Are you a money magnet? If not, read this article

What would put you into the vibration of money? Or why are you repelling money?

Summary: 90% of what keeps you in money, or what repels money from you are you attitudes towards people, including yourself.

It is not vibration, per se... but people feel it. And they refuse to give you money.

The solution is to develop attitudes more conducive, more attractive, more inviting to money.

Most of my courses are about that... Changing your attitudes...

The article below may be too scholarly for most of you...

What is blocking your ability to abundance? To making money, to accepting money, to do things worth money?

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I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true

What you don't know that you don't know

If you are like me at any point you think that what you know is how it is. And that makes you stuck.

Here is what happened that woke me up from this seductive illusion that what I know is so.

I have been fascinated with nut butters. OK... nothing fancy in that...

I bought a machine to make nut butters, and it was a tedious job: 90% of the time was scraping the wall of the bowl... or the machine would run as if it were empty. Continue reading "I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true"

The puzzle that is called “human”. Your theory matters…

Humans are unpredictable, a mystery, and therefore have given rise to many many theories.

The way humans examine things to make sense of them is by taking them apart. It works relative well with people, but with a living thing, it is not that effective.

So humans make up parts and elements... and some seem to work to one degree or another, but nothing quite works perfectly.

The mechanical models medical "sciences" use doesn't work well at all... we have more diseases than before...

The psychological models of ego, and subconscious, and beliefs, and such don't work well either... How do we know? Because the results are temporary, or there are no results. Life is simple... The results are the shadow... showing that the method worked or didn't work. Continue reading "The puzzle that is called “human”. Your theory matters…"

Are you free to be yourself? If not, read this article…

You are hobbled. Hobbled by what others think you should do. Hobbled by wanting to be loved. Hobbled by the "right thing" to do, the "right way" to be...

This article is a little fragmented... I hope you get as much out of it as I intended for you to get. The "thing" it talks about is the main way your life is not enjoyable... so please, do yourself a favor and get in deep. Let me know where it doesn't make sense...

We are in the middle of a workshop: Upsets...

And not surprisingly, I am dealing with upsets coming from yet another student. She feels hurt by my treatment of her. And I am pondering.

She is kinesthetic... acting brainy. 1 Acting very quickly on what she thinks I am saying. And reacting very harshly. As if my word were what her life depended on.

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One area where every student of mine is lacking is communication.

One area where every student of mine is lacking is communication. When suddenly they do something that I consider communication, I cry. One of my recent articles brought a furry of communication... but it was a "fluke", an accident, a one time event.

What is communication, really?

The dictionary says: conveying information. Bah humbug.


The purpose of communication is to get what you want from life, through other people.

Communication is a tool. For the most part the purpose of communication is to get what you want from life, through other people.

If the purpose of life is survival, and survival is more guaranteed if you get what you want, then communication is the most needed tool.

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Yesterday I introduced the distinction “look with fuzzy eyes” on the Feelings webinar.

Words are tricky. You think you understand them, and you think that everyone hears the same meaning when they hear it. They don't... maybe ever!

The main problem with the Tree of Knowledge: we learn our world through words, instead of experience.

And you end up delusional, making mistakes, and never happy.

This is the main reason for unhappiness. The words create an illusion of being reality... but they aren't... and moreover the inner map of reality they create is vastly different from reality itself. Continue reading "Yesterday I introduced the distinction “look with fuzzy eyes” on the Feelings webinar."

People are writing to me that they had no trauma to bring to the Sunday Feelings Webinar.

A trauma is an incident. The significance is in your emotional response, not in what happened. The same incident is no big deal for others, but it is, or was a big deal for you.

Here is an example from my life:

I went on my biweekly grocery shopping trip with the old folks van yesterday.

They asked what's new, and I shared that I asked the Community Center to give me a chance to do a short lecture on water. The answer to that was a groan. Audible, and coming from a deep reluctance and distaste.

It wasn't the right time to deal with it then and there, so I stored it away for analysis later.

And this is "later"... let's do it now.

First off: the groan awakened a whole series of memories, unpleasant memories of earlier similar incidents.

Earlier similar is a technical term.

Let me explain:

When you are upset, you are never upset from or by what is happening right now. Continue reading "People are writing to me that they had no trauma to bring to the Sunday Feelings Webinar."

Human survival need: Meeting the expectation of others

reason to kill, reason to steal, reason to hateBefore I get into defining what this need is doing, and what is the extent of it, I'll tell you what may be in your way...

In the movie Sling Blade, the main character is asked in an interview, just before he is released from prison: "Will you kill again?" He answers: "I don't reckon I have a reason to..."

This is when you know he will...

Animals don't kill their kind... or not often. And never from anger.

Humans do.

And therefore, to make it possible to live in societies, societies created rules, laws, that are non-negoitiable.

The ten commandments in the Bible are the main inviolable rules. Don't kill. Don't steal. Don't covet. etc. Continue reading "Human survival need: Meeting the expectation of others"

You live in a world of your own design

You-Create-Your-Own-RealityYou live in a world of your own design. And you create the world with your beingness.

We think that beingness is all good... But beingness is neutral. It doesn't take sides. There is a beingness for everything, including greed, jealousy, and puniness... if that's a word.

But whatever that beingess is, when you realize it, when you pinpoint it, you'll immediately see that it actually created your current reality, and if you don't do something about it... it will create the rest of your life that same...

But as a human you have access to creating any kind of beingness... you have difficulty in holding onto it. But yet, you can start. Any time, any day, any age. And increase your capacity to hold onto the beingness, honor it as yourself.

  • One of the beingnesses we are really familiar with is BEING judgmental. Or the flip side of it (they always go together, like the two sides of the coin!) BEING judged.
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Days of Power energy download

days-of-powerOne can connect to Source on whatever vibrational level one is...

Vibrational level, in this context equals the consciousness level, or how far up you have ascended on the Tree of Life.

I know of four levels of connecting. Each higher level includes the previous lower level of capacities.

Level 0: Theta mode: you connect to your self... Here is the webinar recording that teaches it... Theta training. You have to be registered as a subscriber to that site.

  • Level 1: You can, for moments at a time, dis-identify with your mind
  • Level 2: You can measure ideas, concepts, and stuff you are not directly connected to, like people. You are a true empath with highly honed abilities. You don't live in your mind, you have released ego (the selfish gene) so you can connect, while you are connecting.
  • Level 3: You can download energies, like the activators, or the Energizer. I need to be highly coherent, balanced, and in good shape to "jump" to this level
  • Level 4: You can download the Avatar State energy and the Days of Power energies...

    Level 4 is barely tolerable. I can be there for only 30 seconds at a time... or it fries my brain... it is so burning.

    Tonight we'll have a Days of Power download, only the second time. It is very hard on me. And it is very hard for me to put myself on Level 4 of connecting.
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