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Here's a Quick Way to Finally Lubricate your Cells, Stop aging, and Energize Yourself by drinking Coherent Water

If you feel tired, spacey a lot, if your mind gets foggy at times, and you find it hard to keep pushing your life forward, the problem may be the water you drink. You are dehydrated, even if you guzzle water by the gallon.

Tap water or bottled water are neither clean, nor coherent.

Tap water has a consciousness level of 100, while a healthy cell in your body has a consciousness level of 650. Which means every gulp of water, soda, coffee, tea, or soup that you swallow is taking the energy from your body. That water is just not compatible with your body.

That's why you feel sluggish, and become lazy, and incoherent.

But more importantly, the cells of your body don't want this low vibration water to come in... instead the cells prefer to dry out... and you age faster.

All aging means the cells are drying out.

Who Am I and Why should you listen to me?

spatula-smileMy name is Sophie Benshitta Maven... I am 69 years old. I am an empath, and I am a "raise your vibration" teacher and coach.

I am in constant communication with Source, With All-Knowledge, The Field... and I have gotten several energies from Source to cause human transformation. Several, including the Energizer® are infusible to water.

The Energizer® has been around now for 4-5 years. I have received only rave reviews about it.

On the other hand, when you drink water and beverages that are energized, you don’t lower your body’s vibration. Energized water enters the cell, lubricates it, and takes out the toxins that were generated by the normal functioning of the body (and that were building up while you were drinking the low-energy water.) No energy to take out the garbage...

You feel and look younger, and biologically: you are younger inside.

The Water Energizer® makes your water coherent, without sophisticated and expensive equipment

  • Coherence means smooth, it means high vibration, it means your cells love it. And it means easy to drink and tastes much better.
  • It also means that every drop of energized water also has the energy to cleans and shower your internal organs

Water That Tastes Bad or Is Hard to Drink Can Be The Cause of Health Problems In Children and Aging People

If your children have health problems, autism, ADD, ADHD, or misbehaving, or you are at your wits end on how to make them eat and drink healthy, energized water may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s so interesting to observe the people who don’t know they are drinking the water that’s been energized. They drink, and they remark on how smooth the water is, how easily it goes down. That it is not "chunky"... something you need to force down your throat because it is good for you.

You see, sugary drinks are easy to drink: the sugar works as grease in machines. But once the soda or juice is in your body, the sugar gets digested, and you are left with the water that your body won't accept.

Now, before we talk some more about energized water, I need to answer an important question that I get a lot. And the questions is…

2009-no-background.jpgHow did the Water Energizer come about?

My mother came to visit me in 1992.

At 72 she could run circles around me. I had no energy. My head was foggy and I was often in a daze.

Soon after I hit bottom: I felt tired all the time, I had pain all over, and my muscles didn't want to serve me.

My medical doctor ran my blood work, declared me incurable and sent me home to die.

Luckily I had my personal trainer wait for me at home that same day. In addition to being a trainer, he had a degree in nutrition. I had nothing to lose, so I allowed him to help me. You see, I was really short on trust and humility.

He took me off all food and all drinks, including my coffee and my sugar free ginger ale... and put me on a diet of water, egg white powder and one hamburger in the evening.

In three days I was vastly better. Just good enough to work again, and to do what I had to do. But I wasn't well.

I was constantly thirsty. I wasn't regular. I had bad skin. I was tired, weak, and very emotional... mostly angry. And when not angry, I was depressed.

In 1994 I was introduced to Sante Water — a Florida outfit that sold energized water products at a very high price.

But the water was drinkable, and I got a little bit better.

I used their stuff for 17 years. It was good, but I was still always thirsty. And when I flew to conferences and seminars I suffered... the system was not portable.

Then they went out of business. And I was left without a source for the water...

By that time I knew I was an empath, I had a strong and intimate connection with Source, so one day I asked if Source could duplicate the water... and the answer was yes. The energy was strong, straight, and overpowering. I mean it was strong.

When I tested, the water was as good, as tasty, as smooth as the other... and it cost me nothing.

Turns out that Source energies are carried in my voice, in my breath, and I can record them and they work almost as well as me downloading them directly myself.

The Energizer® was born.

After a few months I started to feel less thirsty, had more energy, and become clearer in my thinking., My organs were... well... energized.


I Have a Filter / Reverse Osmosis System... So I’m Good, Right?

Yes, you do need a filter to make tap water even remotely drinkable. Cheaper filters have one or two stages, sometimes three. And the higher-end systems come with a “membrane” or RO (reverse osmosis) unit too.

We are told that RO is good for us because the filtration action there happens at the molecular level. However, my personal experience tells me otherwise. The big breakthrough in my health came about when I removed the RO unit from my filter.

I am now using a simple two-stage system consisting of a rough filter, and an activated charcoal (fine) filter.

It's sufficient and adequate, and relatively inexpensive. My tests show that this two-stage filter is affordable and good quality.

So there is no reason to wait. Get the Energizer, get well, get more energy, and buy the filter when you have the funds.

Question: It's too much bother to make energized water

My answer: if you are busy, or forgetful, then I recommend that you get a couple of the polar pitchers.

Fill the chamber with filtered water where others put the ice, screw the cap on tight, and fill the pitcher with clean filtered water.

Put the full size headset on the pitcher and energize the water as usual.

The water in the ice chamber gets energized too.

Once you used up the water in the pitcher, just fill it with clean water, and in 24 hours you'll have a pitcher full of energized water.

Re-energize the whole thing periodically, so you'll always start with fully charged water in the ice chamber.

This method, alas, won't be reliable in Canada: in Canada, probably due to high electric activity, the charge reliably disappears fast.

Now, what if you are undecided?

Maybe you say: "I am afraid that it won't work for me."
You may ask yourself: "Is this for real?"

And I appreciate your question, because the internet is so full of fake products and fraudulent claims, I have hundreds of people email me to test products they consider buying... I muscle test those products for them.

I think a healthy dose of skepticism is really good for you.

With regards to the Water Energizer:
We have tested it with hundreds of users: so far everyone could feel the difference, albeit some only feel the silkiness and how easy it is to drink it, not the taste
Children like it
Old people who don't understand like it
Animals like it and feel better.
Plants don't like it... that makes a lot of sense to me: plants find the energized water too much energy... it is so strong it burns them.


First day it was like I took a cleanse:)

I have been drinking your energised water for 3 days now...of course I encountered some obstacles while purchasing the big headphones...had to make 3 trips to that store, as the first and second headphones were too professional and could not fit into my media devices, so the least expensive of three work the best :).

I love water, I have always loved water, it is my favourite drink. I have always been very aware of the liquids I put into my body and on my body. I was born with it I guess, to be able to taste different water and liquids. I never drank any soda, because when I tried any of them I felt that they were poison in my mouth. The same with alcohol, poison, so I never drank alcohol for pleasure, I did however drink it in a dozen of occasions throughout my life, for the single purpose: to get drunk (change state of mind). I haven't had any in years. I can drink only fresh juice and water, but prefer water. I drink more water than most people I know (4-5 litres a day), and that is the way I am: I need a lot of water.. I am energising 5 litres per day, as that is the biggest bottle I could find here. I only drink this water, and it has made a difference. First day it was like I took a cleanse:). I was also so thirsty that I just drank and drank. I would drink it and felt thirsty right after:).

The experts say that Croatia is full of good water, from mountains, underground rivers and no industry in the past 25 years, and that tap water is still not tampered as much as it is in other places, and tastes good. I do however filter the tap water with a simple carbon filter I have within my fridge. I saw people on your site saying that they filter and filter and filter, and I wonder what they have left at the end... I also saw that you are capable to connect and feel the water in other places. I taste that the water in Zagreb has slightly changed in the past decade and not for the better, so I was wondering if you could check if the water I am energising is appropriate? I was contemplating on maybe getting the reverse osmosis filter, but would rather save the money if that is not necessary. Thank you.

I would like to bathe in this water as well. I have a very small bathtub so it doesn't need a lot to fill it. I'd prefer a mikveh with energised water, but this is all I've got:). I also have my own water/heating system for my apartment. My question is, could I energise the water in my boiler by putting the headphones around it and energise the water in it and then let it flow through the pipes into the bathtub?

Oh, yeah, if you are still gathering data about the difference in taste after energising, this is what I find: the taste is only slightly milder, but the same thing happens when you leave your tap water in a cup overnight. The main difference for me is the texture. It is the major shift my water makes is in the texture (softer) and the way it sticks to my pallet and the insides of the mouth...I can feel it in my throat as well and am feeling more and more down my intestines (which I do not feel with other water). This water has no internal conflicts.

Source energies are like gravity: you don't have to believe in them to benefit from them.

Of course there are lots of fake products, lots of fraudulent claims.

This is why, if the water energizer doesn't do all I promised, I'll refund your money promptly, with no questions asked.

I take all the risks. You, obviously can continue using the water energizer audio.

Once you feel better, and you can tell that it's from the water, I am sure you'll wake up to the fact that you asked for the refund prematurely... and will pay again.

How do I know? Most people who ever try our products remain customers for life. And a good relationship is based on mutual honesty and communication.

Question: Why should you choose the Water Energizer instead of some other products on the market?

Because this one works... lol. The answer is that simple.



What is included?
1. Your energizer audio. Different versions. Short, long, and with nature sound.
2. 30 days support: Handholding until your setup works reliably
3. Wireless headphones with the audio on a chip, plus wire to charge your new headphones. I have found that this is the only reliable audio source, and that people produce uneven results when I leave it to them what audio source to use...

Click on the link to buy

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