will You Activate The Light? Are You In The Majority That Is Always Wrong?

In this article I will introduce you to the ultimate trigger that operates the “faucet” for receiving light. It will surprise you, and it will, probably, disappoint you, but you will be wrong to take it that way.

Let’s start with the historical overview of how “operating the faucet for the light” has been taught. Keep in mind, all of these are theories: once a theory is proven, it becomes an axiom, and it works, all the time.

This overview will be different. I will concentrate on the mistakes our predecessors and our contemporaries have made, to the effect that we, 21st century humans, are not better off than the caveman. In this regard.

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