Third Phase Activators of the Planetary Ascension

Sophie Benshitta Maven

From: Sophie BenShitta Maven

If you got here, I assume you have the Second Phase Activation, and you know how to connect.

These two are requirements for the Third Phase.

When I first started working on activators, I worked with what seemed to be missing for myself, my family, my friends. These activators formed the first and second phase activators.

I thought that the third phase was just picking up a piece here and there... and I realized that I was wrong.

The third phase actually touches on the most fundamental and most profound ways we live our life in darkness, in quiet desperation. I found out when I started to work on the activators.

The categories I borrowed from another discipline, and boy, they were right. They are: Love, Patience, Kindness, Self-Control, Joy, Forgiveness, Purposeful Action, Healthy Belief, Peaceful, Goodness, Trust, & Humility. 12 in all. It takes me 4-12 hours of intense meditation to get each. But it is worth it.

Earth shattering, profound, and wonderful.

I can only speak about the feelings: we are still at the beginning of the process, but I am starting to see results on myself and some of the participants.

How can you get third phase? There are two ways:

  1. Be on the Daily Connection live webinars every morning.
  2. Buy the recordings of the short, 16-30 minute webinars and get the activation when you can sit down and concentrate.

The activations work even from an audio or from a video.

The important thing is that you are connected. The video is made with live participants, and I take them into connection every time, so you can trust yourself that you will connect too.

Buy one or all of the activators that you missed:








Healthy Beliefs

Purposeful Action: stop actions that lead to nothing

Forgiving, forgiveness

Peace, peaceful, peace of mind, stop worrying


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