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History of this activator: One time, during a connection call, I experimented moving the self to different parts of the body… and then we connected that self with Source.

The result was mind blowing: the self opened up a vortex and grew in size and connected the self and Source.

I managed to connect this connection, this energy, and have been able to ask for different aspects in addition to that amazing vortex.

I call these audios Avatar State Audios… from the Nickelodeon animated movies, Avatar, The Last Airbender, and The Legends of Korra… excellent movies. The avatar can enter into Avatar State where they can use all four elements at the same time, air, water, fire and rock.

How do they work?

These audios work in a co-creational way: they provide the harmonious energy of the Original Design that is at odds with who you are today. You provide the awareness, the conscious alert awareness and the willingness to let go of the personae you have created as a reaction to a perceived wrong. Hard work, but if you are willing, it will do exactly what I promise it will do.

The Avatar State Audios is a transformational process, and no one can cause transformation for you, only you can do it for yourself. I provide the energy, you provide the rest. Depending you your willingness, intelligence, powers of observation, previously learned distinction, you can raise your vibration to different levels… so don’t expect to be taken to genius level if you have had low grades, no education, no success anywhere… what you bring to the “deal” is poor, meager, nut much.

Best way to benefit

high quality mini mp3 player/speakerGet a high quality speaker. A poor quality speaker, like your iphone, will not transfer much of the energy… so you are wasting your time.

I listen to my activators with a high quality mini mp3 player/speaker. It uses a micro sd card. It can be plugged into the current with a mini usb cable. And its audio quality is sensational. Not tinny.

I have bought a few for resale, or you can get your own on Amazon, or wherever. The mini speaker sells every day on Amazon for $15.80

If you buy it from me, I’ll also include the micro sd card with the audio of your choice.

Mini high  quality mp3 player/speaker with the activator of your choice

activator: $25
Speaker: $16
SD card: $4
Products: $45
Shipping: within the USA: $5
Canada: $11
Outside of North America: $15

with shipping
which activator?



The Harmonize Your Vibration

  • is also suitable for beginners, when your vibration is under 200. You’ll start feeling better, like a weight lifted off you.The essential action of this activator is to shave off the behaviors that make you clash with life, bang into life, resist, get stuck, get beaten up… and instead start the process for you to flow with life, dance with life, move with life. And it can be your favorite activator on any level of vibration, where knowing who you are and where you are going (up) is so important. It is like hiring an eagle to take you above all, to see the insignificance of all the drama, the pettiness of all your concerns. Delightful.

  • The Abundance Activator

    You have definite blockages to making, keeping, multiplying money. Somehow, it seems, that money is running from you in predictable ways. You may work around the clock, be brilliant, it seems to make no permanent difference.

    This activator ferrets out the blockages. Be prepared to some unpleasantness, the ideas that block you are unsavory and of course wrong. But your whole persona is vested in them, so there are going to be some battles… guaranteed. Taking responsibility for being the author of those thoughts and ideas will take you to the other side… Time to become a MAN, are you ready?

    Avatar State Abundance Activator with birds

    this is what I use to keep me abundant…

    Effortless/Wholistic Abundance Activator

  • Discern, distinguish, be astute: From misery to reality

    This activator is to ferret out your blind-spots. You don’t know you have blind spots, that is why they are “blind.” But if life isn’t working out the way you want it, if you feel powerless and ineffective, if your actions produce no or minimal results, if your relationships are not as satisfying and nurturing as you wish, then I promise you have an abundance of blind spots, many in fact.Some soul-corrections have more than others. It is tough, and it will require your active participation. Much like learning to see… Frustrating, to say to least. You want to trust me, but your perception will prove me wrong… and yet. The results in your life are not forthcoming, so you want to hang in there… Maybe. And if I am right, then happiness, success, is just around the corner…

  • Awakening

    Awaken to the desire of the Soul, to the inner urges that can guide your life through the maze of “stuff” that is out there. Awaken to your capacity of caring, compassion, and true empathy: so you can start connecting with other souls, Source, and earn the right to true love.

  • See The Big Picture

    The most important aspect of the Big Picture activator is the ability to change focus fast, and to be able to look at things from different vantage points, to get a 3-dimensional picture, instead of being stuck in just one view. Going deep, going wide, looking through different filters are all hallmarks of winners… so this is a winners’ activator.

  • Brilliance at Will

    If you spend too much time in your head, trying to remember, memorize, keep yourself safe: I recommend the Brilliance at Will… it will set you at ease to not have to think that much. The mind can only process what has already happened, and nothing new information, data enters it, so it is mostly totally wrong, and unaware of what’s going on. The brilliance at will activates your ability to shift your view at will so you can rid yourself of the view that got you where you are.

  • Certainty

    Certainty is a very high vibration capacity that lifts you above the petty doubts of the day, the petty fears, anxieties, the roller coaster that we all find ourselves when we live on the ground floor of life. Certainty allows you to elevate yourself to get a view of the future that is independent of the tiny upsets of the day… and the power to change the direction life is going by directing it from a height.

  • Commitment and Consistency

    Commitment is an organizing principle that you need to find. Once you find your commitment you can commit to it and bring consistency to being used by it. That is the beginning of a life that you can love. Until then it is just reacting, guessing, fledgling… no living.

  • Find your real self

    As opposed to what people teach you, you do not create the Self. The real Self is not created. Only the fake self, the persona, the facade, the pretense is. This is one of the hardest jobs a Man will ever face: you need to peel, and remove, and destroy the layers of the fake self, until you get to the real you. The you, the Self that is the Self-esteem, Self-respect, Self-love. The one that came from the Creator, not from you. The problem is that you feel, you think that there is nothing there. Even Eastern religious and spiritual traditions say there is nothing there… Bah humbug. There is beauty there. There is intelligence there. There is power there. When the bible say that we were created to the likeness of the Creator, that is the part they are talking about. Only .7% has still lives like they have a Self… Seven in a thousand. Not bad, but I’d prefer to increase that number. When you live with a Self you are invulnerable. The world doesn’t get to you, can’t hurt you, because you are Self-directed. Independent for my self-esteem, joy, etc.

  • Forget Thyself

    This activator is suitable for most people that I know. The people that think they know, people that know better, that jump into conclusions, and that quit a lot. It helps you hold off for a second longer before you stop looking, before you take all the limelight, before you ignore everything and everyone… And in that one second your life can turn around… Because as long as you continue behaving the way you have always behaved, your life will surely stay the same.

  • Get into action

    get off the stands and get onto the field… stop life as a spectator sport…the get into action activates your ability to see what is there to do, that you can do it, and what it takes for you to actually do it. It also deals with the unwillingness or fear that underlies the inaction

  • Get into the present

    Notice when you are looking for answers in your memory… and return to NOW. Catch when you compare stuff to others’, or in time: with what it “should” be or what it was before. Let go of the necessity to repeat the past by hanging out in your mind…

  • Nothing wrong, Nothing To Fix

    This is the activator that catches the emotion that comes on fast and removes you from reality and straight into your head. With this activator you will avoid the thousands of times upcoming fear of making a mistake, the anxiety of what will happen next…

  • Put All Power In All Actions – Your Path to Passion, Love, and Happiness, not mentioning Success

    This could also be called the Mindfulness activator, but it’s much much more…

  • Responsibility: create your own reality

    responsibility is your access to power. when you need this activator, then you have a difficult time seeing that the reality you see is your creation. This activator helps you own what belongs to you so you can live in a world/reality that you now consciously create, instead of a reality that is your default.

  • Be Self-Directed

  • Serenity

    The ability to act on the things you can, and leave well alone the ones you can’t… i.e. accept them


  • Winning and Keeping Love Activator

    will make changes in you that will make love possible and you lovable. There is profound transformation with this activator, don’t get it if you don’t want transformation! All the lovey-dovey facebook quotes will nauseate you after this activator. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! You will know real love, because REAL LOVE will be yours. Not the poster-love… the show of love, the pretense of love.

  • Unwillingness, greed, jealousy…

    when you are unwilling to learn, to go deep, to stay with anything, anyone, for any reason… Perfect match for Building Bridges people…

  • Driftwood Activator

    Be empowered to place your whole conscious self to a place outside of yourself, from where you can see farther, and determine reality

Special offer, limited time only:

You can get The Abundance activators plus 5 more activators, normally $30 each, for $100. And I’ll still honor the free speaker deal…

If you need to upgrade from the Abundance Activator plus free speaker deal… let me know, and I’ll send you an upgrade link.

If you think that buying an activator will do anything for you, you believe in stuff that are not real.

Some feedback from users of the activators

Hi Sophie. I have been playing the Harmonize audio 24/7 for about three weeks. My vibration was 170 when I started. Can you measure it now? I think it is much higher now. I can feel it. I am not as reactive as I was, I don’t get afraid that much.

Yesterday I had a phone call from my boss. My husband said: It is your boss. I normally would have almost fainted from fear, but yesterday I just took the phone and there was no emotion. Wow.

Also I have been procrastinating about finding another job, but finally I found one, and my salary will be double, Double!. Thank you so very much.

D from Idaho

Hello Sophie

Just want to say thank you. I woke 3 am this morning feeling unwell and could not sleep,then woke again at 5:30 am feeling unwell and could not sleep back anymore.

I am playing Self discipline at the moment but what surprise me, is that my normal default reaction was stay in bed and make it as an excuse not to do anything at all but today I noticed that I was not comfortable at all just lying down in bed. Although I am not well I ended up doing lots of stuff in the house and ended feeling much better now. I am really noticing a lot of positive changes in my attitude and behaviour since I have been playing the Avatar Audios nearly 24 hours. Thanks a lot Sophie I thought this changes will never happen.

Thank you.

M from London, UK

Thank you Sophie I got it. Self Discipline Audio is doing great for me I am observing that some of my unproductive routine, I started to stop doing it now, like today Saturday I normally in bed on my laptop browsing on the internet until 11am and do some stuff and then rest but today I woke up around 7 am doing stuff in the house went to supermarket and it’s now already 6pm and I did not lie down to bed to rest. I am becoming now more of doer person.

I also notice that before when I start something and when I get bored I stop but now I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t finish it.

Thank you.



It’s been exactly three months, that I have been using the activators & HOE regularly. “Revealing Dark Side ” is my soul correction.

Some of the things that happened over 3 months:

– I didn’t subscribe to any new “guru’s” –my average was 2 per month for last 2 years. If you were to give an award to a person with most programs bought, I would be a winner !

– This one was a slow one , but No jealously panic attacks when i see others happy or excelling in the stuff that i don’t have. Every-time I would hear a good news about someone before, I would be in a sorrow meltdown for hours, no more heart-sinking feeling like i used to for many many years !

– Was able to say No to my boss of 6 yrs and quit the job for good, whom i thought i was enslaved and obligated to work for less.

– I am able to take stand in my love relationship and do what pleases me, while being invincible and getting appreciation and I was like a zombie sheep before. The guy is the same, its me whom I worked on.

I must admit that this is a very very very difficult journey, anyone would hate to face that they are NOT happy with their best friend’s wedding or success or having a baby and they want it all to go bad for that person, but i faced it and am still facing it. it gets easier for sure 🙂

& oh yaa– i have been connecting more often.

Thanks for listening and being here.

Custom Activators

New Activators created at the Soul Correction workshop… now closed…
and on or on a

private one-on-one sessions


2 thoughts on “Avatar State Audios”

  1. How about having a “health” activator or physical healing activator. I think a lot of people can use that!!!

  2. there is no such thing as “health” but I can give it a thought what is causing the dis-ease, discomfort, etc… mostly, if people could just look at symptoms without reacting, or what happens without reacting, they would never get ill. So an activator: create a distance… step back, or something like that, although it doesn’t look health related, it will cause health, maybe even healing.

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