Days of Power – Get a huge energy infusion

days-of-powerSome days are special in that you can get enough power infusion into your life for a whole month, some days even for a whole year.


That pesky but is there, of course.

To connect to that power, on your own, you need to have a high enough consciousness... and you don't. So what can you do?

For the most part: nothing. You can work on elevating your consciousness, but so far you have proven unequal to the task, and unwilling to do the work. Because what elevates consciousness is restriction... Restricting your desire to receive for the self alone... Going against your selfish genes.

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How to doubly benefit from my articles?

webinar1I love writing articles. I can do audios. But unless I can have a one-on-one conversation with you, I can't dispell the myths, the "already always" cognitive biases, what you think you know, your prejudices about yourself or about the world...

So, with that said, I'll like to start something, that will most likely be a flop, but at least I want to test it... maybe it can be a success... who can predict?!

When I write an instructive article, like two of them this week, I can feel that you are left with not enough instruction to help you. I am very sorry about that... by the way.

So the idea is to schedule a time where you can come and have those issues discussed in the article, overwhelm, integrating your life, getting unsctuck, etc. weekly.


Talk to me webinar tomorrow

By the way, this new webinar on Fridays is in addition to the monthly Open Mic... Talk to me opportunities. The next such opportunity is tomorrow, last Wednesday of the month, 4 pm my time... which is New York time. That is 1 pm Pacific, 9 pm UK, 10 pm Europe, and midnight in Mauritius... If you want to come, just register to the subscribers' site, and you'll be enrolled in the webinar automatically. You'll get a confirmation from gotowebinar, the webinar software company... Register for tomorrow's free webinar here -->

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You can have anything but not at the same time

4 door sports car: being a winnerLife, happiness, well-being, prosperity is achieved and maintained only on a narrow and hemmed-in path (the strait), the opposite of what you wish it were, the opposite you see others have, the opposite you see on television, on ads.

You have been duped. You have swallowed the lie, hook, line and sinker and you have been paying the price.

Your life is empty, purposeless, meaningless, and you have nothing to look forward to.

Last night I was pondering, instead of sleeping, 1 what is the behavioral, emotional age of all humans.

I came up with seven. Seven years old.
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How dead are you? If your life is not a roller coaster, then you are not alive.

how-dead-are-youWhat you are, instead alive, is a walking dead, resigned, and settled for the little that, it seems, life has to offer. To you. You see others, seemingly happy, seemingly alive, and you feel regret, shame, and envy.

Your heart, where rain forests and colorful birds, and life used to live, is devastated. The lush rain forests gone, the birds gone, life: gone.

Your ups and downs are tiny, not like a roller coaster. They are about money, or noise, or that you are fat, or skinny, or that you are aging. Irrelevant circumstances.

Maybe it is about someone being sick, maybe dying... but that is also a circumstance. Storm in a teacup.

Your pain is the pain of not having lived.


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How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading articles?

we are like sloth, having a spiritual dreamIf you look on my site, I have more than 2000 articles. All meaty, full of information.

Why am I not afraid that giving so much for free will mean no one will want to pay for my paid information?

Ok, let's look at that.

What you read is falling into your mind and makes you feel smarter, or stupider, and smarter again. But will you ever get what you want from reading? No. Will you get the illusion that the more you know the more chances you have for success? Certainly.

But here is the issue: What you read (information) falls into your morass. Morass is like mud. Not necessarily bad mud. But it has a specific composition. 1

Your morass allows ideas to blossom that are similar to it, and kills ideas that are dissimilar to it.
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Announcing: “My secret weapon” webinar

Sophie Benshitta Maven webinarNow that a bunch of you have bought my Secret Weapon, the Big Bundle of energies 1 The purpose of this article is to announce the WEBINAR I am forced to do to let you feel the energy and teach you to use it correctly.

So, announcing the Big Bundle webinar.
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Raising your vibration happens through doing things that you wouldn’t do without the intention to raise your vibration

manage your inner conflictsRaising your vibration happens through doing things that you wouldn't do without the intention to raise your vibration.

Coaching is making you do what you need to do, but don't want to, that will get you what you desire.

Often any deviation from the normal, the accepted, the habitual, the regular, the easy, the socially acceptable is all you need to open up and allow you to glimpse at dormant capacities. Or alternatively see your need for capacities that you don't have but could start to desire.

This is exactly what I did to be the pioneer and the guinea pig of the grand DNA upgrade. It took me 27 years, because I was the first. It will take you less time, but you need to work at it. It is not given to you, you need to earn it, just like one digs out gold, one grows their food, one brings up a child. A lot of work, and the results are never promised. So unless you fall in love with the process, you will hate it, you will stop, and you won't get what you thought desired.
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