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  1. I just got my water insert in the mail today. It did not come with instructions. The pitcher says to freeze the insert and then insert it in the pitcher. I guess it is to cool the water.

    How does the energy insert work? Do I freeze it and then put it inside the cylinder? How does the water change the frequency of the water if the filter does not touch the water? I am just curious. Thank you.

    1. The water gets energized through a process of entrainment: the water in the pitcher gets “entrained” by the water in the gel insert

      Just screw in the insert to the bottom of the pitcher and start using it.

      It’s a good idea to rinse the pitcher before use.

      Do not freeze the insert before energizing, but if you need cold energized water, you can put the whole pitcher into the refrigerator.

  2. Is there anything that I can do that will accidently discharge the energy insert or water? Like leaving the pitcher in the sun, placing it by a microwave or electronic coffee machine etc.? Also, when it has set for 24 hours can you take the water out of the pitcher and put it in something else so you can get a new batch of energized water going? After the 24 hours, how long does the water stay energized?

    1. Great question Noelani, yes. microwave and sun can discharge the water.

      You can collect the water. I just can’t see why you would do that: don’t you drink water?

      BTW, I have 3 pitchers in rotation. This way I can have all my water energized. I cook with it, make my tea, etc. I have been watering my plants as well. They seem to like it, but it could be that it’s spring… or they like the attention? We’ll see. not a short term project make tests on plants, lol

  3. I do drink the water, but I drink way more than 60 oz of water just for myself. 24 hours is a long time to wait for more water.

    Getting another one or two pitchers is a good idea and would help.

    We have a reverse osmosis filtering system because we have salt water fish tanks but we also use that water for everything. I was wondering about your energy wand? Could you put it next to the osmosis filter and have it energize everything that comes out of the tank?

    We have hard water here, so we have a water softener that uses salt pellets, on our bath water. Not sure if the water softener is attached to the whole system or not.

    You mentioned the energy wand in a post and I am interested in knowing more about it. Can you direct me to it?

    1. the manufacturer of the wand is gone, and I haven’t found a replacement, sorry to disappoint

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