Steal back your future

What do you carry that weighs you down so much that that you can never ascend?

Or what weight you carry so that you can’t climb the Tree of Life, until you put it down?

Have you noticed that making permanent changes, doing new things, doing things in a new way, going to places unfamiliar is difficult for you, near impossible?

Consider that you are dragging a persona with you. That persona is what makes the going so difficult, so encumbered… Continue reading “Steal back your future”

The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness

More books are sold on happiness than maybe even on dieting… especially because 98% diet books’ hidden attraction is happiness.

Weird, eh?

I have read my share of the books on happiness, of all kinds of psychologies, philosophies, and just inane silliness in articles, TED talks, youtube videos…

In my humble opinion no one is willing to shout out that the emperor is naked. that our desire for happiness is what causes this sea of unhappiness we are all swimming in. Continue reading “The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness”

I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true

What you don’t know that you don’t know

If you are like me at any point you think that what you know is how it is. And that makes you stuck.

Here is what happened that woke me up from this seductive illusion that what I know is so.

I have been fascinated with nut butters. OK… nothing fancy in that…

I bought a machine to make nut butters, and it was a tedious job: 90% of the time was scraping the wall of the bowl… or the machine would run as if it were empty. Continue reading “I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true”

The truth about probiotics – Updated

OK, this is going to be mostly good news… Update is at the end…

They want you to take probiotics forever.

But in my experience, you will need probiotics to establish a perfect match flora for the food list you eat.

Or, when for whatever reason, you make quick and substantial changes in your eating habits. Continue reading “The truth about probiotics – Updated”

Clarity of speaking is a sign of clarity of thinking… What is your numbnut/moron score?

I am sure you think you are clear. But the number of words you use accurately in a language gives away your level of clarity… And it’s low. I measure it as the 10th measurement in the Starting Point Measurements.

When I say clarity, I mean every area of life… including health as you’ll see later in this article.

Now, why is this important? Because your clarity is what defines whether your actions, your reactions, your emotions are going to be in line with reality or not.
Whether you’ll be astute, or a numbnut. 1

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Misweighing Bias… are you penny wise and dollar foolish?

It’s Tuesday and I just got back from my exercise class.

It was full today. Everyone was in post-holiday mode, except a few people.

I had a conversation with a woman, and had a chance to see how certain words, how certain way of saying what I have been saying lands.

I shared my story, how I escaped becoming mediocre like most people. I said no to coasting with people in my life.
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How will you have the energy to grow? How I did it…

I saw something today I hadn’t seen before. But before I say what I saw, let me dispel some myth: there is no such thing as bad energy. Energy is energy. It is good if you use it for good. And bad if you use it for bad. I’ll write another article on this: but I have the urge to state it here and now: there is no such thing as bad energy.

All energy is good… and some meets you and triggers something bad… But it’s you… sorry. Oops.

OK. let me start saying what I wanted to say: Continue reading “How will you have the energy to grow? How I did it…”

There are millions of ways to be stuck: people who move are all alike

all-happy-familiesThis is paraphrasing the famous Leo Tolstoy quote: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This is the Anna Karenina principle… As all principles do, it applies to many, maybe even all areas of life. A principle is the same as a distinction… I say.

But truth is, if you know distinctions, if you know patterns, there are only about 50 different ways to get stuck… and your way is just one or two of those.
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Dr. Mercola and his site… a vibrational review

Dr._Mercola truth value, vibration, arroganceDr. Mercola:

  • his vibration 170
  • his overall IQ including his intelligence 70 (average)
  • the number of spiritual capacities he has 8. A practicing doctor needs 20 capacities… but he is a teacher instead.
  • his soul correction (his machine) DOB July 8, 1954. His soul correction is the same as mind: Forget Thyself.
  • does he have attachments? no
  • the level of his health 30%
  • the level of his cell hydration 7%

The most important thing you want to get from these numbers: he does not have the capacity and the humility to tell truth from falsehood. He is not connected to the Source of higher truth, because of his arrogance, so what you get is his personal opinion… or worse: his “considered” opinion…

Truth value of his judgments and interpretations: 7%

His website’s truth value: 4%. Very very low… What does it mean? it means that 96% of what the site says is not true.
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How do you decide if you have value or not?

Do-You-Have-Value-Question2How do you decide if you have value or not?

This article’s purpose is to widen your understanding of value… so you can start valuing yourself, at last.

The current state of this area: deciding on your value is abysmal… and keeps you anxious, worried, and not happy.

You always think that your understanding is the correct understanding of reality.

Do-You-Have-Value-QuestionYou think you understand what people say, what people mean.

You never consider that your understanding is based on your small picture of reality… and you never think to grow your picture of reality, or to ask something new.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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