How To Live An Effortless Abundance Right Now?

Discover The Missing Pieces To Creating Abundance That Lasts And Lasts

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Sunday, March 7, 2021

Abundance, a sense of abundance, the being of abundance is exactly the opposite of what people teach you to be if you want abundance.

The first order of business is to disabuse you, energetically, from following myths that keep you bunched up, tense, and prevent you from experiencing abundance, and from taking effective actions. One myth as such is the one that says: the more you desire what you want the more chance you have to have it.

This kind of unlearning is only possible on the energetic level, given that you are trapped on the energetic level. All the modalities that try to change your beliefs have failed... because it is not a belief.

So what you need is an effective energetic intervention. Energetic interventions are done over time. There is no such a thing as instant healing, instant transformation... you become the way you are over time, and therefore only things that move you in the direction you need to move will actually work.

The energy remedy that I am offering here is quite complicated, has 168 different components, and with time I may add to it to make it work even better. But for now, these 168 energies seem to do all there is to do to return you, gently and over time into the state of abundance, where you have peace of mind, and power to act.

Now, while the energies work whether you participate or not, on their own, without your participation, they can only go so far. Why? It is because of a little-known, largely ignored spiritual law: that you need to cause and earn your transformation, your growth, your gain, otherwise it will go away. Bummer, eh?

But participation is not as complicated and not as time-consuming as you think: in fact in this program you need about 15 minutes of it a week.

It comes in the form of a guided meditation. It is a meditation where we allow and work with the 168 energies of the Effective Abundance Activator to do their work, but this time we are working with them... you'll see, it is quite enjoyable.

How many guided meditation sessions we'll have? I don't know. I can't even guess. I will create a new one every time I see that there is a mistaken belief, an error in your thinking, that needs to be corrected.

The whole program consists of three parts

  1. the pdf... an ever changing how to about achieving the Effective Abundance State
  2. the Audio Activator that needs to be played 24/7, that contains all the 192 energies. This is an almost silent recording
  3. the meditation sessions

To make it easier to get the whole program, I have a way for you to get each part separately, or get all at the same time.

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What If You Were One Secret Away From Living a Life of Effortless Abundance...

Here's your chance to discover the "missing pieces" that took me 22 years to figure out... so that you too can finally start experiencing true abundance - in all areas of your life... without investing any more hard work, education, experience, or even capital!

Dear friend,

It doesn't matter how long or how hard you continue to work... or how much knowledge and experience you continue to gain...

And, it doesn't even matter how much money you continue to "invest in yourself"...

Without this vital missing piece, all your hard work could go to waste... all your education and experience could still keep you stuck... and all of your hard-earned money could be lost!

How do I know this to be true without a doubt in my mind?

Because it all happened to me... for almost 20 years. And, I've been where you are... or where you soon could end up...

I have woken up in the middle of many nights... regretting my mistakes from the past... and fearing what fresh, new hell tomorrow could bring...

I have also spent almost 20 years of my life studying, researching, investing in, and taking massive action on just about every success-, wealth-, and abundance-related product I could get my hands on.

And all of them left me disappointed... including those popular ones about "law of attraction," visualization and visioneering, persuasion, motivation, hypnosis, NLP, psychic influence, and the list goes on...

Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot from many of those products... and I even saw some great results from some of them.

But, they were all missing something. And, most of the results I got from them didn't last.

So, I was forced back into that vicious cycle of searching, studying, and spending even more of my time and hard-earned money.

And, after every frustrated experience, more and more questions would keep popping up in my head... more gaps and holes kept appearing in all the teachings and strategies... and more years of my life kept passing by...

But, do you know what the worst part about all of this has been?

It's watching all those people who are clearly less smarter than you, much less talented than you, extremely lazy...and often, just plain stupid and downright obnoxious. And yet, somehow, money, wealth, and success continue to be thrown at them... without much "work" or even any real value being produced by them! (Can you say Jersey Shore?!)

Something was horribly wrong with this picture. (Pun may be intended.)

And, all the while, the biggest and most powerful secret of them all - the missing piece that would make all of those other pieces finally make sense, and open up the floodgates of abundance - was right under my nose.

But, I just couldn't see it. Because all of the other "knowledge" and teachings were always floating around in my head... cluttering my brain... distracting me... blinding me from the one true secret that would finally help me to experience effortless abundance for the rest of my life...

Until, finally... one night as I lay in bed - exhausted from several hours of analyzing and questioning all of the stuff I had learned over the years... the answer finally came to me...!

And, it had nothing to do with working hard, taking "massive action," doing what you loved, finding your passion, asking the universe, visualizing... or even helping others, or creating value, finding a need and filling it, selling what people were buying, networking and making connections... and it didn't even require having talent or superior knowledge...

None of those things were needed. Nor did any of that stuff matter any more.

This was so much simpler. Yet, so much more powerful and liberating.

But, to say that it came to me quickly or easily would just be foolish. Heck, it took me almost two decades to figure it out!

But hey... it doesn't have to take you that long to figure it out. Because after I finally "got" it, I decided to share this simple yet elusive secret - to true and lasting abundance - with everyone that I could.

And, the fact that you're reading this letter right now means that it's finally your turn to discover this powerful missing piece for yourself... the same secret that took me almost 20 years to figure out... so that you too can start living the kind of life I've been enjoying recently...

I have put together a short report - barely 25 pages long - that reveals the effortless abundance secrets that I've discovered for myself.

Listen... I don't want to bog you down with more useless information that will only confuse you more and produce zero results. That's why I'm keeping this report very short - with just the knowledge that you need to start experiencing true abundance...

And, I have aptly titled this report as "Effortless Abundance." (I know, very creative, isn't it? ;-)

Hey, I'm not here to impress you. I'm just here to share what I've finally figured out, with you...and with anyone else who is ready to let go of all the needless stress, worry and madness of life... and experience...

effortless abundance

"Effortless Abundance"

Now, YOU too can harness the raw power of the one secret to living a life of effortless abundance... permanently!

It's your turn to discover the "missing piece" that took me 22 years to figure out... so that you can finally start experiencing true abundance - in all areas of your life... without investing any more hard work, education, experience, or even capital!

As I mentioned earlier, this report is pretty short. It's simple, it's a quick read, and it packs a punch.

You could even choose to read it multiple times, to be sure that you don't miss any of the important ideas.

But, don't worry... it's written in a very down-to-earth and simple way, so that anyone can quickly read it and start applying the ideas right away.... starting today!

And, just to make this even more of a no-brainer for you...

I'll Take ALL The Risk So YOU Don't Have To!

Here's the deal...

You either love this report... or you don't pay a penny for it...

As always, I stand by my products, and I'll take all the risk so you can relax. Get your copy of this powerful report right now and go through it. Start using all the advice and ideas right away. And...

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this report isn't for you, simply let me know within the next 60 days and you'll get a complete refund of your small investment. There will be no questions asked, and no hassles.

You see, I believe that giving you the chance to personally experience what this powerful report offers is simply the best way to prove to you what you may be missing out on.

I honestly believe this report could change your life in new and amazing ways. So, please... don't miss out on this rare opportunity to discover what took me so many years of my life to figure out... because you may simply forget, and let the life-changing secrets inside this report be hidden from you, for several more years... or even forever...

You can be reading all the secrets right now... within minutes! Just use the link below to order your copy, safely and completely risk free...

Click Here for Secure Order Form (Instant Download - Available in Adobe Acrobat format for Windows and Macs)

If you have ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn't have to fear or worry about the future... or look back at your life with regret over all of your past mistakes and missed opportunities...

... if you feel you have spent enough of your time, money, and effort on more than enough books, courses, or even seminars...

... and if you feel that you're finally ready to open the floodgates of "effortless" abundance, then get this powerful report and discover the one missing piece to making all the other pieces to finally make sense.

Here's your chance to learn some powerful yet simple ideas that could change your life forever - for the better!

And you can have it all in your hands - just minutes from now.

But remember, time waits for no one. Don't let another year, month or day pass you by without living life the way you were meant to.... worry free, happy, and abundant!

Don't put your life on hold any longer. You could keep trying to "think and grow rich" or working harder... OR... you could give this new report a shot...

Grab the report now...

And start using this powerful knowledge to improve your life right away!

Consider it guaranteed,

Sophie Benshitta Maven

PS: Here is the Table of Contents of this 39 page report:

  • How Is This Product Different From Other "Abundance" Products? 2
  • Who This Report Is For... 4
  • Here a Piece, There a Piece... 4
  • What is "Effortless Abundance" 6
  • Unleashing the Flow 8
  • Regaining Wasted Energy & Effort 12
  • What Blocks the Flow 13
  • The Flaw in the "Abundance Mindset" 14
  • The Abundance Consciousness 16
  • Becoming Aware 18
  • Making the Internal Shift 18
  • Embracing Mortality 23
  • The Futility of Taking "Action" 26
  • Integrating the Consciousness Into Your Daily Life 34
  • Where Does It All End... 37
  • And, what about that pesky inner wanting for more money, more success, more stuff, or even more/new experiences? 38
  • How is this life different from the life I used to live and experience? 39

    Although you may have heard or read each and every part, this is the first time all these little pieces, secrets, moves, are presented in a concise and brief document, not a 300 page book that you can't read in one sitting, and therefore lose the context.

    PSS: Don't forget that you have a 60-day money back guarantee. Just email me and I'll refund your money the same day I receive your request.

    To make it easier to get the whole program, I have a way for you to get each part separately, or get all at the same time.

    Get the Effortless Abundance pdf report:

    Get the Effortless Abundance Activator audio:

    Sign up to the Effortless Abundance Activator Mediation Audios:

    Get the whole Package

    Pay in 4 equal monthly payments

    Effortless Abundance in a bottle

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    The phone is ringing!!

    I just can't say it enough.. I am amazed at what I am seeing so far. The phone is ringing!! Like it hasn't in months and my husband.. wow... night before last when he got home I thought the activator was on for him but it wasn't .. he got up crooked... last night he slept with it and this morning is straight. He is also drinking the remedy.. thank you for getting it out so quickly! I just can't thank you enough.. I definitely am following your blog daily. I also want to thank you for making them so affordable and for giving your blessing for sharing them. You are the only one I have come across to do this. I have this going 24 hours a day in my house. Thank you.. Thank you... and many many blessings to you!

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