Horizontal Plane vs the Vertical Plane: so what?

I like to start my day with Reddit. Reddit is a site with lots of different threads and topic, and some days it can give you an insight you could never have anywhere else.

Today was one of those days.

The topic was Anti-choice, unless it’s my choice

And the choice or no-choice was abortion. Continue reading “Horizontal Plane vs the Vertical Plane: so what?”

You can be in love with yourself and yet not love yourself

I just finished listening to a 30-minute audio where the dude was sharing how great he was, what great things he does, and how much money he was going to make with it.

I muscle tested. His narcissistic measure from the Starting Point Measurements) was 99%.

Then I muscle tested if he loves himself… and the answer was no.

Self love is a function of integrity.

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Rules of engagement on the horizontal plane

I like French movies. For the most part they are off-kilter, and not obvious. Which means that French movies normally don’t come from the mind. And that means they don’t often come from the horizontal.

But, from time to time, ‘they’ slip through a movie that sides with the societal conspiracy, the conspiracy to enslave you. Continue reading “Rules of engagement on the horizontal plane”

Look for it where it is, not where the light is on

streetlight-effect-2Everyone is looking for the lost key under the lamppost…

The current state of humanity is: no one is looking…

Instead, if they do anything, they try to think it out.

It is like trying to think out soup… no ingredients, none.

The only way to be effective in life is through looking IN REALITY, where the ingredients are… and not just for soup, but for everything.

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How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading articles?

transformed through reading articlesIf you could be transformed through reading articles, you’d be a unique and incredibly special human. this article is about how to become that special human

If you look through my site, I have more than 4000 articles. All meaty, full of information, 99.99% Tree of Life… my personal knowledge.

All free and all teaching you to have a life worth living, a life you live powerfully. Continue reading “How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading articles?”

Can you be soaring when you are anchored?

self-awarenessSoaring, the Magic, the magic that comes from Beyond cannot be forced… allowing is what works.

Soaring and what happens when you are in soaring is a lot like listening.

  • The listening that causes…
  • The listening that alters

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“The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.”

The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing…

But do you even know, have you even decided what is the MAIN THING?

The internet is full of articles by people who know exactly how to solve the other guy’s problems. They do this with how to do this or that in 3-7 steps articles and books… but they are all wrong, and those ‘solutions’ are not solutions at all. Continue reading ““The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.””

Are you looking for inspiration in the wrong places??

looking for inspirationLooking for inspiration to empower you?

I woke up this morning pondering what to write about.

The cartoon of the inventor of the wheel who offers it to the knuckleheads who are too busy to listen.

And then one of my clients wrote to me. She said: customs make the Jews, not the Jews make the customs?

And then the idea for this article was ready.

The email conversation began with my client wishing me a happy Christmas Eve. Continue reading “Are you looking for inspiration in the wrong places??”

Why you are fat, tired, listless, dumb, moody, and lack libido (if you do)…

tired, listless, dumbUltimate healing is possible

You are tired, you are fat, you are listless and you are dumb… oh and moody, argumentative, resistant, edgy… Hard to be with… Or maybe you are meek and don’t have the courage to take care of yourself… Maybe it is not only in your head, maybe it is not only your personality… Maybe it has a lot to do with what you eat, what you drink, and this article is about that…

You have pieces of information here, pieces of information there, disconnected, most of it is untrue. In fact, the average truth value of information on the planet is 1%

The market is flooded with information and products that claim that all your misery is caused by a single cause… It’s bacteria! It’s viruses! You simply lack of enzymes! You are not breathing enough! You lack minerals, here is Youngevity! You’ll get well! You lack essential fatty acids, here, take this! You need to move! Start exercising! You are too acidic, you need to drink alkaline water! You lack of this, you lack of that. And, of course, those products will fix that one single cause… or not even that.

These bombastic claims hit a nerve in you, and you buy what they are selling. Then, for a month (or so) you’ll feel better… only to go back to feeling weak and sick, and sore, and sluggish, and depressed… etc. again.

Then comes along another product and you try that… another good month… and then come a slew of other products… but nothing really ever changes. You are tired, sluggish, fat, dumb… however you were before you started.

How do I know? I used to do that myself.
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