Energy products

  • 1. Energy Remedies... these are energies infused in water: these work on any vibrational level
  • 2. Water Energizer: an energy that raises the vibration of water when infused: needs purified water with no additives. It can also be used directly on yourself to make yourself more coherent.
  • 3. Energies to create energy remedies at home... the audios work on you if you have a high enough vibration
  • 4. Energies that raise YOUR vibration when played in the background - aka Avatar State Audios these work on every level of vibration
  • 5. Miscellaneous energies:
    • The Big Bundle: it is three major and strong energies for the detection of blockages and healing
    • Invisible... protection from being energetically visible. Used on you or on your water. Effect is more profound than cloaking... and last about 24 hours, unless you break it by ALLOWING someone to connect to you, like a healer, even if it is in a recording (audio,video)